The nylon felt smooth and soft in his hand, but Eric still couldn’t decide whether he should get the white or pink ones. He really wanted to surprise Jack, because he had a real weakness for a cock in tight nylon, and just thinking about having Jack run his hands over the front of his “pretties” caused Eric’s penis to thicken! Dropping the white panties back into the display case, Eric kept the pink ones and headed off to the sales desk.

When he arrived at the apartment, his nostrils were filled with the aroma of supper cooking on the stove, and when he entered the kitchen, he found Jack hard at work trying to coordinate the various dishes he was preparing. “Smells yummy,” Eric said, taking his room mate by surprise! Jack spun around and replied, “Well I thought I’d take a turn a dinner for once, beef stroganoff, fresh green beans, and a German chocolate cake!” “Sounds great,” answered Eric, “I’m starved, let’s eat!” Both men filled their plates and sat down at the dining room table to enjoy their meal and give each other an accounting of how their days went. After Jack had given Eric a blow by blow of his afternoon in the court room, Eric related his day’s adventures, leaving out his stop at the lingerie shop. After doing up the dishes, they both settled down on the couch to watch a little television, occasionally kissing an cuddling as young lovers do. After a particularly long passionate kiss, Eric whispered hotly into Jack’s ear, “I made a stop at Georgia’s on the way home from work, do you wanna see what I bought!?!” His cock already hard from the half hour of foreplay, Jack could barely croak a reply, but it was obvious that he was dying to see what Eric had purchased for him! Standing up in front of his lover, Eric thrust his pelvis forward and said softly, “Take them off for me, hon,” so with trembling fingers, Jack hurriedly unbuckled Eric’s belt, and then proceeded to slide down his zipper, finally tugging at the trousers until they slipped to the floor. What was left staring him in the face, was Eric’s hard penis encased in a pair of frilly lace pink panties! Jack groaned out loud and let his hands roam all over the front of Eric’s panty encase crotch, paying special attention to the seven inch piece of gristle that was trying to poke free from the flimsy nylon! “You like,” asked Eric mischievously!?! “Oh my god,” Jack moaned, “you always know just what I like!” “Rub your face on it,” ordered Eric, “feel my pecker with your cheeks!” “Mmmmmmmm, yes,” hummed Jack, while he slid his face all over the front of Eric’s panties! A large wet spot had appeared where Eric’s cock head ended, and Jack used his tongue on that, savoring the taste of the precious precum.