The party was totally out of control. For some reason it was one of those times when everyone was just cutting loose. My friend Rick and I were in charge of making the margaritas. The entire kitchen was already a major mess. We had already burned out the motor of one blender and number two was being pushed to its limits.

The party was a gathering of a long-standing group of friends. There were no couples in the gang Ð male or female. Most of the guys were gay; most of the women straight. We usually ran into each other at one of the neighborhood bars. This week one of the guys had suggested getting together for drinks and dinner at someone’s house. The idea had been given immediate approval and Simon had volunteered to have the gathering at his house. Everyone brought a Mexican dish for the dinner and the makings for drinks.

Rick and I had been selected as the bartenders for the evening, partly because the two of use seemed to provide live entertainment whenever we were together. Both of use began doing our Julia Child impersonations as we mixed the beverages that were way heavy on the alcohol.

Steve, a guy I casually knew from the gym, seemed to resent all the attention we were getting as bartenders and tried to butt in on most of the activity. He was getting more annoying by the minute. I’d never paid much attention to him before. Just from outside appearances he wasn’t my type at all. He was much too hairy, a little swarthy and always cocky. Maybe it was just the alcohol taking affect, but I seemed to b noticing that he had a great chest under the T-shirt that seemed a size or two small. As he came around the kitchen island I couldn’t help but notice the nice package forced into the front of his well-worn Levi’s. Then he turned to talk to someone in the dining room and I almost moaned as I took in the sight of his tight bubble-butt. About that time Rick noticed whom I was checking out and hit me hard in the shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing,” asked Rick.

I kind of stammered, “Oh, nothing,” as a response.

“For God’s sake, put your tongue back in your mouth. He’s just not your type. The last thing you need is to be bedding down with someone who sleeps around as much as he does,” Rick lectured.

I knew he was right. Once again my focus was on making drinks for the nearly 25 people at the party. Of course, as bartenders, Rick and I had to sample each batch to make sure it was acceptable. By this time the decibel level at the party had reached an all-time high and many of the guests were starting to show obvious signs of their margarita consumption.

As a joke I dropped a chocolate brownie into the next batch of drinks we made in the blender. The funny thing was, as we served the drinks to the unsuspecting partiers no one seemed to notice or care. Maybe they were just too drunk. Maybe it actually tasted good.

I was starting to feel a little light-headed myself and uncomfortable myself. I left the kitchen to find the bathroom and then figured I would sit down in the living room for a while. As I was letting a stream of hot piss into the toilet bowl the door to the bathroom opened. There was Steve exposing his evil grin. I asked for a little privacy, and to my surprise, he actually shut the door and left.

When I came out of the bathroom I was also surprised to not find Steve standing around anywhere. I started down the hall and began to feel a little faint. The door to my right led to the bedroom where all the guests had tossed their coats. I thought I would just sit on the bed for a minute until I felt better. I have no memory of falling asleep on the pile of jackets and sweaters.

I woke up in the middle of a wild sex dream. Then, as I came out of the fog of my snoozing, I realized not all of it was a dream. The warm hand massaging my balls was blocked from my view by a head bobbing up and down on my stiff prick. It took me a while to realize that it was Steve who had helped himself to my cock while I was asleep. While the one hand was working over my nuts, the fingers of his other hand were teasing my asshole. Although I was a bit pissed off at that fact Steve had taken advantage of my being passed out, I was certainly having a hard time even considering making him stop. With each downward movement of his head I found my butt flexing as I lifted my throbbing shaft up to meet his mouth. And this guy was good. He was able to take my entire eight inches down his throat with no difficulty. Occasionally he was even able to get one of my balls in his mouth at the same time. An added treat was his five o’clock shadow as it tickled my testicles and scratched the insides of my thighs.

Lost in the sexual frenzy of the moment I had not even noticed that the lights in the room were on and the door was wide open. Other guests at the party kept walking back and forth passed the entrance to the room to catch the show. By this time I was way too into it to even care. Then one guy walked into the room with his girlfriend to casually look for their coats. Neither said a word as they glanced out way while putting on their outerwear. It was as if it were perfectly normal for two guys to be having sex upon the coats of the other partygoers.

I could feel the boiling of my juices within my groin. I tried to push Steve’s head up off my shaft and he just came down on it even harder. There was no way I could hold back any longer. I blasted several shots of cum down his throat as I let out a guttural groan. Now I was holding his head into my crotch in a vise lock as I continued fucking his mouth. Finally, I collapsed and Steve lifted off of me. He licked his lips and gave me the same smile he had sent my way earlier as he stood to readjust his clothing. Then he walked out of the room.

Only then did I realize how ridiculous I must look laying on the pile of coats, covered in sweat, with my pants pulled down to my knees and my messy limp cock exposed for all to see. I hurriedly got up and put myself back together. As I headed toward the kitchen the looks I got from everyone in the living room told me all knew what had taken place. Rick was glaring at me as I walked toward him.

All he said was, “Would you like a drink, ya little party favor?”