This was meant to be a landmark day for me as it is the start of my exit strategy after 12 months of working away from home to bring the department up to standard. The company had an outsourcing contract with a large government department for the IT functions which meant our staff worked onsite under fairly strict security rules. Five interviews today for the two positions as supervisors in the IT Department luckily I was only present to help out Amanda a HR consultant and James who would be taking over my role as department head as soon as his security clearance comes through.

James was about thirty-five average height and build but kept fit going to the gym and playing squash. Amanda was in her early forties and a mother of two, but had a nice curvy figure and a pretty face with striking red hair.

The interviewees were all current employees and I had got to know them quite well over the last year two of them, Emma and Joanne, more intimately in the past week. I had already made my recommendations for the roles but to ensure fair play Amanda and James had not been allowed to see them until all the interviews have been completed and their assessment made.

Emma, Joanne and I had enjoyed each other the previous Friday after a few drinks and light hearted trial interviews. This was a well kept secret as both of the girls were my choices for the roles and Emma had already been accused by another candidate of using her obvious charms to her advantage.

The interviews were to be held in a conference room in the hotel I stay in during the working week as the security rules at the site prevented casual visitors. James was already in the room as he lived locally but we were waiting for Amanda to arrive from London. We had discussed the interviews briefly and he had decided to lead the proceedings and surprisingly wanted to change the running order to allow one particular candidate Rashid to be interviewed first. Although this was not normal all the other candidates were unconcerned. James then asked if we could interview Rashid before Amanda arrived this seemed strange and I said would appear like us preferring Rashid above the others. Before this could turn into a heated discussion Amanda arrived dragging a large suitcase behind her. “That’s a lot of luggage for one night” I said, Amanda replied that the company were negotiating a merger with a smaller company close by and she would be spending the rest of the week in the hotel.

Amanda frowned at the change of running order as she had already prepared her paperwork on the train up from London however she said she would be ready to start after a quick coffee. Rashid’s interview started poorly as he seemed surprised by Amanda’s presence and became nervous when she asked questions about his experience and previous qualifications. However he seemed to relax when questioned by James and his answers were confident almost as though they were rehearsed. As the interview came to an end I received a call on my mobile from the security branch at the office. They needed me to attend site immediately as they had a possible breach of security involving a member of my staff.

James and Amanda were happy to continue without me and I left them to it. I packed my laptop and drove over to the office.

The security manager met me in a small side office behind reception where the CCTV recordings were kept. I had specified and helped build the IT system which stored the images digitally so I knew the system well.

The security manager Cheryl was a thirty something black girl ex-military police and appeared quite severe until you got to know her. Cheryl was extremely fit and a martial arts expert she ran classes in the onsite gym. Although she was average height Cheryl had a well honed body without a trace of fat. She always dressed smartly in respectable office attire which still managed to show her body off in a sexy way.

She said that she was doing me a favour by showing me the tapes before she reported it to the senior managers, but as I had helped her out with the systems she thought she owed me one. Cheryl called up the images from the previous night showing three men entering the main office block through the loading bay. I immediately recognised Rashid and James but the third guy was a stranger.

Cheryl then forwarded to the lift where Rashid and James were standing either side of the third guy with their arms around his shoulders. The tape continued to show them getting out on the fourth floor where the Director’s office suite is located. They then entered the boardroom and Cheryl had to switch imaging machines as certain sensitive areas are monitored on a different more secure system. The images of the three guys came back on the screen this time James was kissing the stranger full on his mouth and Rashid was standing behind him and had his arms around his waist and was rubbing the guy’s groin through the cloth of his trousers.

Cheryl stopped the images and asked if I wanted to see the rest of video. I replied I had to if she was taking this incident further so she started the images again and we sat down together to watch the scene unfold.

Rashid unzipped stranger’s trousers and slid his hand inside and after a few seconds rubbing pulled out the guys rock hard cock which appeared to be at least 9″ and quite thick. Cheryl made an involuntary gasp at this and I asked if she had viewed the video before and she replied twice but each time that image shows up it surprised her that a white guy was that well hung. This lightened the mood between us as I laughed she said keep watching as it was not the only surprise.

James was still kissing the guy who had started to rub James groin whilst James unbuttoned his shirt. Soon Rashid and James had removed the guy’s clothes and were caressing his body with their hands. Rashid dropped his trousers and boxer shorts to reveal his erect cock which looked small compared to the other guy, Cheryl whispered to me she expected something bigger, this made me laugh again.

Rashid moved behind the guy and began rubbing his cock between the cheeks of his arse with a thrusting motion. The guy started to push back and soon they had a rhythm going as Rashid masturbated his cock in the guys crack. James stripped off and pushed the guy’s head down towards this semi-hard cock and the guy greedily took him in his mouth and began to suck.

James sat back on the edge of the boardroom table and began rocking his hips so that he was fucking the guy’s mouth. Rashid started to finger the guy’s tight hole trying to ease it open ready for entry by his cock. James body stiffened as he came hard in the guy’s mouth the guy jerked back and cum splattered over his chin and chest then dropped onto one of the luxurious leather chairs.

Rashid had now managed to open the guy up enough to push his cock inside his anus. The guy cried out at first then started to ease himself onto Rashid’s pole. James leaned back to watch Rashid pump the guy’s arse while he played with his now limp cock. Rashid only lasted a few strokes before his face screwed up and he shot his load up the guy’s arsehole.

I had never thought that watching a gay scene would be arousing but I had begun to get a hard-on and leaned forward to try to ensure Cheryl did not see my embarrassment. She was looking intensely at the screen and seemed a little flushed herself.

At this point an alarm began ringing in the background and the three men looked startled and grabbed their clothes and quickly dressed. Rashid checked the corridor before they all left the room and made their way to the rear stairwell.

Cheryl switched to the other video system and we watched the images of the guys leaving the loading bay and going out via the side gate. Rashid and James both kissed the third guy and then shared a passionate kiss before going to their cars. James drove away while Rashid appeared to pass a laptop to the third guy before driving off.

Cheryl shut down the images and asked if I needed a digital copy which I said as two of the guys were from my company I had better take one but I didn’t know how I could keep this discreet. Cheryl said she would not have taken it further if they hadn’t decided to fuck in the boardroom but she thought they probably assumed the CCTV would not be covering that room. In fact the only rooms not covered by CCTV were the office we were in and Cheryl’s office just down the corridor.

Cheryl leant over the video machine and typed in a few commands to make copies for me. I stood up with my now subsiding bulge still showing as Cheryl turned her head to ask a question. She noticed me move my hand to try to cover up and began to laugh saying she was glad it wasn’t only her getting excited.

She stood and stepped closer to me and placed her hand on my mine and raised it to her left breast running it over her hard nipple. I put my other hand on her hip and pulled her gently towards me and leant down to kiss her full lips. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and began to explore as my hard-on returned with a vengeance. Cheryl gripped it through my trousers and started to rub me. I pulled the hem of her skirt up over her thighs and ran a hand over her wet panties, the white cloth contrasting against her ebony skin.

Cheryl pulled my trousers and pants down to my knees as we shuffled over to the desk. She sat back on the edge of the desk and opened her legs wide to allow me entry to her plump pussy. She yanked at her panties and ripped the seam as she struggle to get them off she left them dangling over just one leg. I pushed forward spreading her legs further apart and rammed my swollen cock head at her opening. She accepted me easily and moaned “Fuck me hard”, so I started a frantic pounding with her hips rocking to meet mine as we ground into each others groin.

We kissed hard and fucked even harder before she started to moan in my ear as her orgasm started to flood through her body. She stiffened and then jerked with each thrush as she came again and again. As the last tremors began to subside she gripped my cock with her pussy which made me stiffen. I was ready to explode and began to withdraw but she pulled me towards her with her strong legs and whispered come in me fill my pussy. This made me come really hard inside her and I grimaced as shot after shot of cum powered from my cock.

We collapsed in each others arms our chests heaving with the frantic effort and sweat glistening on our skin. We gently kissed and then pulled apart Cheryl looked at me saying how much she needed the release after viewing the sex tape over and over. I started to apologise but she stopped me and said she had always had a fantasy about having hot sex at work and it was even better as I was the first white guy she had had which was another of her fantasies.

Cheryl then straightened her clothes and helped me tidy my appearance and said that his episode was a one-off unless we happened to find ourselves watching “Amateur porn” in the office again and the need to get off arose. I agreed and said that we had better start letting the appropriate people know about the tape and I needed to do some damage limitation with the client.

I downloaded the images to my laptop and took them back to the hotel to confront James and Rashid with them, it was fortunate that Amanda was available but how she would react I didn’t know.