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First Job at the Gym

I was working. I’d had a part time job, sure, but nothing full time. Until now. I’d finished A-Levels (it’s a British thing) and without any idea of what to do next I’d opted for a year out. With no money (at least yet) to actually visit other parts of the world I’d found a job in the same village where I lived – the gym.

The village itself was small, but the local area was affluent and there were plenty of people who looked after themselves. It was predominately men who came there, usually in good shape. I can’t say I complained about this at all – it just made the job better. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t ever been with another guy, but they were my age. They were boys, these are men.

I was a hard worker and it didn’t take long for me to be trusted enough to close the place up at night on my own. This allowed me to sleep in late, and start work mid afternoon.

Evening was a time for regulars, the same friendly faces, not so many of the awkward people, though there were always a few. I kept them happy, kept the place clean and tidy. They were a chatty bunch and we all called each other by our first names.

The place closed at 11pm, and at 10:30pm I’d put the closed sign up and set the door so you could only exit before making my rounds. There were never many people left at this time of night, but people hardly ever turned up that late.

It was a Tuesday, I was about to lock the front door when I saw the lights of a car turn into the forecourt. I hesitated, but decided it was probably a bit rude to lock it right that moment. I saw the guy get out the car. I was unable to make him out clearly in the darkness but the streetlights showed his silhouette. This guy was large. I don’t just mean tall, I mean he was quite well built. I shifted quickly back to the front desk as the door opened and he stepped in.

As he stepped in I took a breath. I clearly wasn’t wrong with my initial glance. The guy was tall, six feet and a couple of inches at a guess and quite muscled. Not obscenely muscled, but certainly more than the average person here. What I hadn’t expected was that he was black. Now, I’m not inexperienced and untraveled, but around where I came from everyone was whiter than white. His skin was dark. His hair was black, short, and ever so slightly receding at the sides. He had a days worth of stubble on his face. I can’t say I’m great at ages, but I figured he must have been in his thirties, probably late thirties. Most noticeably he wore a grey suit in which it looked good. Suits were not the usual attire that people arrived in.

He smiled as he approached the reception desk and I could feel my cock throbbing as it got hard. Fuck, I thought to myself, he was really quite sexy. I was thankful to be behind the desk and pushed up closer against it until my shaft pressed up against a shelf under the desk.

“Hello sir,” I said. ‘Sir’? did I just say that aloud?

“Hi,” he said, flashing a friendly grin. He lifted up a hand, showing me his gym ID badge. “I’m sort of new here.”

“Oh, well welcome sir,” I’d said it again! Where was my brain. “Do you need a hand to know where to go?”

“Oh no, I should be good,” he said, shaking his head before he turned off in the direction of the changing rooms. My eyes followed him down the corridor – or more accurately his arse. With all the blood from my brain in my cock I wasn’t sure I could think straight.

When my brain did come back (cock still quite hard though) I dashed to the front door to lock it as I had originally intended to do. I dashed back as one of the regulars passed, not wanting him to see my tented shorts. He headed out, leaving with a wave to me.

I stood there for a few minutes, willing my cock to go down which it did eventually. Finally realising the time I resumed my task of tidying up the place before it closed. Regulars drifted out wishing me good night as they went.

After finishing at the front desk I made my way around the place, clearing the place, picking up discarded towels and similar. It was shortly before 11pm when to the main gym area. I realised my erotic visitor from earlier was the only one left and was on the far side lifting an amount of weights on a bench press which were making him grunt loudly.

Although as I got closer my eyes were easily distracted by his quite tight shorts and what they were hiding. Or in his case not hiding. As I approached him he looked my way.

“Hey,” he said as he spotted me, “Want a go?”

Office Indiscretion

This was meant to be a landmark day for me as it is the start of my exit strategy after 12 months of working away from home to bring the department up to standard. The company had an outsourcing contract with a large government department for the IT functions which meant our staff worked onsite under fairly strict security rules. Five interviews today for the two positions as supervisors in the IT Department luckily I was only present to help out Amanda a HR consultant and James who would be taking over my role as department head as soon as his security clearance comes through.

James was about thirty-five average height and build but kept fit going to the gym and playing squash. Amanda was in her early forties and a mother of two, but had a nice curvy figure and a pretty face with striking red hair.

The interviewees were all current employees and I had got to know them quite well over the last year two of them, Emma and Joanne, more intimately in the past week. I had already made my recommendations for the roles but to ensure fair play Amanda and James had not been allowed to see them until all the interviews have been completed and their assessment made.

Emma, Joanne and I had enjoyed each other the previous Friday after a few drinks and light hearted trial interviews. This was a well kept secret as both of the girls were my choices for the roles and Emma had already been accused by another candidate of using her obvious charms to her advantage.

The interviews were to be held in a conference room in the hotel I stay in during the working week as the security rules at the site prevented casual visitors. James was already in the room as he lived locally but we were waiting for Amanda to arrive from London. We had discussed the interviews briefly and he had decided to lead the proceedings and surprisingly wanted to change the running order to allow one particular candidate Rashid to be interviewed first. Although this was not normal all the other candidates were unconcerned. James then asked if we could interview Rashid before Amanda arrived this seemed strange and I said would appear like us preferring Rashid above the others. Before this could turn into a heated discussion Amanda arrived dragging a large suitcase behind her. “That’s a lot of luggage for one night” I said, Amanda replied that the company were negotiating a merger with a smaller company close by and she would be spending the rest of the week in the hotel.

Amanda frowned at the change of running order as she had already prepared her paperwork on the train up from London however she said she would be ready to start after a quick coffee. Rashid’s interview started poorly as he seemed surprised by Amanda’s presence and became nervous when she asked questions about his experience and previous qualifications. However he seemed to relax when questioned by James and his answers were confident almost as though they were rehearsed. As the interview came to an end I received a call on my mobile from the security branch at the office. They needed me to attend site immediately as they had a possible breach of security involving a member of my staff.

Australian Lifeguard Lover

I was lying on a beach in Australia, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly a lifeguard rushed past me. Even in those brief few seconds that he was in view I couldn’t help but notice that he was incredibly hot.

I turned around to see what had got him in such a hurry and saw him ticking off someone that had trespassed where they should not have. What I saw was an incredibly shapely, full masculine ass underneath that sexy red swimsuit that he wore. Fortunately his swimsuit was not too tight so the material followed the natural curves of his man melons instead of cutting across them. He had a pair of mighty fine legs that were covered in long, silky blondish brown hair.

Having delivered his lecture he turned around and started making his way back to his post. I stole a quick glance and noticed a deliciously full package nestled between his thighs. A trail of dark brown hair led out of his swimsuit and disappeared under the cropped vest that he wore. He had powerful shoulders and a well developed chest and washboard flat stomach. He was just one of the hottest men I had ever seen.

So imagine my surprise when he stopped near me.

‘Sorry about that. I hope I didn’t kick sand in your face as I went by.’ he said.

I was dumb struck and couldn’t think of anything to say so I just smiled at him.

‘It’s a beautiful day for it, isn’t it?’ he said.

A beautiful day for what I wondered. I knew what I would like it to a beautiful day for – covering his sexy body in hungry kisses. But I figured there was no chance of that.

‘It’s a pity you have to work.’ I said.

‘I’ve just finished my shift.’ he replied as he sat down on my towel uninvited, not that I minded.

He was quite easy to talk to but I was extremely self conscious of being naked while he was clothed. Each time he flashed me that brilliant white toothed smile of his I felt my lust rise higher. My heart seemed to be beating faster than normal and I felt my throat and tongue go dry. It had been a long time since I felt so turned on. And then when he slipped a hand up his vest and idly brushed it against his left nipple my cock rose of his own accord.

Overtime Lovers

I had grown tired of the project. I sat at work; outside it was dark already.

“See you tomorrow Gary.” Said Jim, as he opened and closed my office door.

“See you Jim.” I shouted after him.

My eyes were stinging from the computer screen, and I rubbed my eyes. My girlfriend was at home waiting for me, but I’d already told her I’d be late home. The office door opened.

“Still here huh?” Said Martin, as he sat on the edge of my desk. Martin was my colleague from the next office.

I leaned back in my chair. “Unfortunately. You going home?”

He shook his head. “No, still got things to do. Just taking a break.”

“I think I might go get a coffee.”

Martin walked behind me and started massaging my shoulders.

“Martin, what are you doing?”

“Oh, you need to relax, you’re all tense.”

“Erm, Martin, I think I’ll get my girlfriend to sort that out, thanks.”

Then Martin slid his hands down my chest. “Don’t be so silly Gary.” He said, as he started nibbling on my neck. He slid his hand down to my crotch and started massaging it.

“AH! Seriously Martin, I’m not like that. Stop.” I complained.