I came home from work tired, stressed, & horny. My brother’s friend, Dabnis, was drunk sleep on the couch. Dab had been staying with me as a favor to my brother, who was stationed in Iraq . As I walked past the couch, I couldn’t help but notice that Dab was lying on his stomach. That fat ass of his was sitting on his back. Looking like two basketballs dipped in white chocolate. His boxers were hanging loosely off his ass, making my mouth water.

Ever since Dab had come to stay with me, I have been feigning for that booty. And tonight, I was going to get some. After getting out of my clothes, I headed back to the couch. I knew that Dab was pissy drunk because he snored whenever he was in a drunk sleep. I walked up to the couch and slowly slid my hand into the back of his boxers. Dab’s tight hole twitched when my finger made contact with it. This was risky, but I didn’t give no fuck. I had to have that ass.

If I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn that I heard a moan come from Dab as I probed that ass. Soon, his ass began to get wet from me playing with it. Was this nigga enjoying getting fingered? I had always suspected that he got down, but this was proof of it. My thick, long 9 inches was bricking up. I slid Dab’s boxers down lower than they already were.

There I was, face to face with that fat, pretty ass. I planted soft kisses all over the vanilla globes, then gently ran my fat tongue through his crack. The subtle musky masculine smell drove me crazy. That ass tasted so good, that I didn’t give a fuck if he woke up or not. I was so into eating Dab’s ass that I didn’t notice that fingers were running through my fro.

“Yeah, nigga. Eat that ass. You been wanting some of this for a minute. Come get it.”

I was shocked that not only was Dab awake, but he was enjoying me tasting that booty. He didn’t have to tell me twice. I eased those boxers off of him and went to work. Dab got on his knees and took my peanut butter colored dick deep down his throat, gagging on each inch. I loved when a nigga choked on my dick. Dab’s tonsils massaged my dick head. Slob & precum ran down Dab’s chin and dripped down his neck.

I soon started to fuck his face, my huge nuts slapping that nigga’s chin. His eyes were bloodshot red and watering. I refused to let that nigga breathe because the head was all too good. I grabbed Dab by his neck and brought him to his feet, then passionately kissed him. Our tongues massaged each other. I turned him around and pushed that nigga over the couch.

“You ready for this dick, nigga? Huh, bitch?!”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

We were both surprised at my aggressive behavior, but this kat had me feeling some kind of way. Dab tried to play the tough guy role, but I knew that deep down, he was a little bitch. I gave that fat ass one good smack, and without warning, drove my dick in. He let out a big yelp, but that didn’t stop me from banging that shit in.

“Naw, nigga, fuck that! Don’t run now. You told me to come get it, and I’m doing just that.”

Dab moaned like a bitch as I long stroked him. After about 10 minutes, his ass got loose. It was starting to feel good to him, so he started throwing it back at me. I couldn’t let this nigga outdo me, so pulled out and threw him on his back. Putting them legs over my shoulders; I went in, hitting bottom. Dab’s eyes were rolling into the back of his head. Sloshing noises came from his ass, letting me know that he was getting wetter from each stab to them guts.

Sweat poured from my forehead, splashing onto his face. It felt like his ass was sucking my dick, trying to milk me of my entire nut. 10 strokes later, I couldn’t take anymore, so I emptied my babies inside of him. I looked down and noticed that Dab hadn’t come yet. If he didn’t come, then this would have been for nothing.

“Aw, where you going? You think I’m done yet. Not until you nut, bitch. I’m about to fuck the nut up out you. Come for daddy.”

This little nigga thought we were done. I don’t get soft when I nut, just harder than I was before. My nut ran out of Dab’s ass as I continued to beat that shit in good. The pain turned to pleasure for him when I grabbed him by the throat and began to lightly choke him. This caused for him to finally nut, which lead to orgasm #2 for me.

I pulled my cum-soaked dick out and shoved it into Dab’s mouth, making him suck my shit clean. I lifted his legs up and ate the remaining seed that was seeping from his ass. Didn’t want it to go to waste. We showered together, and then went to bed. This started our countless fuck sessions. Shit started getting real interesting when my brother came home from Iraq , but that’s another story..