I was at the adult theater looking to continue my cock sucking adventures. Since I’m very picky about whom I suck off, I hadn’t seen anyone I wanted to blow yet. I was sitting on the second couch from the back of the theater, kind of sideways with my back towards the wall.

As I sat there with my dick in my hand, a twink of a kid not more than 20 years old came up behind the couch, reached down and took over stroking my cock. A minute later he bent over the back of the couch and started sucking my cock. Who was I to complain, even though I wanted to suck some cock I still couldn’t turn down a good blowjob.

I guess it looked like a pretty good invitation because a bear of a guy sitting in the back row got up and stepped up behind the kid. He started rubbing the kid’s ass and I felt a moan escape from the kid’s mouth around my cock. He tried to pull off me to look back to see who was there but I pulled his head back down and buried my cock in his mouth before he got a chance to look.

The next thing I know Mr. Bear is sliding the kid’s gym shorts to the ground and then kicking his feet apart so he’s spread eagle. Then he spits in his hand, strokes his cock a little and starts trying to force it into the kid’s ass. I was thinking HOLY SHIT I don’t think he even put a condom on, but maybe I just didn’t see him.

The whole time this was going on I had my hand on top of the kid’s head while I sawed my cock in and out of his mouth. When Mr. Bear grabbed a hold of the kid’s hips and pushed all the way in the kid let out an audible grunt but still kept sucking my cock.

Without letting my cock slip from the kid’s mouth I stood up and put one foot up on the couch so I had a good position to fuck his face while watching Mr. Bear fuck him from behind. Mr. Bear and I got into a good rhythm of sliding in and out of the kid at the same time. I still just couldn’t stop wondering if Mr. Bear was actually barebacking the kid or not.

By now we had the attention of every one in the theater. No one was watching the movie and most of the guys had started to gather around for a better view. What a sight it must have been. A kid bent over a couch with two middle aged guys with more than a foot of cock between us pounding him from both ends, and he isn’t even making a sound.

I was getting off on all the attention and decided to really put on a show. I grabbed a hold of the kid’s head and pushed my cock in as far as I could. I was surprised when I felt the head of my cock enter the tight confines of his throat and he didn’t even flinch let alone gag. There were quite a few Oh’s and Ah’s from the crowd when they saw that.

I started to fuck his mouth real hard, going all the way into his throat each time. I wondered just how much cock sucking experience can a 19 or 20 year old kid have that he can take this with such ease.

Mr. Bear started picking up the pace also to the point that I could hear him slapping against the kid’s ass every time he bottomed out over the sounds of the movie. I don’t know how long we had been banging this kid but it was bound to end sometime.

Mr. Bear started grunting, held onto the kid’s hips with his cock buried all the way in and pronounced loud enough for the whole theater to hear that he was cumming. There were a lot more Oh’s and Ah’s from the crowd. As Mr. Bear was jerking and trying to push in even farther, I heard a guy standing right next to him say “god he just bred that kid”.

I was still wondering until Mr. Bear pulled out, turned and started pulling up his jeans that had fallen down around his ankles. What I saw was a completely bare, cum covered 7 inch cock that had just dumped a load in the kid’s ass. The kid tried to look back again, but after seeing that Mr. Bear had indeed barebacked the kid it pushed me over the edge and I held his head tight as I unloaded in his mouth.

I held him tight with my cock still in his mouth until my spasms subsided and he swallowed my whole load. By the time I released my grip on the kid’s head and my cock fell out of his mouth Mr. Bear had already left the theater. The kid looked back but nobody was there.

The kid started looking around for his shorts and in all the action they were pushed back by the last couch. When he bent over to pick them up I could clearly see some of Mr. Bear’s cum running down the back of his legs.

As the kid walked out I couldn’t stop thinking that he’ll never know who bred him that day in the theater!