Trent shivered a little as he pulled the razor over his chest while removing the last vestige of hair on his smooth tanned nineteen year old body! Stepping back under the shower, he rinsed away the residual soap suds, and after rubbing his hands all over to make sure he hadn’t missed a spot he shut off the water and grabbed large bath towel and dried off! For as long as he remembered he felt like he was different from his playmates, not from his outward appearance, but from the inside. He walked back into the bedroom and opened a lingerie drawer, pulling out a pretty pair of white lace panties which after rubbing them over his face, he slipped on over his smooth lean thighs until they were tugged tightly over his cock and balls. He stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door, and after a long sigh escaped his lips, his nipples stiffened in the cool air while his penis turned bone hard and erect.

“Miss Evans, would please get a hold of Mr. Force and have him come to my office please!?!” Becky Howard, Bryce McGreggor’s secretary, picked up the phone and within two minutes had the young man standing in front of her desk as she opined, “The boss wants to see you right away, you can go right in. “Thanks, Becky,” he replied while giving her a wink before going inside to see what Bryce McGreggor wanted, as if he didn’t know. “Hello, my boy,” Bryce said enthusiastically while getting up to shake his hand, “and how are you today!?!” “Uh, I’m fine sir,” Trent Force answered easily, “is there something you wanted to see me about!?!” Now lowering his voice to barely above a whisper Bryce McGreggor asked almost desperately, “D-did you wear them for me, I mean the panties, do you have them on right now!?!” “That would be very naughty of me wouldn’t it,” Trent teased gently, “I mean, panties are what women wear aren’t they, why don’t you have Becky come in, I’m sure that she’s wearing panties.” “Oh god,” he gasped, “she doesn’t have a big cock hidden in hers, p-please, show me, take off your pants.”

Trent Force knew that his boss was just an old cock hound, so with unbelievable slowness he undid his pants, and finally after giving his ass a little shake slid them down over his thighs until they settle in a pile around his ankles. “S-sweet jesus in heaven,” the older man moaned, “you’ve got a hardon, I can see it right through the material, oh fuck does that look nice.” Trent casually ran his fingers over the outline of his hard pecker and asked softly, “You mean this, you like the way this looks, gee, it might be fake, I might have stuck a fake cock in my panties, you never know.” The old man fairly leaped to his knees in front of Trent as he clawed at the front of his pretty pair of white undies while begging, “P-please let me feel it, I really need it, I’m begging you.” When he saw his boss dropping to his knees, Trent had stepped back out of the way just out of his reach, and in a playful voice asked, “What are you gonna do if I let you have it, I mean you’re not gonna hurt me are you!?!” “Hurt you,” Bryce fairy yelled, “I’m gonna suck you off, now get over hear and let me see it, and that’s and order.”

Feeling sorry for the old goat, Trent moved closer, allowing him to press his face against the front of the young man’s crotch. “Ohhhhhhh you feel so hard,” Bryce sighed while covering Trent’s crotch with little kisses, “I can’t wait, I’m gonna take it out.” Now was the part the old man loved best, that being when Trent’s big cock sprung free in front of his hot mouth. With his hands literally shaking, he hooked his thumbs in the waist band, and after giving the banana shaped cock one last kiss, tugged the pretty frillys down until his hard erection popped into view. “Y-you shaved yourself clean,” he babbled, “oh god, I just love it, now let papa have his present.” Trent involuntarily moaned as the head of his hardon slid into his boss’s hot mouth, and while he wouldn’t say it was the best head he had ever had he had to admit the old guy knew something about sucking cock. For the next ten minutes Bryce McGreggor sat on his knees and fellated the young man, until finally he couldn’t stand it, and as if in a sexually induce haze, he stood up, dropped his pants and shorts, and after bending over the front of his desk, turned to Trent and ordered, “Okay, sonny, fuck me in the ass.”

Trent smiled seductively at his boss, and after lubricating the old guys ass with a finger full of saliva, he pressed his thick erection against the old man’s asshole, and after grabbing him by the hips, rammed his meat balls deep into his unprepared sphincter. From past experience and realizing the assault that was about to take place, Bryce had buried his mouth into his arm, and as the thick organ drove hard into his ass, he tried to muffle his scream as the young man turned his cock into a battering ram. God he felt like a pussy, Trent was the one man that could turn him into Jell-o and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was a slave to his hard young cock. Trent bored in harder and harder until he was on the very edge of orgasm, but instead of filling the old man’s ass with cum, he pulled out roughly, and after spinning the old man around and back on his knees, he shot a gusher of a load right onto his eager face and into his open mouth.

As he passed Becky’s desk on the way back to his office, she winked at him knowingly and laughed, “I guess I’ll be seeing you again tomorrow, right!?!” He smiled back at her replied, “Tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…”