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Summer Lovers

Looking back to the summer I was eighteen I realize I was immature in many ways. For one thing, most kids my age had graduated from high school, but I still had a year to go. I missed most of fifth grade recovering from an auto accident and had to repeat it. It set me back socially as well. I was shy and still felt like an awkward adolescent. As far as sex goes, I would say that at that point I was omnisexual. Everything in the whole damn world turned me on! Girls with cute figures, guys with cute figures – a dog with a nice ass might make me hot. You get the picture. Now, what was I doing about any of this? Only what every lonely teenage boy does to release the pressure and keep the sheets dry. That is, until what I thought was a terrible idea turned out to be the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. “Mom! You can’t be serious,” I wailed. “You want me to spend the summer with my grandparents. What’s the matter? Couldn’t you find a jail that would take me?”

“Zack, don’t be so dramatic. You know your grandparents adore you and spoil you rotten. And they live on the beach in Southern California, for heaven’s sake! Most kids would die for a chance like that.”

In my heart I knew Mom had a point, but I bitched for awhile anyway. The truth was that ever since my Dad died in that car wreck when I was ten, I hated to be away from Mom and my two older sisters. I never quite got over thinking I could find myself alone in the world at any minute. But Mom and my sisters were working all summer and I’d be on my own most of the time. So I finally quit complaining and got used to the idea of spending the summer getting a tan and eating my Grandma’s wonderful cooking.

When I got to SoCal I discovered that Grandpa had arranged for me to have a job helping out at the lifeguard station near their home. Grandpa was a great believer in hard work and he found it easy to get me hired when he proudly showed off the pictures of all my swim team ribbons. So after a couple days of stuffing myself in Grandma’s kitchen and lusting after everything that moved on the streets of the small beach town, I went to work.

Grandpa had told me to report to a “nice young man named Quinn.” When I asked for him one of the guys shouted his name and around the corner came the hunkiest guy I had ever seen in my life. Talk about your tanned California gods! He was over six feet tall with the firm body of somebody who exercises daily, but isn’t so bulked that he looks like The Hulk. He was blond, of course, with those streaks the sun brings out, but instead of the expected blue eyes, his were bright green. When he saw me, he flashed a smile that made me feel really funny inside. Funny like when I looked at the pictures in a porn magazine. “You must be Zack,” he said, putting out his hand for me to shake. His hand was big and warm in mine. “Your Granddad described you very well.”

“Uh, what did he tell you?” I managed to ask. For some reason my throat was tight and my voice almost wouldn’t come out.

“He said you were the handsomest young man on the planet, not to mention the smartest and the hardest working – and, of course, the best swimmer.” One of the guys who was standing around said, “And you recognized him from that?”

Quinn laughed. It was a deep, warm laugh that kind of made me melt inside. “Well, it helped that he showed me a picture of him.” He grinned at me again. I probably would have stood there all day, as long as I could look at Quinn, but he immediately started giving me information about my duties. There was plenty to do and I was relieved to get to it. Before I started, though, Quinn said, “We usually have a bonfire on the beach at night, just for the crew to get better acquainted. I hope you’ll join us.”

I tried to tell myself that I eagerly agreed because I was anxious to make new friends, but, to tell the truth, if Quinn had asked me to join him in cleaning a septic tank I would have been just as eager.

I worked hard all day, but it was really fun. I wore a tank top that had the lifeguard service logo on it, so lots of people smiled at me and talked to me. I’d always felt a little invisible at home, but here I was treated like a somebody. I did my best to concentrate on my assignments, but the thought that I was going to hang out with Quinn that night was always on my mind.

Teens First Time

Everybody has read a story about a first time and they all seem too unbelievable, but mine really happened this way.

I was 19 years old and at the age when my dick was hard all of the time. I had never done anything with a guy at that point in my life and really never thought about it. I was working at a Convenient Store downtown and had to pass downtown to get back home after closing at midnight. The newspaper had recently run a few stories about a section of town behind the only gay bar in town and how there was a road that ran behind the bar where guys would pick other guys up.

The story ran because young guys (under 1 were turning tricks there and a successful lawyer in town had just been arrested for having sex with one. I used to always drive past that part of town and noticed cars driving slowly back there, but never really paid attention to it. However, there was one time where I was driving home late and pulled up beside a car with a sexy, drunk black lady in it and had gone home with her and had a wonderful night of hot sex. Needless to say, I always kept my eye out when I passed through town.

What I learned after several times was that guys would circle the block and look for other guys either coming out of the club, or also circling the block. I started doing this also but was always too nervous to even look at the car that pulled up next to me. On this one particular night, I had a few beers in the store after closing so my courage was up and my inhibitions were down. I circled the block a few times and looked to my left at one of the lights and there was an older gentleman, about 45, that pulled up next to me and was waving at me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just pulled away and circled the blocks a few more times.

I was bravely drinking beers in the car so I was becoming more and more brave so that when the same car and the same guy pulled up next to me one more time, I waved back. He waved for me to follow him so I did.

We pulled into one of the many deserted parking lots downtown and rolled down our windows to talk. It was your normal bull shit chit chat, but at least I was not so nervous that I drove away like I had in the past. He seemed like a nice guy and that made things easier for me. He asked if I wanted to follow him, so I said sure.

Chorus Boys

They were due to open in less than thirty days and still they were several chorus boys short of a full ensemble. Dick Logan, the director of the musical, sat with his assistant and said grimly, “Ross, what are we gonna do, we need at least two more men, where are we gonna find them!?!” “Well, why don’t you ask Mr. Mills if we can just relax the standards on cock size a little bit,” Ross asked hopefully, “I mean does it really make any difference that one cock is a little bigger or smaller that the one next to it!?!” “Ross, what do you take me for,” Dick replied tiredly, “don’t you think I’ve already tried that more than once, in fact yesterday I was begging him to let me use a perfectly fine dancer but since his cock was “only” seven inches long he adamantly refused to even consider him.” “Well,” Ross replied, “we’ve got three more auditions coming in at three this afternoon, I’d say we better say a prayer and cross out fingers.”

At precisely three o’clock the first young man walked onto the stage, and after doing a series of warm up pirouettes, informed Dick and Ross that he was ready to go. Both Dick and Ross looked at one another, and after shrugging their shoulders Dick offered, “What’s your first name, young man!?!” “Uh, Hunt,” he replied a little nervously. “Well, Hunt, would you please hop down here for a moment,” Dick replied, “there’s something we might as well get out of the way first.” The slightly confused young man hopped down off the stage, and after wiping off his face with a towel asked softly, “Yeah, what is it you want to know!?!” “I think you must have heard what our show is about,” asked Ross, “or you wouldn’t have signed up for the audition, am I right!?!” Hunt slowly nodded his head in the affirmative as Ross continued on, “Well, I know this may not seem fair, but our producer insists that all of our chorus boys have eight inch long erections with a minimum diameter of one and a half inches wide.” Hunt stood there impassively while Ross explained the situation, and when he was finished he added, “So, as you can see, even if you’re the greatest dancer in the world if you don’t measure up, you don’t get the job, and one other thing, you will be erect for the entire time you’re on stage so you must have an incredible degree of control over your organ.”

The Uncle

“Clean your plate, Gil,” Uncle Ned admonished his eighteen year old nephew, “we don’t want to waste food, there are starving children all over the world who would give anything for your left overs!” “Yes, Uncle,” Gil dutifully replied, as he scooped up a last bite of mashed potatoes and gravy with a half a slice of rye bread. “That’s a good boy,” he commented, as he cleared away the dinner dishes from the kitchen table, “wash or wipe he asked,” while filling the sink with soapy dishwater!?!” “Uh, wipe,” Gil replied, as he picked up the dish towel while waiting for the first clean dish to be placed in the drip rack. The two of them did the dishes in silence, until when they were about half way through, Uncle Ned nonchalantly mentioned, “I found your magazines when I dusted under your bed today, do you think that those are the type of magazines a boy of your age should be reading!?!” Gil turned a bright shade of red and fumbled to find the proper words to answer his uncle! A bemused smile crept across his face as he watched his nephew twist in the wind, and for the next several minutes he let him stew in his embarrassment until he continued on, “Well, I guess a boy your age would just naturally show an interest in sex, but I’m not to sure that those skin magazines are the best way to go about it.” “Have you ever seen a boy’s erection before,” he asked in all seriousness!?! “No,” he whispered, “I haven’t!” “All done,” he intoned, “as he handed the last glass to Gil for drying, “let’s go into the living room and talk about this a little further!”

The two of them sat down on the sofa and Uncle Ned began by reaching down and picking up one of Gil’s magazines and asking, “Do these pictures excite you,” while flipping through the myriad of pages that displayed naked men?!? Gil couldn’t believe this was happening to him, he was totally mortified that his uncle had found his stash of magazines, but to sit here and have to look at them with him, well it was just too much. He was snapped back to reality when he repeated his question, “Do these pictures excite you!?!” “I don’t know,” he fairly whispered, “I just like looking at them!” “Hmmmmm,” he hummed, “do you get an erection when you see pictures like this one!?!” “Gil stared at the photo of a young man who was lying back on his bed with his legs spread wide apart, which of course offered a perfect view of his young hairy cock! “I’d think a picture like this would give any young man an erection,” he commented, “am I right about that?!?” Gil made an audible gulp and merely nodded his head in the affirmative! “I was sure of it,” he went on, “males are very visual in their sexuality, and a fine young buck like this would give any man an erection, I’d have been shocked if you hadn’t gotten one.” “I want you to do something for me,” he asked seriously, “come over here and stand in front of me!” Gil stood up and took his place in front of his uncle while wondering what he was up to, but in a short few seconds he was about to find out.


Trent shivered a little as he pulled the razor over his chest while removing the last vestige of hair on his smooth tanned nineteen year old body! Stepping back under the shower, he rinsed away the residual soap suds, and after rubbing his hands all over to make sure he hadn’t missed a spot he shut off the water and grabbed large bath towel and dried off! For as long as he remembered he felt like he was different from his playmates, not from his outward appearance, but from the inside. He walked back into the bedroom and opened a lingerie drawer, pulling out a pretty pair of white lace panties which after rubbing them over his face, he slipped on over his smooth lean thighs until they were tugged tightly over his cock and balls. He stared at his reflection in the full length mirror on the back of the door, and after a long sigh escaped his lips, his nipples stiffened in the cool air while his penis turned bone hard and erect.

“Miss Evans, would please get a hold of Mr. Force and have him come to my office please!?!” Becky Howard, Bryce McGreggor’s secretary, picked up the phone and within two minutes had the young man standing in front of her desk as she opined, “The boss wants to see you right away, you can go right in. “Thanks, Becky,” he replied while giving her a wink before going inside to see what Bryce McGreggor wanted, as if he didn’t know. “Hello, my boy,” Bryce said enthusiastically while getting up to shake his hand, “and how are you today!?!” “Uh, I’m fine sir,” Trent Force answered easily, “is there something you wanted to see me about!?!” Now lowering his voice to barely above a whisper Bryce McGreggor asked almost desperately, “D-did you wear them for me, I mean the panties, do you have them on right now!?!” “That would be very naughty of me wouldn’t it,” Trent teased gently, “I mean, panties are what women wear aren’t they, why don’t you have Becky come in, I’m sure that she’s wearing panties.” “Oh god,” he gasped, “she doesn’t have a big cock hidden in hers, p-please, show me, take off your pants.”

Young Stud Boy

Martin anxiously waited for the doorbell to ring, as he checked his watch for the third time in the last ten minutes. “Where was that man,” he thought to herself, “I wish for once he’d be on time.” Ten seconds later the apartment air was split by the loud resonance of the bell and Martin quickly buzzed his friend in. Opening the door he listened for the footsteps coming up the carpeted stairs, but oddly, he swore there was more than just Ernie’s steps he was hearing! A second or two later she was proven right, as Ernie and a young man of perhaps twenty or so turned up the last flight to Martin’s apartment. Martin looked at the young visitor and asked Ernie, “Who’s your friend, or is it a secret!?!” Before he answered, Ernie gave Martin’s crotch a squeeze and replied, “I found him down at the bus station and for two hundred dollars he’ll do us both.”

Both Ernie and Andy, the young man’s name, entered the apartment and sat down on the sofa while Martin went to the kitchen for some refreshments. After everyone had their drinks Martin asked Andy, “Do you know why you’re here, son?” Andy took a sip of his drink and answered softly, “To service you and Ernie, sir!” Martin by now had had a chance to give the young stud a going over, and his pecker had begun to erect itself at the prospect of having such a young man sucking his big cock. Martin and Ernie were both single gays in their early sixties who had met several years earlier and now got together once a week for some recreational sex. Once in a great while one of them would find someone else to bring to the party, and today Ernie had scored big. In this game of suck the cock, younger was always better as they had the firm delectable bodies seniors could only dream about.

Private Compartment

“I’m sorry, Mr. Sands,” the conductor explained, “I know you have a reservation for a private berth, but due to over booking all we have left is a compartment for two.” “Your berth mate is a nice young man, so we hope you can see your way clear to accept these alternate accommodations at no cost to you of course.” The train was about to leave the station and Vic Sands was just finding out that his reservation on the Overland Chief from Chicago to Seattle was not being honored because of some stupid bureaucratic bungling!

He had hoped to spend his travel time alone in his room reading and sleeping, but now that would be quite impossible, so with an obvious look of disgust on his face, Vic grudgingly accepted the conductor’s offer and stowed his luggage in his berth and headed off to the observation car for a drink. After several high balls, Vic began to relax and tried to put the incident with the conductor behind him. It wouldn’t do any good to mope about it, and he was saving a bundle of cash on the deal so why not make the best of a bad situation. The drinks had not only calmed him down, but they also had made him quite drowsy, so after rising to his feet on slightly unsteady legs, he made her way back to his berth for an afternoon nap. Sliding open the compartment door, Vic was surprised to find his traveling partner in their room unpacking his suitcase. The conductor had been right, he appeared to be a very nice young man, whom Vic guessed to be about twenty four or five years old. After stepping into the room, he extended his hand and said, “I’m Vic Sands, I guess we’ll be sharing a compartment together!” The younger man accepted Vic’s hand and replied, “My name is Seth Kilmer, I took the upper berth if that’s okay with you, I had the upper bunk back home and I’m used to sleeping up in the air!” “No problem,” replied Vic, “since I have about twenty years on you, I just as soon not have to climb all the way up there.”