My day off and I have woken up horny as hell with a raging hard on, there is noting unusual about that I love to have morning sex or if I wake alone then a morning masturbation session. I started to stroke my cock , I like a soft grip and slow stroking motion love to feel the smooth warm skin of my cock while I move my hand up and down the shaft.

I started to drift into fantasy mode where I was imagining this girl I know was sucking my cock this was getting me extremely hard, my heart rate quickened while I tried to maintain a nice even slow pump of my hand up and down the full length of my now fully erect cock which is rock hard at 7 and ½ inches.

After about 15min Pre cum started to ooze out and I stopped pumping and grabbed firmly at the base of my cock and squeezed hard milking from bottom to top to get all the pre cum hmmm how I love pre cum I then catch the whole blob of pre cum on my index finger and place on my tongue hmm Fuck that is nice and then resume back to the slow full stroke with a light grip on my cock again.

After repeating this process for another 15 min I was ready to cum but I like to prolong as long as I can because I love the feeling and don’t want it to end so I stop and get out of bed still naked and go and get some breakfast (living alone means I am naked most of the time when at home) while getting something to eat and making a coffee pre cum is still dripping out and I continue to not let it be wasted so I ensure I get it and rub on my lips.

I grabbed one of my many porn DVD’s and put one on getting ready to finish what I started when I woke today, I was extra horny and starting thinking about going into the CBD to where I know are a few adult shops that have cinemas in them and watch some porn on the big screen, I had the day off work so I thought fuck it I am going to go and masturbate in the adult theater which I have done before even though there was only a few guys in there I positioned myself in a dark corner and I know they couldn’t see me but it still turned me on knowing that someone else knew I was masturbating in the same room. So I got dressed and jumped on a train and headed for my day of self gratification.

When I got there my heart rate was already higher due to the anticipation of what was about to happen I paid my $10 and the attendant buzzed the door and I entered the theatre stood just inside the entrance and waiting for my eyes to adjust while I watched a close up on the screen if a lovely shaved cunt being penetrated by two cocks, once I could see better I looked around so a seat and was surprised to see around 4 others already in the theater. 2 of which were openly stroking their cocks.

I found a seat second row from the back left hand side of the theater and sat third seat in from the isle this meant it was light enough to be seen but far enough away to not feel like a pervert. I was watching the porn and had a ragging hard on but was a little embarrassed to pull my cock out but I was getting to the point where I had to feel it as I was to horny so I tried to quietly undo my zipper on my jeans and and let my cock spring free, I still remember the feeling of it feeling the cooler air from the air-conditioning and that first touch of my hand it felt great, I looked around and tried to see if anyone was looking and then I started my light slow pumping from base to tip of my cock and was thinking how great this felt being in the same room as others stroking my cock knowing that they knew I was stroking it.

Then Buzzzzzzz and the familiar click of the door , shit someone if entering so I stopped pumping and pulled my shirt over my rock hard cock trying to hid what I was doing, and someone walked in and stopped for the standard eye adjusting time and then proceeded to look for a seat.

He sat I about 2 seats from a another patron who was still masturbating and didn’t care that this stranger had sat near so I lifted my shirt and started again and could feel the precum starting to rise to the top so I grabbed at the base of my cock and squeezed tighter and milked to the tip of my cock careful not to loose any precum which I have oozing onto my waiting finger and then placed into my mouth, fuck I was horny I saw one of the other guys out of the corner of my eye watching me and my heart skipped a few beats and the adrenaline was pumping through my fuck it felt so good to be caught masturbating by another man and I enjoyed it so I pulled my pants down to my ankles and was completely exposed to the world now, and was holding my cock at the base with one hand and enjoying the sight while allowing anyone else who was watching have a good look.

Then the familiar Buzzzzzzzz and click of the door …SHIT no hiding now this could be anyone or number of people coming in and two men entered I just kept stroking slowly and my heart was pounding so hard I thought it was going to explode out of my chest to 2 new comers entered waited for their eyes to adjust and then proceeded looking for a seat, I was secretly thinking hope one comes near me I wanted desperately for someone to watch while I masturbate and sure enough one saw me and headed straight for my row and sat 2 seats away from me, wow I though and I was so horny I had to stop stroking my cock and just let it stand there in all its glory while it was pulsating on its own at ever pump of the heart, the stranger watched my cock and unzipped his cock to join in the session , wow masturbating with another man watching some great porn and also having some others turn a and watch as well, a massive glob of pre cum oozed out and I missed half of it then managed to get most on my finger and sucked it clean forgetting that the stranger was watching me and then realizing this I looked at him and he took that as an invitation.

He moved to the seat next to me and as he did this he reached for my cock – fuck a thousand thoughts raced through my mind shit don’t’ let him touch you your not gay , but fuck I am so turned on that he is watching me maybe it will feel even better if I let him masturbate me. So without any objection I allowed his hand to make contact with my pulsating cock and it felt great, he wrapped his hand around my cock not too tightly and stroked it nice and slow from base to tip same as I was and I was in heaven.

I saw his cock standing up straight begging for some attention so the least I could do was to reach out and stroke it for him and for the first time I touched another man’s cock and felt that warmth of his cock and the veins in my hand so I tried to stroke it and this was awkward due to our arms crossing so I had to use the reverse grip and stroke his cock for him at this point I was so horny that I would have done almost any depraved sexual act then he moved to his knees and in-between my legs all the time still pumping my cock up and down pre cum oozing down his hand and he proceeded to place his mouth around my aching cock and the warmth of his wet mouth felt so good I was leaned back and allowed complete access to my cock for him to work his magic and I watched the movie on the screen which had close ups of a gorgeous brunette giving a great blowjob to a huge black cock .

While I was in a euphoric state I didn’t even see the 2 men move and sit directly behind me to watch this up closer it wasn’t until the familiar BUZZZZZZ click of the door that I realized I had a small audience and that I didn’t care who walked in. When I turned to see who I saw out of the corner of my eye the guys behind me was standing and had his cock out while he watched me getting my cock sucked he smiled and I saw that another had joined him and was also standing with their pants around there ankles both pumping their cock furiously.

At this point I have never been more turned on in my whole life. I mean I would have done anything that involved sex at that point in time and I was almost about to cum and thought I can’t let this end it is too good so I gently pushed my new friends head away from my cock and while he looked a little confused. I motioned that it was his turn and he stood pants falling to the ground and a very impressive 8 inch cock standing straight out I reached out and grabbed it again enjoying the feeling of the texture and warmth of the skin in my hand and dropped to my knees.

stroking his cock slowly I watched from just a few inches away the tip of his cock and it looked fantastic up so close to another man’s cock and then I saw his pre cum and I had to have it I moved forward and my virgin lips wrapped around the head of his cock and I used my tongue to taste his pre cum and his cock filled my mouth as took it in and out of my mouth stroking with my hand and and feeling every vein as I moved it back and forth wow.

I am sucking cock and it feels great, I was transfixed by this beautiful cock which was glistening in the light of the theatre with my saliva dripping off his cock I quickly put it back in my mouth not to miss tasting it again I was like a cock crazed woman you see on a porno and every minute or so I would stop sucking and look at this cock up so close to my face that I was in love and the squeeze out the precum and lick with the tip of my tongue.

I glanced up and saw that there were now 4 guys all with their pants around their ankles all furiously pumping there cocks watching me and that’s when my new friend also saw them and looked down at me and I could see in his eyes what was about to happen and I took his cock back into my mouth and masturbated that cock with my hand with a couple of inches of his love meat in my mouth (BTW at this point I was so horny I would have sucked a horses cock) he pushed my head away.

I think he did want to come as he was also enjoying this and didn’t want it to stop but he left it too late and as my mouth separated from his cock it spurted out its first wave of cum shot right past me into the back of the seat behind me and then I was hypnotized by watching at such close range his cock expand and pulsate then spurt out another jet of cum this time I was not going to miss it and tried to catch it in my mouth and got half of it then he just moaned load and started pumping his cock he couldn’t stop Cumming now and left it all flow and that when I couldn’t take it any more and lunged onto his cock taking as much as I could all the while his hand slapping me in the lips while he pumped and I sucked filling my mouth and tasting that sweet cum that I savored and then he finished and thanked me pulled up his pants and half embarrassed quickly left the theater.

I stood up and my own cock was exposed for all to see and from memory there would have been about 8-10 men in there by that time and all watched or had watched at some point and my cock was bobbing up and down on its own with every heart beat and I couldn’t believe what I had just done and felt something wet on my face realizing it was cum not sure whose as at least 3 men have cum by now I used my index finger to wipe it up and stuck it in my mouth lick it up. Of the other 4 men that were behind us 2 were now Cumming hard all over the seats where I was seating and I watch in am while thinking that them watching me suck and be sucked got them so horny that they had to masturbate in the theater then one of the other guys walked over to me and dropped to his knees and took my cock all the way into his warm mouth and I lasted about 30 seconds before I started filling his mouth with my hot cum that had been building up since I woke this morning to the point that it was oozing out the sides and he could not swallow quick enough and he smiled and licked my cock clean.

I was exhausted and sat down it the seat and could feel cold cum on my ass cheek which I didn’t care about and I watched the rest of the movie and felt like sleeping but though I have to get home and rest maybe I’ll come back tonight. I got up and pulled my pants up with my legs still shaking it was easily the best sexual experience I have ever had. I left the adult store and was heading for the train station when I looked down and saw a glob of cum on my shoe and some on my pants I must have walked past 100 people before I saw this not sure if anyone saw it but I decided to leave it and walk the whole way to the station like this and my cock started to get hard again but my balls were aching and I decided to go home rest and come back on the weekend but that is another story.