I was in an online chat room one morning when I met a man named Thomas. He told me he was at a hotel nearby and he was looking for oral sex. I asked Thomas if he would like some company and he said to come over to his room. The hotel in question is only five minutes drive from my home. I drove over and found Thomas’s room number.

I knocked and was greeted by a surprise. Thomas opened the door, he had just stepped out of the shower. Thomas was a short, black man who was totally naked. I looked down to see an enormous black cock dangling between Thomas’s legs. It was close to ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. The first thing that went through my head was how I would ever suck that big of a cock.

Thomas invited me in and told me to get comfortable by taking off my clothes. I was a bit embarrassed when I slipped out of my duds. My seven inch cock looked so tiny when I compared it to Thomas’s dick. Thomas went over to the bed and motioned me to follow. I crawled in between Thomas’s thighs. I took his massive pecker into my hand and brought it up to my lips.

Thomas took his one hand and started to push my head down onto his shaft. I could barely fit his cockhead between my lips. I was almost choking on his rod. I tried to swallow as much as I could. Thomas was beginning to get harder from the action of my mouth. In reality I could maybe get four or five inches down my throat. His cock was just too big.

I worked on his boner for a few minutes when Thomas had me pull off. He reached over to his suitcase and pulled out a small bottle of lube. My eyes must have gotten big. I knew what he had in mind and I doubted I could ever take that much cock inside me. I told Thomas I was much too tight to ever take that much cock in my ass. He told me to relax and it would all work out.

I was made to get on all fours with my ass facing the edge of the bed. Thomas got in behind me and began to rub the head of his black snake up and down my crack. I am extremely tight back there. I soon felt a bit of pain as Thomas pushed his head past my rim. He placed his hands on my hips and tried to push more of his cock into my tight hole.

It hurt like hell if the truth be told. I turned my head and saw two giant egg sacs dangling below his cock. That did get me excited I have to be honest. Thomas was pushing harder now, trying to feed my asshole. My head was nearly on the bed with my ass pushed up to the sky. Thomas fed me more of his slab of black meat. God help me, but I screamed.

It hurt so much, but Thomas barely pulled back. He kept forcing more cock into me. How much I had in me I couldn’t tell. I was almost afraid to look back and see. Thomas then pulled out and flipped me onto my back. He took my ankles up and rested them on his shoulders. I was frozen there. Thomas took his cock and fitted the head into my opening. He pushed my legs back to my chest and then began thrusting.

I nearly passed out. I knew I had more of Thomas’s cock in me now than previously. He was also moving faster, fucking me harder than when I was on all fours. I couldn’t believe it, but a few times I could feel Thomas’s nut sac hitting my asscheeks. He must have had the entire ten inches thrust into my ass.

It had felt like something was reaching deep into my belly. I do know I was grunting and moaning. Maybe I had even cried out to Thomas to fuck me as hard as he could. My ass was being split by his black oak. I think I was just holding on for dear life. My body was become soaked with sweat. Thomas rammed the fuck out of me towards the end. That was when I knew he was getting close.

Thomas then let out a yell and arched his back. I felt my bottom being flooded by manseed. Lots of it. Thomas poured his love cum into my ass. How much of it I couldn’t tell, but I could feel gobs of his spunk dripping down my ass crack. Thomas must have pumped me another fifteen minutes from the time he first flooded my hole. I couldn’t recall a time when someone ever filled me with that much cum.

Eventually we both calmed down and caught our breaths. Thomas pulled his spent cock out of me. He climbed up onto my chest directly above my mouth. I opened up and I cleaned his spent cock of all our love juices. I sucked his cockhead for a long time until his shaft was cleaned off. Thomas got off me and went into the shower once more, I lay there on the bed. I was beat. Thomas’s cum was pouring out my hole. After Thomas was done I took my turn in the shower stall. I tried to clean as much of the spunk off me as I could.

When I finished, I got dressed. Thomas had to catch his flight so there wasn’t much time to talk afterwards. Thomas said I was one of the tightest lovers he ever had. He wanted to meet with me the next time he flew into town. He told me he normally passed through every few months. We exchanged phone numbers and then we both left the hotel room.

The aftermath of being fucked like that was the following. I released cum from ass for many days after Thomas took me. I was a bit scared when I reached back and felt some blood around the rim of my hole. I am hoping it is nothing serious. Thomas stretched me beyond belief. When I had lovers in the following months, they couldn’t hold a candle to my black lover. Those cocks felt so small in my ass. I am hoping I can hook up with Thomas the next time he is in town. Until then I will have to live with those memories of the biggest cock I ever had – at least until I find another one in a live chat room!