March 7 Dear Dairy, Boy it sure has been busy around here for the past month or so, Mr. Foxx, he’s myoss, has been entertaining a slew of clients and friends, it seems that someone’s always showing up at the door. Of course since Mr. Foxx keeps me completely naked at all times in the apartment, sometimes the person on the other side of the door gets a big surprise when they see me standing there in the altogether, but more often than not they can’t keep their eyes off my usually hard pecker. Just last week Mr. Foxx’s best customer dropped over with some contracts he had just signed, and while Mr. Foxx was looking them over his client was doing the same to me. When he realized how interested his client was in my hard penis, he nodded his head and told him to go ahead and suck me off, which he quickly did. The old guy just loved my hard pecker in his mouth, and I have to admit he was pretty good, so when Mr. Foxx gave me the nod, I quickly ejaculated in his mouth, leaving him one very satisfied customer. Whoa, it’s really getting late, seeya next week sometime, bye for now, Jamie.

March 15 Dear Diary, Jamie here again. Mr. Foxx took me to the office yesterday, and boy was it ever exciting. I got to sit and watch him wheel and deal all morning until at about eleven he called me over to his desk where he started kissing me and rubbing my cock through my pants. I was really getting hot and bothered by all of the attention, and after pulling down my pants and shorts he put me over his knee and gave me a hard spanking. Every once in a while Mr. Foxx gets the urge to tan my tight behind, and while it stings like the dickens, my penis always get sooooooo hard when he does it. Anyway, after he had given me about twenty strokes, he had me sit on the edge of his desk with my legs apart so he had easy access to my hardon. Just when I thought he was gonna suck me for sure, he buzzed his secretary into the office, and then just as casually as you please told her sit and watch and see how a man sucks off a nice hard pecker of hot dicked young man. She plopped down in a chair, and while Mr. Foxx sucked my hard penis, his secretary reached under her skirt and frigged herself to a really hard orgasm. She was so loud that I thought other people might hear her, but no one did, and just as she started to cum, I couldn’t hold back another second and filled Mr. Foxx’s mouth with a really big load of cum. Yummy. Wellllll, I’ve go work to do, this is Jamie signing off for another day.

March 23 Dear Diary, I know that I’m only twenty years old and that Mr. Foxx meets other men for sex, but the other night he brought home a cute little eighteen year old bitch that made me soooo jealous. He was blonde, tan, and had absolutely perfect skin, a real wet dream cum to life. “Anyway, Mr. Foxx had him take off his clothes, and I was stunned to see what a huge cock this pretty boy had between his legs. I was so confused. I wanted him to go away, but at the same time I wanted him to fuck me in the ass. Mr. Foxx must have been reading my mind because he had the two of us lay down and do some serious 69ing right on the living room floor. Chris, that was his name, was on top and I was on the bottom. It felt just wonderful to have his penis in my mouth while my own dick was getting a good sucking from him. Naturally we couldn’t hold back, and while Mr. Foxx jerked his huge pecker we both unloaded our cum down each others hot throats. Very satisfying to be sure. Next, diary, however, was the thing that really got my gun off. Mr. Foxx flipped me over on my stomach, and after rimming my asshole to get it lubed up, he had the young blonde stud take me from the rear. Heaven on earth. He whispered that he’d take it easy on me, but I just shoved my ass back at him, and with a little shrug of his shoulders, he rammed his meat balls deep into my straining rectum. He wasn’t quite as big as Mr. Foxx, but he was thicker and lots harder. With my dick being rubbed between the carpet and my belly, it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load all over myself while Chris emptied his nut sack deep into my bowels. Oh my, it was wonderful. Good grief, diary, gotta go now, Jamie.

April 11 Dear Diary, Wow, you should have been with us last week. Mr. Foxx took me along with him to San Francisco on business. Talk about a wild place, diary, I actually saw two men fucking out in the open in the park and nobody even gave it a second look. Mr. Foxx gave me one hundred dollars and sent me on my way to explore the city when he was at his meeting. I found this little place that advertised live dancing in private rooms, and since I’d never heard of anything like that before I went inside to check it out. I bought ten dollars worth of tokens, and a minute later I was in a booth watching a black man with the biggest cock I’d ever seen dancing in front of my little window. I slipped a five dollar tip through this little slot, and after he had grabbed it and added it to a large pile of bills on the floor, he came back to my window and began jerking off for me. He was really putting on a show. After about five minutes and six bucks worth of tokens, I heard a tapping through the wall of my booth, and when I turned to see what it was I was amazed to find that someone had stuck their cock through this little hole between he booths. I’m not the brightest guy in the world but I knew right away I was supposed to suck it, and that’s exactly what I did. I got down on my knees and put it into my mouth, and after no more than a minute or so I got my reward, a big load of sperm, right down the throat. Needless to say I returned the favor, and after having put my own hardon through the hole, I received the first anonymous suck off of my entire life. Anyway, that was day one, tomorrow I’ll tell you about day number two.

April 15 Dear Diary, Mr. Foxx was in a pretty bad mood this morning before he left for work. He was mumbling something about tax day, and just to show him how much I appreciated everything he’d done for me I sucked him off when he stepped out of the shower. Mr. Foxx has a really big cock and I never get tired of having him blow his cum into my eager mouth. Anyway, at least he left the apartment in a little bit better frame of mind. Now, back to my trip to ‘Frisco, that afternoon back at the hotel I just couldn’t wait to tell Mr. Foxx about the great discovery I’d made at that dance place. He just smiled when I told him how I blew this unknown person who then returned the favor to me, in fact, he got so excited hearing about it he had me lay face down on the bed so that he could fuck me in my tight ass. Diary, you know how much I love a good reaming, and while he was fucking me he had me tell him over and over again how much I enjoyed sucking off that total stranger. He loves hearing about my overheated sex drive, so as I told him how I got down on my knees and took the thick hardon into my mouth, he nearly lost his mind as he fucked me like wild animal. Wow, we both came like gang busters. We then went out on the town and had a great dinner and walked hand in hand down Fisherman’s Wharf. In the twilight overlooking the harbor, Mr. Foxx slipped his hand inside my pants, and while kissing me deeply on the lips jerked me off. He’s just so darn sweet I just love him to death. Later that night when we went to bed, I put him gently into my mouth and used his big cock like a pacifier. What a trip. So long for now, Jamie.

April 25 Dear Diary, Last week I had to do the unthinkable, I had to fuck a woman. I didn’t want to, but Mr. Foxx made me do it, it was the wife of a client. Luckily I got to suck him too, but I before they let me have his cock, I had to fuck her cunt. This couple was invited over for dinner, and as usual I was totally naked, and this woman kept staring at my erection, it was really disconcerting. Anyway, I served the meal, and afterwards while we sat around and had our drinks, in a very even and hard voice Mr. Foxx told me told me to stand in front of the lady and be still. I knew right away what was gonna happen, and I just closed my eyes tight while she sucked my hard dick to orgasm. I didn’t care for it much, but really, when it comes right down to it, a suck is a suck, so I wasn’t complaining, that is until when I opened my eyes she had her dress up around her waist and her big hairy pussy open and ready for action. Good grief, diary, I prayed they didn’t want me to suck it, but Mr. Foxx then ordered me to do just about the next worst thing when he told me to mount and fuck her. I shivered a little bit, nervous as heck, but my master had given me an order, so even though I was reluctant, I slipped inside of her and rammed her until she was cumming like a maniac. God, I was glad when it was over, and much to my surprise, as soon as his wife had gotten her gun, her husband exposed his not too large dick, and after a nod from Mr. Foxx, I nearly inhaled it being so happy to be home with a nice hard cock. My thankfulness must have shown through, because the old goat erupted in a huge shower of cum all over the inside of my eager mouth. Everyone chuckled at my excitement, and even the lady knew what was up and thanked me for taking the time to get her off with my hard cock. Anyway, diary, all’s well that ends well, good night for now, Jamie.