The wonderful thing about the internet is that it gives you an anonymous freedom to explore. Lets face it, more people are looking at porn than ever before, because it is accessible form home. I am no different. At 30 year of age I am an average looking guy with a girlfriend who is pretty hot, but very old fashioned. So old fashioned that she does not want to have sex until she is married. So after 3 months of dating my frustration was getting the better of me and having just dropped her at home after a night out, I decided to explore a bit of porn on internet.

After a while of enjoying a few sites I stumbled into a chat room site with various rooms. There was the usual mix of lesbian, teen, amateur type rooms. The one that caught the eye was the one which invited you to find a Master / Mistress. It was perfect I thought to myself. I have been waiting for my girlfriend but she will not let me do anything, here I could go into a room and pretend with someone who was the opposite and just wanted to use me for sex.

The room invited you to leave your inhibitions at the door, so to speak. So what the hell I thought, and in I went! I did not give away much in profile, just stating I was from Sydney and that I was 30 year old and willing to submit. Within moments I had a private message from someone asking if I was prepared to submit, calling me boi. At this point I had no idea if I was talking to a male or female, all I knew was that they were from the US — the mystery was a turn on. So I simply said ‘yes’.

I was asked if I had a webcam? Again the answer was yes. I was ordered to turn it on. I had only ever used my webcam to correspond with last girlfriend who had lived interstate part of the time we were going out. I switched the webcam on. It was strangely arousing to be watched by someone, not knowing anything about them. I liked the lack of control.

For the next few minutes I followed simple instructions to get the position of the camera correct as well as the lights. I was eventually told to strip. What the hell, its not like it was anyone who could recognise me, so I complied. I was getting hard…

After submitting to an inspection of my naked body, I was told that I needed to shave my balls now. I had always been curious about doing that and given that it was summer and getting quite warm, it was the perfect time to shed some fur. I returned from the bathroom with a razor and followed directions to remove all the hair from my balls, but just to trim the hairs above my cock.

When I was finished I was told I was a good boi and that I would be rewarded. But first I was asked some personal questions about what I was looking for and if I was enjoying being a sub. I gave the details I mentioned earlier about my lack of sex life and that yes I was being turned on (though I thought that might have been obvious by increasingly hard cock) and was willing to be owned. I was also asked…

“Do you live alone boi?”

“Yes Sir, I replied.”

“Good boi.”

“Before you get your reward boi, you need to prove your loyalty and give me your address. It is a sign of trust as you know I am not in your country. I do not want to know your real name.” Lots of things went through my head, but my delayed response was clearly annoying the person watching me because I was immediately buzzed. I decided not to think about it and go for the ride, after all they were in a different country and they could not save the webcam broadcast , so there was no way of identifying me. I gave my address. “Now boi, you will get a pair of women’s underwear on and then you will be able to ask me one question as your reward.” I’d never worn it before, but my mindset had became one of compliance now, so I went to my bedroom to retrieve a pair of ex’s panties that she had left behind once.

When I returned to my chair, I was again told I was a good boi and sit there for a few minutes to think about my question — but not to touch myself, which was becoming increasingly harder as I was very horny by now.

After about 10 minutes I was finally given the ok to ask a question.

I asked if the person at the other end would tell me anything about themselves. The reply was swift. “A sub does not need to know anything about their Master other than the fact that I am man in his 40s. You wasted your question boi.”

“Sorry Sir” I replied, now realising I needed to address him with a correct title.

“Sir I am not gay.” I felt the need to blurt that out.

“You are still hard boi and you are mine.”

I could not deny that, the whole situation was making me horny and it was reasonably harmless anyway.

“So are you telling me boi you have never experimented with another man?”

“No Sir”

“Have your girlfriends played with your ass while they have sucked you?”

“No Sir, they have never touched me there.”

“Now boi sit there while I take this phone call.”

As I sat there again, I could not help but sneak a couple of strokes of my cock through the panties. I was still pretty turned on. I reasoned that it was good to know that even though I was not gay or even bi that I could be worth watching for another man.

It was getting pretty late though now, I had been chatting to my Master for an hour now, so it was well after 1am.

“Sir it is getting late here.”

“Boi I know what time it is there but I have something being delivered to you right now for you to use immediately.”

Ok, that suddenly freaked me out. I thought this was all fairly harmless. I was about to shake myself out of this submissive streak when I heard a tap on my front door.

“Boi there is something at the door for you. Do not put any clothes on and just answer. You have nothing to be worried about.”

I peered towards my front door and saw a man who looked to be about 40 standing there. He was large with beard and did not look like someone I should mess with. Unbelievably I went to the door. The man simply said, I am Bill, now take me to the computer. I showed Bill in. There was a message on the screen from my Master to sit on the floor and look down while he chatted to Bill.

I could heard some typing and then some adjusting to my computer and then the sound of a voice. It was my Master. Bill had brought with him a microphone and they were now able to talk online.

“Boi — stand before me.” At this point I had little choice but to comply.

“Boi you need to complete your initiation for me, which is why I found Bill on another site who was willing to help. You will never see him again after tonight. Do you understand me boi?”

“yes Sir”

“Now on your knees boi.”

“Boi you are going to suck Bill’s cock now!”

I start to shake my head and say “no”. This has all gone so much further than I ever intended. I had never even considered sucking a cock before, now I was being forced to. I said no, but I somehow felt I had no choice.

“Do not disobey me boi or you will be punished…now suck slut”.

Bill had by now lowered his shorts. He was not wearing anything underneath. This huge hairy cock was now in front of my face.

“Hold it boi. Feel it throb in your hands. Stroke it. Now lick the tip…do it boi.”

I closed my eyes and stuck my tongue out, tasting a cock for the first time. Bill was leaking precum, so there was plenty to taste.

The orders from Master keep coming at me. He told to lick it up and down, play his balls, suck on his balls, suck on the tip while I stroked his shaft, until finally he said, “Bill do what we talked about.”

With that Bill held the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. He kept pushing and pushing beyond my gag reflex until his 6 inch cock was all the way in my mouth.

“suck boi. Suck hard because Bill is going to fill your stomach up with his juices.”

There was no question Bill was enjoying this. I felt his cock twitching in mouth. I know my own cock well enough to know that feeling when a man is going to cum and Bill was ready to explode. I wanted to get him out of my mouth but he had my head held tight. The first squirt pumped down my throat while he eased back for the second squirt to fill my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth then and pumped the rest over my face.

Amidst the heavy breathing of Bill and my coughing I could hear my Master was pleased.

“You have done well boi.”

“Now boi, I want you to lean over your chair. Bill has kindly installed an extra camera so I can view the next part of the show. I want your pretty slutty virgin ass in the air boi. Bill is going to lick it and make it nice and clean. Then he is going to fuck you and you are going to make sure your Master can hear you enjoying it boi.”

Bill was quickly licking me out. I was hoping I could work out a way to get out of this, but Bill was clearly up for it. He stripped now, revealing his hairy overweight frame. He pushed my panties to the side and licked my ass so well I forgot myself. I realised I was enjoying this forgetting for a moment what was install.

While Bill had been licking me had continued to play with his cock and he was hard again.

Bill’s cock was at the tip of my ass. There was nothing I could do and I was not even sure there was anything I wanted to do to stop him. I was not attracted to him and I had barely spoken a word to him, but I wanted him inside me.

Some lube was inserted and then without any preliminaries, his cock tip pushed inside me. Slowly he started to push more and more in. He began to build up a rhythm. My Master’s voice was a blur in the background. I was dealing with a mixture of pain and pleasure I had never experienced the like of before.

He was fucking me hard now. His balls slapping against my ass. I smiled into the camera to show my enjoyment just Bill pulled out and stroked his cock a last couple of times, cumming over my ass and back.

“Now lick cock clean boi.”

Bill presented his cock to me and licked his cum and my ass juices from it.

“You have done well boi. Now show Bill out and go to bed.”

“Sir I need to cum please.”

“You will not cum tonight boi. Save it for me boi.”

With that the conversation was terminated. Bill was dressed and walking towards the door. He said nothing as he walked out. I stumbled into bed trying to make sense of rash behaviour and understand the consequences…