Marsden tried in vain to get a grip on what was overcoming him, but it was a much too powerful force that had taken hold of him, and as he struggled to get a grip, the orgasm that had been building slowly over the past hour sent his pecker reeling out of control as it convulsed spasmodically to its crushing completion. He lay there in the darkness of his bedroom bathed in sweat as the last vestiges of his climax slowly ebbed from his shaking body. “W-what the heck’s happening to me,” he asked himself softly while padding off to the bathroom to wash off, “this is the tenth night in a row!?!”

“Jeez, fella, I hate to say this but you look like hell,” Vern told Marsden as the two of them huddled around the coffee machine at work, “what’d ya get last night, two hours sleep!?!” “I wish,” Marsden replied after taking a sip of the piping hot java, “do I look that bad!?!” “Well, I guess that depends on your definition of bad,” Vern replied with a chuckle, “what’s the problem, I hafta tell ya you’ve been looking a little ragged for over a week now?!?” While the two of them wandered slowly back to their offices Marsden whispered, “Can you stop in for a minute, I have to tell someone and it might as well be you!?!” “Okay, give,” Vern said while settling down in a chair opposite his friend’s desk. “I-I don’t know quite how to explain this,” Marsden began slowly, “but have you ever, I mean when you’re sleeping have you ever had a, you know, a climax, in your sleep I mean!?!” Vern stared blankly at his friend for a moment and asked softly, “You mean a sexual climax?!?” “Is there any other kind,” Marsden asked a little irritably, “of course a sexual climax, well, have you had one in your sleep!?!”

“Good grief, man,” Vera replied, “you get right down to the brass tacks don’t you!?!” “I didn’t know how else to phrase it,” Marsden replied, “and I’m desperate.” “A-are you really having orgasms in your sleep,” Vern asked softly?!? Marsden took a another slug of coffee, emptying his cup, and then after taking a deep breath answered haltingly, “T-they’re the most incredible climaxes I’ve ever experienced,” he said barely above a whisper, “and as good as they are, I have absolutely no control of them.” “Wow,” Vern said with a low whistle, “do you have dreams when you cum, I mean…….?!?” “I know what you mean,” Marsden said while cutting him off, “and the answer is yes, I have one or two different dreams, but usually it’s the same on over and over.” “W-what is it,” Vera asked thickly, “tell me.”

The room was now lousy with the undercurrent of sexual tension, and as the two men shifted uncomfortably in their chairs Marsden replied in barely a whisper, “Usually it’s just me and a man, a young man who is incredibly handsome and naked with a huge erection!” “Then what,” Vern asked while licking his lips, “d-does he fuck you?!?” Marsden’s eyes had long since glazed over, and after giving off a slight moan he went on, “I-it’s always the same, he comes to me, and without saying a word unzips my pants and just tears off my shorts, and with unbelievable strength lifts me like a rag doll and lowers me onto his thick pecker.” “S-sweet jesus,” Vern replied as his fingers found their way into his own jockeys and began furiously jerking, “and that’s when you cum!?!” “Like a rocket,” Marsden replied while opening his pants to show his hardon to his friend’s steady gaze, “j-just look at my pecker, that’s how it always is since this whole thing started.”

Vern’s eyes were locked on Marsden’s huge erection, and in a barely audible voice asked, “H-have you ever pressed your cock against another man’s!?!” “N-no,” Marsden gasped, “w-why do you ask!?!” “Because that is exactly what were gonna do,” Vern moaned quietly while coming around to Marsden while thrusting his bulging organ forward and panting, “m-my god, that’s so nice, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, our heads are rubbing together, I’m gonna cum.” Marsden’s head was by now rolling around on her shoulders as his pecker began to lurch out of control, and as his climax began to fire off, Vern surprised him by kissing him hard on the mouth while the two sex hungry studs ground their hot cocks together in an orgasmic rainbow of colors. Vern had suddenly taken control of the situation, and in a move that stunned Marsden, his coworker dropped to his knees and after giving him a wicked smile, began sucking the excited man’s hot pecker for all it was worth. Marsden’s cock automatically bucked forward into Vern’s mouth, demanding that he suck it harder, and the sooner the better.

“Y-you do that so well,” Marsden gasped while his cock was literally being eaten alive, and just as his pecker was about to explode in thunderous explosion, Vern took his thumb and rammed it hard into the unsuspecting bung hole, inducing an orgasm from the spasming organ that was truly monumental. After finally collapsing back into his chair, Marsden just sat there with a dazed look on his face, but if he thought that she was going to be able to rest he was very mistaken as Vern was already busily sitting on the edge of the desk with his legs spread and an expectant look on his face. Marsden took his place between Vern’s open thighs, as he guided his hard cock into his hot waiting mouth. After a moment of teasing, he flicked his tongue over the smooth satiny head, and with one final glance into his eyes, Marsden inhaled Vern’s boner, inducing his friend to unleash a vicious explosion into his hungry mouth.

The two men, now both completely sated, just sat there in silence, not really sure what to say about the strange turn of events that had just taken place, but finally it was Marsden who spoke and offered, “Well, I don’t know what bearing this has on my nocturnals, but I must say that it’s certainly good for my mornings.” Vern, while casually jerking his semi hard prick replied, “And mine too, my boy, and mine too.”