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Tag Team In The Theater

I was at the adult theater looking to continue my cock sucking adventures. Since I’m very picky about whom I suck off, I hadn’t seen anyone I wanted to blow yet. I was sitting on the second couch from the back of the theater, kind of sideways with my back towards the wall.

As I sat there with my dick in my hand, a twink of a kid not more than 20 years old came up behind the couch, reached down and took over stroking my cock. A minute later he bent over the back of the couch and started sucking my cock. Who was I to complain, even though I wanted to suck some cock I still couldn’t turn down a good blowjob.

I guess it looked like a pretty good invitation because a bear of a guy sitting in the back row got up and stepped up behind the kid. He started rubbing the kid’s ass and I felt a moan escape from the kid’s mouth around my cock. He tried to pull off me to look back to see who was there but I pulled his head back down and buried my cock in his mouth before he got a chance to look.

The next thing I know Mr. Bear is sliding the kid’s gym shorts to the ground and then kicking his feet apart so he’s spread eagle. Then he spits in his hand, strokes his cock a little and starts trying to force it into the kid’s ass. I was thinking HOLY SHIT I don’t think he even put a condom on, but maybe I just didn’t see him.

Got Rice

Rice stood up from his chair and went into the bathroom; he had to wipe all of the sticky cum from his naked tanned thigh. The excess on his hand he licked clean, he loved the way he tasted. Rice smiled in the mirror, his dirty tangled blonde hair made him look like a surfer boy. Grinning, he stared deep into his blue-grey eyes and admired himself, 5’ 6”, shaved and lean and a healthy six and a half inch cock. He hardly hit the weights out and so wasn’t really well defined with bulging musculature, but was well toned from his running track for the university. Rice wanted to ooze sex today as he had his sights on a local soccer stud; he looked mysterious and was actually more pretty than handsome. Today is the day Brandon is mine, Rice thought to himself as he grabbed his pants and tossed them on before heading off to practice.

At the university where Rice went around a track surrounded the soccer field where the team practiced, Rice saw Brandon every practice out there running, playing soccer whilst he did his usual eight lap run. Brandon was a stud at the university and was well toned, he looked like Cobi Jones to Rice and he always wanted to sample his taste. All Rice could think of was how firm Brandon’s ass looked as it was straining in those tight shorts, and how huge his cock had to be. The image of Brandon’s thick brown cock head teasing his pouty lips made him hard and he could hardly wait to make his move. Three laps down, just a few more times I get to see that ass today. He thought to himself as the track whizzed by in a blur. Rice couldn’t see the track anymore, didn’t hear the sounds of the players or other runners practicing, there was only his breathing, the anticipation of waiting for his chance to make his move. Then suddenly, as Rice was dreaming of the musky taste of cock in his mouth, he tripped and landed awkwardly.

A few of the soccer players saw this and laughed, but Brandon told them to shut up. Quickly he ran over to Rice. He even smiles like Cobi. Rice thought, and quickly he took a peak at his bulge, he licked his lips.

“Are you okay? You took a pretty bad spill.”

“Um, yeah I think I’m okay.” Rice replied. He winced as he tried to stand. “Don’t know if I can walk home on it like this though.”

“Do you want a ride back home?” Brandon asked, his bare chest streaked with sweat, his shoulder length brown locks a mess.

Rice managed a crooked smile, “Yeah, thanks.”

Hotel Surprise

Home for the holidays, I was lying up in my motel bed on Christmas Eve; sound asleep, when I thought I heard a knock on the door. I stirred slightly, but didn’t respond. I was sure I was dreaming.

I guess, while I slept, I’d kicked the covers partially off and my naked ass was pointed up in the air, my cock semi-erect and pressed against the bed, pointing down toward my feet. As I woke up, I slowly realized I wasn’t alone in my room.

I rolled over on to my back, wiping the sleep from my eyes with one hand. The act of turning over pulled the covers further off my body, leaving me exposed from the waist down, my cock flopping out in full view. As I realized what was happening, I saw for the first time a youngish man. He was standing at the foot of my bed, eyes partially closed; stroking what appeared to be a very prominent bulge in his trousers.

It was the cleaning guy. The sight of him standing there, unaware I was awake now; stroking his hard cock really got me going. My cock shot to full erection in no time. I took matters to hand, so to speak, and decided it was time to see how far this could go.

“Well, good morning to you, too,” I said.

His eyes shot open, his hands stopped moving over his cock and he looked for all the world like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Oh, shit,” he said. “I’m sorr…”

It seems he notice my hand on my rock hard cock for the first time. I watched as his eyes flitted between my crotch and my face and his hand twitched on the hard cock still trapped in his pants.

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this,” he stammered. “Your ass just looked so sexy and you looked so hot there, sleeping, with it up in the air like that.”

Towel Boys

“Hey, Timmy,” the big boned stud called from across the dressing room, “I need and extra towel over here.” “Uh, right away, sir,” he replied while rushing over to him with his hand extended holding a fresh towel, “is there anything else I can do for you!?!” “I dunno, Timmy,” he said while grinning at his locker mate, Kelly, “is there anything else he can do for me!?!” “Wellllllll,” Kelly replied with a smirk, “maybe, and I’m saying just maybe, he could give your dick a little suckin’, whataya think, hon?!?” “Mmmmm,” Brian replied, “do you really think so, he’s so young, do you think he’s up to it, I mean I wouldn’t wanna hurt him!?!” “Why don’t you ask him,” Kelly rejoined quickly, “he seems old enough to me, come on, Timmy, how old are you anyway!?!” With his face turning a fire engine red he replied softly, “I’m eighteen, sir, and I’d love to suck Mr. Brian’s boner.” “Would you now,” Brian asked softly while spreading his sweaty thighs to expose his rapidly swelling dick, “well you know what I always say, keep the help happy!?!”

Timmy quickly dropped to his knees and opened his mouth over Brian’s bulging cock while Brian sighed, “God, I just love the way these young boys suck, “it seems that they must’ve taken Cock Suck 101 cuz they sure know where the head is.” “Mmmmmmmm, yes,” Kelly replied while sliding down between Timmy’s legs to take his little erection into his mouth, “and they’re always so hard and ready to go, I just love the taste of a hard young cock in my mouth, don’t you!?!” “Oh, yeah,” Brian panted, “I just love seeing them naked with their cute little hardons sticking up in the air ready to go, just seeing us naked is enough to give them a nice woody.” Timmy’s tongue was now flicking incessantly over the older man’s velvety head, and as his own pecker began spasming in Kelly’s hot mouth, Brian’s cock convulsed several times hard in his mouth as both of them had crushing orgasms rip through their orally satisfied organs.


Blake stepped into the empty elevator, pushed the button for the seventeenth floor, and waited for the car to begin its ascent. Just as the doors were beginning to close a hand shot between the doors and a thirty something man slipped on board, pressed the button for her floor and turned to face Blake, giving the twenty three year old a quick once over. The man was dressed in a dark blue business suit and would have been considered handsome, except for the fact that he had a large scar on his face! After several seconds of silence the man, while looking directly into Blake’s eyes asked, “You’re a fag aren’t you, I can smell you a mile away!?!” Blake turned a bright shade of red, and while averting his eyes replied softly, “Yes, yes I am!” The man made a snorting sound and shot back, “You little bitches are all alike, just waiting to be picked up and fucked!” Hearing the crude talk from this total stranger caused an immediate reaction in Blake as his pecker turned into a piece of hot blue steel. The elevator came to a stop, and as the doors slid open smoothly and the stranger announced, “This is my floor, come with me,” as he took Blake by the arm and led him down the corridor to the men’s rest room.

Once inside, he pushed Blake into a vacant stall, closed the door, and said, “Okay you little slut, suck on this,” after pulling out one of the biggest cocks he had ever seen in his life. Sitting on the toilet put the big dick right at face level so it didn’t take much effort at all to open wide and let the big hammer slip into his now very hungry mouth. “You suck good for a bitch,” the stranger spat while Blake slurped and licked the beautiful erection for all he was worth. As long as he could remember Blake knew that he liked boys better than girls, and while he had fantasized about having a truly huge erection to play with, he was stunned at how quickly the events of the past few moments had given him the opportunity to fulfill his dream. The big stud leaned against the stall to maintain his balance and just as he was getting into it, Blake could feel the big prick tense up slightly, warning him that a cum explosion was about to occur.


Trent shivered a little as he pulled the razor over his chest while removing the last vestige of hair on his smooth tanned nineteen year old body! Stepping back under the shower, he rinsed away the residual soap suds, and after rubbing his hands all over to make sure he hadn’t missed a spot he shut off the water and grabbed large bath towel and dried off! For as long as he remembered he felt like he was different from his playmates, not from his outward appearance, but from the inside. He walked back into the bedroom and opened a lingerie drawer, pulling out a pretty pair of white lace panties which after rubbing them over his face, he slipped on over his smooth lean thighs until they were tugged tightly over his cock and balls. He stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door, and after a long sigh escaped his lips, his nipples stiffened in the cool air while his penis turned bone hard and erect.

“Miss Evans, would please get a hold of Mr. Force and have him come to my office please!?!” Becky Howard, Bryce McGreggor’s secretary, picked up the phone and within two minutes had the young man standing in front of her desk as she opined, “The boss wants to see you right away, you can go right in. “Thanks, Becky,” he replied while giving her a wink before going inside to see what Bryce McGreggor wanted, as if he didn’t know. “Hello, my boy,” Bryce said enthusiastically while getting up to shake his hand, “and how are you today!?!” “Uh, I’m fine sir,” Trent Force answered easily, “is there something you wanted to see me about!?!” Now lowering his voice to barely above a whisper Bryce McGreggor asked almost desperately, “D-did you wear them for me, I mean the panties, do you have them on right now!?!” “That would be very naughty of me wouldn’t it,” Trent teased gently, “I mean, panties are what women wear aren’t they, why don’t you have Becky come in, I’m sure that she’s wearing panties.” “Oh god,” he gasped, “she doesn’t have a big cock hidden in hers, p-please, show me, take off your pants.”