The moment Farris walked into the yard you could sense the change. All the guys attending Jack’s pool party stopped their chatter, and stopped sipping on their cocktails, and turned to look at the dark haired, swarthy complexioned bear of a man whose basket was so large that the waistband of his swimming costume was slung so low you could see the thick jungle of black pubic hair and the base of his fat Greek cock.

Dark hair swirled all over his massive chest and down his washboard stomach. More of the stuff furred up his thick thighs. His brown nipples were large and jutted out like mini rockets ready to launch. His chunky ass swayed lazily about in his too small swimming costume as he strode across the lawn, aware of all the pretty boys going ape for his body but pretending that they didn’t exist.

Farris greeted his host, Jack, with a quick hug and then plunged into the pool. He swam a quick and efficient two laps of the pool and all eyes were on him as he hauled himself out of the water. His dark, wet fur looked even more rude than before and the wet fabric of his swimming costume clung to his fat nuts and huge cock. Farris closed his eyes and let all the tanned and toned men devour him with their eyes. He’d taken them all in at a glance; rich, materialistic, urbane, sophisticated, precious and bored was how he summed them up. And he knew that he was the complete opposite when it came to looks and that he was generating a huge amount of interest. He was determined to get between some of those tight little bubble butts he’d seen wrapped up in ridiculously expensive faddish swim wear. 

But to get rude he had to get naked. He shook the water out of his hair and opened his eyes. And then he stepped out of his swimwear. He heard a gasp as his fat eight inch uncut dick swung free. It was big and brown and hungry. Within seconds there was a guy kneeling at his feet and Farris let him have his way with his cock. The blonde twink kneeling at Farris feet peeled back the heavy hood of his foreskin to reveal a thick waxy layer of cock cheese. The stench assailed his nostrils and he seemed uncertain about what to do next. He didn’t even know what this freakin stuff was and the smell of it was just so unexpected. A few seconds ago he was gazing at one of the most beautiful cocks he had ever seen jutting out of the hairy middle of one of the hottest men he could ever hope to meet, but what the hell was this stinky, waxy stuff!

Suddenly there was a group surrounding Farris, and a red head got down next to the blonde. The sight of that cock cheese was too much for him. He grabbed Farris’ cock out of the blonde’s hand and started licking that cheesy cock. His tongue lapped at Farris’ stenchy cockhead and licked it clean and snaked over the skin behind Farris’ cock knob to clean that up too. All the time he was doing this the redhead was groaning in the back of his throat and fisting his skinny red cock with its slender purple cap. Suddenly he grunted and shot his joy juice against Farris’ hairy legs.

If you could distil a moment of pure lust it was that moment. Clothes came off and boners sprang free. A face buried into Farris’ hairy ass while a mouth fastened itself to his fat mushroom cap while two other mouths licked at his fat and veiny shaft and furry nuts. Hands stroked his chest and pinched his large brown nipples. Everyone wanted a piece of the hung stud. He looked around him, trying to find the perfect ass to fuck. All around him was the sound of men getting off, losing it to lust. He could feel their hot sperm blasting against his body and it made him so incredibly horny.

Then he saw his perfect guy. Lewis was in his mid twenties and pale and smooth with a face that was just degrees away from being pretty rather than handsome. He had long, long lashes and really sexy lips. His ass was full and firm without even the hint of a blemish, his cock just under five inches and on the thin side. He was exactly what Farris wanted. The hairy Greek broke free of the mauling pack and made a beeline for Lewis. In his broken English he told the young man he was about to get fucked.

Lewis melted into Farris’ massive arms and their kiss took his breath away. Why had this hot man chosen him above all others? Lewis had held back from the men that had fastened lips and hands to Farris’ body as he was a little shy about his small cock, and tended to wait for a signal from the other guy rather than make any moves of his own. Well, that big beefy cock poking into his belly was signal enough. His hand closed around the fat shaft and he delighted in the feel of such a large and fleshy cock. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before. Farris broke free from the kiss and started nibbling Lewis’ earlobes and neck while the younger man played with his cock. Lewis knew that he was one lucky dude. All around him the other guys oohed and aahed as they watched Farris make love to the little guy, and watched Lewis milk that fat cock until it oozed a steady stream of sticky excitement juice. Some of the guys just watched, while others jerked on their hard dicks and a few reached out and groped their neighbours butts and cocks.

And then Farris lifted Lewis above his head and supported his legs and chest while he let the little guy’s small cock slip into his mouth. The onlookers went crazy at this show of lust and there were a few grunts and groans as some more of the guys shot their bolt. Farriss worked on Lewis slender cock like it was the best cock he had ever had in his life. The slight danger of being held above the six foot two giant’s head added to the excitement that Lewis felt: that and being watched by all these jealous guys made him feel incredibly turned on; his cock was so hard and the skin so tight that it almost hurt. Normally Lewis was always in the background, but today he was centre stage and he was loving it.

Farris lifted Lewis a little higher so that his cock slid out of his mouth and he started nibbling on Lewis’ smooth plums. Lewis had been really close to cumming and he was glad of the chance to cool off slightly. There was something that he wanted, and needed, from the big guy and he was determined to get it. Farris gently lowered Lewis and lay him on a towel on the grass. The onlookers crowded around closer when Farris parted Lewis’ smooth cheeks and buried his face in the little guy’s ass. Lewis let out a yelp of pleasure as Farris tongue started to tease over his little love pit. When Farris wet his middle finger with spit and slid it up Lewis’ hot hole the little guy writhed around on it, letting the swarthy Greek stud know exactly what he wanted.

Someone handed Farris a bottle of lube and he quickly finger fucked Lewis’ butthole with a lubed up finger. Lewis was totally lost in pleasure now and he moaned and sighed as he writhed about on the towel. Farris kneeled and applied some lube to his fat, brown cock knob. Lewis looked back and gasped; Farris cock was totally swollen with lust now and he didn’t think he would be able to accommodate such an overgrown member. But Farris was gentle and took his time teasing Lewis pucker with his warm, slippery cockhead. Lewis relaxed and his ring gently stretched to allow Farris in. He bit down on a corner of the towel as that huge cock slid all the way home.

Never had Lewis felt so full and happy. He had done it! He relaxed and let Farris gently rock him into the pleasure zone. The big guy fucked slowly and gently and when he pulled his ramrod all the way out of Lewis’ ass the younger man experienced the incredible sensation of feeling it slide back in again, flicking his pleasure receptors into overdrive as it did so. Hands flew over cocks and tugged at balls and nipples while the guys around them watched them fuck. A load of warm jizz splattered on Lewis’ back, followed soon after by another. Pretty soon someone else creamed off a massive load on Farris’ hairy chest. The big guy gathered up the man goo and quickly licked it off his fingers. It seemed to trigger something in him for he now grabbed Lewis’ slender hips and started to fuck like crazy.

Lewis moaned like a stuck pig as his ass came alive and responded to every plunge of Farris overheated dick. Lewis wanted Farris to fuck him forever, but he hoped that he would cum soon; he wanted to be able to walk away from the party with his asshole intact. The horny pair were locked in lust, fucking like their lives depended it. Both were moaning and whimpering, their animal sounds rising over the slurpy sounds emanating from Lewis well fucked asshole. Lewis reared up on his knees and grabbed hold of his reinflated cock. A flood of hot jizz rained down on him as guys above shot their bolts. Less than two minutes later Lewis own cock exploded blasting powerful jets of spunk into the towel beneath him.

Farris’ chest was white with spent man goo dripping down his dense fur. The potent smell filled his nostrils and triggered the start of his own orgasm. He pulled all the way out of Lewis pale, smooth tight ass and slapped it hard before plunging back in again. As he did so a geyser of cum spewed out a cock with such force that he saw stars and collapsed onto the little guy’s back.

The pair lay panting for a minute or so while the last of the onlookers creamed off on them. Then it was time for everyone to get in the pool to clean off and calm down a little.