I was working. I’d had a part time job, sure, but nothing full time. Until now. I’d finished A-Levels (it’s a British thing) and without any idea of what to do next I’d opted for a year out. With no money (at least yet) to actually visit other parts of the world I’d found a job in the same village where I lived – the gym.

The village itself was small, but the local area was affluent and there were plenty of people who looked after themselves. It was predominately men who came there, usually in good shape. I can’t say I complained about this at all – it just made the job better. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t ever been with another guy, but they were my age. They were boys, these are men.

I was a hard worker and it didn’t take long for me to be trusted enough to close the place up at night on my own. This allowed me to sleep in late, and start work mid afternoon.

Evening was a time for regulars, the same friendly faces, not so many of the awkward people, though there were always a few. I kept them happy, kept the place clean and tidy. They were a chatty bunch and we all called each other by our first names.

The place closed at 11pm, and at 10:30pm I’d put the closed sign up and set the door so you could only exit before making my rounds. There were never many people left at this time of night, but people hardly ever turned up that late.

It was a Tuesday, I was about to lock the front door when I saw the lights of a car turn into the forecourt. I hesitated, but decided it was probably a bit rude to lock it right that moment. I saw the guy get out the car. I was unable to make him out clearly in the darkness but the streetlights showed his silhouette. This guy was large. I don’t just mean tall, I mean he was quite well built. I shifted quickly back to the front desk as the door opened and he stepped in.

As he stepped in I took a breath. I clearly wasn’t wrong with my initial glance. The guy was tall, six feet and a couple of inches at a guess and quite muscled. Not obscenely muscled, but certainly more than the average person here. What I hadn’t expected was that he was black. Now, I’m not inexperienced and untraveled, but around where I came from everyone was whiter than white. His skin was dark. His hair was black, short, and ever so slightly receding at the sides. He had a days worth of stubble on his face. I can’t say I’m great at ages, but I figured he must have been in his thirties, probably late thirties. Most noticeably he wore a grey suit in which it looked good. Suits were not the usual attire that people arrived in.

He smiled as he approached the reception desk and I could feel my cock throbbing as it got hard. Fuck, I thought to myself, he was really quite sexy. I was thankful to be behind the desk and pushed up closer against it until my shaft pressed up against a shelf under the desk.

“Hello sir,” I said. ‘Sir’? did I just say that aloud?

“Hi,” he said, flashing a friendly grin. He lifted up a hand, showing me his gym ID badge. “I’m sort of new here.”

“Oh, well welcome sir,” I’d said it again! Where was my brain. “Do you need a hand to know where to go?”

“Oh no, I should be good,” he said, shaking his head before he turned off in the direction of the changing rooms. My eyes followed him down the corridor – or more accurately his arse. With all the blood from my brain in my cock I wasn’t sure I could think straight.

When my brain did come back (cock still quite hard though) I dashed to the front door to lock it as I had originally intended to do. I dashed back as one of the regulars passed, not wanting him to see my tented shorts. He headed out, leaving with a wave to me.

I stood there for a few minutes, willing my cock to go down which it did eventually. Finally realising the time I resumed my task of tidying up the place before it closed. Regulars drifted out wishing me good night as they went.

After finishing at the front desk I made my way around the place, clearing the place, picking up discarded towels and similar. It was shortly before 11pm when to the main gym area. I realised my erotic visitor from earlier was the only one left and was on the far side lifting an amount of weights on a bench press which were making him grunt loudly.

Although as I got closer my eyes were easily distracted by his quite tight shorts and what they were hiding. Or in his case not hiding. As I approached him he looked my way.

“Hey,” he said as he spotted me, “Want a go?”

“Me? No, no.. I’d never lift that!” I replied jokingly.

“Well I wasn’t thinking this weight, perhaps something a little lighter.” He said, clearly not picking up on my joke. He sat up and stood up, taking weights off before moving back round to watch me, arms folded across his strong chest.

I laid my back down on the bench press and looked up at the bar and at him as he watched me. Bench pressing was not something I was used to doing and I knew I was going to look like a weakling. I had to try though, I wasn’t going to look a complete fool.

Putting my hands on the bar I pushed it off. I was thankful he’s started me off easily. I lifted the weight up then lowered it almost to my chest before repeating that a couple of times and putting it back down on the rack.

“Easy,” he said as he put more weights on it, leaning over a little and giving me another view of his crotch. I quickly tried to look elsewhere.

I lifted this too, not as easily. I could feel my tired arms straining, but I knew I could do it and lift it.

“You know they say having a spotter is a bit like the placebo effect. People can lift more because they’re less worried about the weight or something,” he said to me.

“I, I can spot you sometime if you need that,” I said thinking that’s what he meant as I lifted the weight up and down before resting it back on the rack.

“Thanks,” he said with an easy smile. He added more weights and I felt my cheeks blush at the idea of watching him weight lift. The idea seemed incredibly hot to me, not in a way I’d thought about before.

When he finished I reached for the bar. Looking up I could see his face and he smiled once again at me. I can’t say I’ve ever really bench pressed before. I put my hands on the bar and lifted them quickly. This was clearly a mistake as I lifted them off the rack and up I couldn’t hold them and they dropped down towards me. I didn’t do myself any damage but it was obvious to me I wasn’t going to get them back up off my chest.

“Fuck!” he said, quickly moving over me leg either side of the press and grabbing it before anything untoward happened.

“Sorry, sorry,” he apologised as he lifted the bar up to the rack with surprising ease. I was barely noticing this, however, as I felt his balls pressing down against my chest my eyes darted down to his crotch and the clear outline of his cock and balls there, his cock clearly bigger than when I saw him laying on the press just a short time earlier. I felt my heart race, my cock begin to awaken in my shorts.

He looked down at me and it was hard to miss where my eyes are. I didn’t notice him looking at me at first, then when I notice I blushed brightly. I quickly looked elsewhere, anywhere but his crotch. He laughed, not in a cruel way more in a way, but as if a bad boy had been caught.

Minor emergency over he stepped back from looming over my body. I started to sit up, not wanting him to see my cock which was no doubt going to be straining my shorts. He saw this and quickly put a hand on my chest, pushing me back with a force I couldn’t resist.

He stepped free of my body, beside the bench press. And I felt his eyes catch my bulging shorts. I looked at him quizzically.

“Is… is everything alright sir?” I wondered aloud, wondering if I’d insulted him. He just grinned at me. Quickly he pulled his t-shirt over his head. His strong, hairless torso slipped into view. He had a clearly defined six pack as well as pectoral muscles. I took a sharp intake of breath when I caught the scent of him. He just continued to watch me.

“Not sure you’re into the weight lifting. Perhaps we’d better find something you might be better at and… more something you’re clearly more interested in,” he said looking straight at me. He hooked fingers in the waist of his shorts and bent over, pulling them over his hips. I wondered if he knew everyone had gone or if he just didn’t care if they did see us like this.

I watched intently as his shorts and underwear slipped down, the bulge moving up them. His thick black pubic hair slid past the waist into view followed by his dark cock. It was thick and lock and clearly between the extremes of rock hard and soft. It bobbed free out at a low angle from his crotch, the foreskin peeled back a little so the head was partly visible. His balls were large, covered in dark wrinkly skin. He released the shorts and underwear and they slid to the ground.

He said nothing more to me as I drank in his beautiful naked body. He moved slowly towards me as I remained laying on the bench press. He moved back up and over me almost resuming the position he was before but this time utterly naked. My eyes looked up and down slowly before becoming solely focused on his crotch. His dark cock twitched, getting thicker as it grew.

I was afraid to move, scarcely believing this was happening to me. My cock was rock hard now and (I was quite sure) peeking out from my shorts. Not that I could see them.

“I.. “, I began to speak, but he just put a finger to my lips to silence me.

“Quiet, boy,” he said simply and in a commanding way. He reached down and slipped a hand under his cock to lift the hardening length. He moved up higher then lowered himself down, his balls resting on my lips. It didn’t take me but a moment to know what I should do. My tongue slipped out from between my lips, quickly making contact with the wrinkled balls.

I was tentative at first, my tongue barely moving, but I tasted him. The strong musky, sweaty taste was somehow distinctly his and also perfectly his. My tongue pushed out more, my lips parted more and brushed over those hot cum factories. My tongue pushed at each orb firmly, tasting, licking over them, cleaning them.

A groan of approval from him made me more sure of my actions. My cock was rock hard and I could feel it dribbling pre onto my stomach without even being touched. My lips parted more sucking one of the balls partly into my mouth. His taste was strong and manly, it was divine. I could easily see his cock growing and growing. It must have been nine inches long at least and a couple more in diameter. I’d never seen one so huge, not that I’d seen that many hard in the first place.

“Mmm oh yes, good boy,” he said between a couple of moans. He griped my head suddenly, pushing it back against the bench and shifted up a little. His balls slid over my lips and nose until my nose slipped between his heavy balls. I could smell nothing else, just those sweaty, deliciously sweaty balls. It was if he was making me aware that this scent was all that mattered. And at that moment I couldn’t disagree with him.

This moment seemed to hold for an eternity. I looked straight up, over those balls to his impressive dark length and up his strong body. I felt weak under him but wanted nothing else. I slipped out my tongue flicking it over the underside of his balls and at the skin behind them. I had an image of my tongue finding his arsehole and tasting that – something I’ve never considered before which nose seemed wildly erotic.

I sniffed his scent deeply and it seemed to invade my senses, cloud my mind further. My eyes were affixed to his cock. The thick length had a long vein down one side, the foreskin was pulled back now, sitting underneath the wide, fleshy crown. The slit at the top oozed out his pre and I watched it dribble down the length.

He lifted up a little, his balls now hanging above me, just brushing over my lips. I didn’t need instruction my tongue lapped over each one, licking, cleaning and worshipping those heavy orbs. My tongue slipped between the sides of his balls and his thigh, finding it especially sweaty. I worked my tongue as deep as I could before pulling it out.

He stepped back and away from the bench press. I could see his balls glistening with my saliva and his cock glistening with his pre. The length was huge to my eyes.

“Get up boy and strip,” he instructed, and I wasn’t going to do anything but agree. I sat up, my head feeling a little light. Standing up it took me bare moments to remove my t-shirt, to kick off my shoes and socks and pull down my own shorts and underwear.

I could feel his eyes on my own hairless torso. I used the gym equipment occasionally, so I had a few muscles that were noticeable though hardly comparable to many who came here. His gaze then down to my own hard cock. My cock jutted out before me, already drooling my own pre. I’m pretty average in that department, I think. A little below six inches, and certainly not that thick.

“Mmmm, very nice you are. A bit more work and you’ll be looking quite good,” he said appreciatively. He pushed me back to sitting on the bench and soon stood in front of me, cock rigid and pointing to my mouth.

I took the chance and leant forward, my tongue flicking over that inviting head and licking up some of his pre. My lips parted further as they met the cockhead. They spread only briefly before he pulled my head back. I looked up quickly.

“Uh-uh,” he said, shaking his head, “You gave my balls a good wash, time for my cock too. Before you get your reward.” He took hold of his cockhead and lifted it up, presenting the shaft to me. I didn’t been to be told twice, twisting my head to one side I ducked my head low, lips finding the base of his shaft. I sucked on the thick shaft, my tongue diving over it and licking it in adoration.

I felt every bump and vein on the surface, curled my tongue around the shaft to the top side. I ran my tongue along the noticeable vein that trailed up one side of it. I slowly, methodically licked, cleaned that jet black dong from the base towards the tip.

My tongue danced over the length with a lust I’d never felt before. I tasted every square inch of him as I moved up. Soon my tongue delved under the foreskin, curling around under the head and cleaning up any smegma there. Soon my tongue danced over the cockhead, scooping up the pre to my, as well as his, delight.

I kept working and looked up at him as if a puppy. It must have been clear what I wanted. He nodded his head and my lips pressed to the head again. Parting over the head my tongue pressed over it, pressing at the piss slit to drink the pre from the source. My lips stretched further as I pushed deeper.

My lips felt stretched, I’d certainly never tried to take something so large. Despite the pressure I pushed onwards, sliding more of his thick black cock into my mouth. My tongue swirled around the length, my hands slid down the still exposed length until it cupped and fondled his balls.

Soon the head hit the back of my throat making me gag and show my inexperience. From the sound he was making I knew he wasn’t very far away from cumming anyway. I gently squeezed his balls and slid my mouth back so his cock almost popped free.

I pumped my mouth up and down on his cock, sucking on it as it slid in right until it hit the back of my throat. My head moved faster and faster on him, wanting to make him feel good, wanting to make him cum.

I felt his hands on my shoulders, pushing down then gripping. He shuddered suddenly, letting out a sudden groan. His hips thrust forward to try and meet my lips and he came. Cum sprayed in my mouth, hitting the back of my throat. I gagged for a moment before recovering. I sucked and swallowed it down eagerly, loving the taste of his cum, this sexy black god’s cum. It kept cumming, but I swallowed it all down, not losing a drop.

I felt him softening and slowly pulled back to let him slip from my lips. I let my tongue give a final clean which make him shudder. He panted heavily and I smiled wide, feeling very happy (and still horny). He stepped back and looked down at me with a wide, toothy grin.

“Mmm very talented, my boy. I’m sure you’ll bet getting a lot more taste of this and my cum if you play your cards right.” He reached down, grabbing his phone from his pile of clothing. “Well shit, I should have been gone by now.” He looked back at me, clearly seeing my reaction to this, “nothing against you, boy, but I gotta run. Don’t you look like that, I’ll be back soon for more. And then some.”

He grabbed his clothes, then leant down to me. His lips found mine. The kiss was brief, but firm. His lips pushed me almost over, his tongue probed into my mouth and must have tasted his own cum. He broke off the kiss, grinning at me before he turned, that sexy black body, that beautiful arse, disappearing as he left me.

I don’t know how long it was before I moved, my body and mind seemed a little overwhelmed. I stood up, my legs wobbling a little, and my cock jutting still rock hard from my crotch. I pulled on my clothes, tucking my erection into my shorts somehow.

Looking back I realised the mess of sweat on the bench press and quickly cleaned it up before I left. Checking the place was truly empty (or sadly empty in the case of one black god) I locked the place up and headed home until the next day.