Sean rubbed his sleepy blurry eyes and tried to focus on the alarm clock on the nightstand. 6:25 AM, five minutes until the alarm went off. He usually hated waking up before the alarm, but this morning he had a raging hard on that demanded his immediate attention. At 18 years old, his cock demanded attention just about all the time, but sometimes were more urgent than others. He had to piss like a race horse, and that was only making him harder. He threw back the sheet and blanket, shed his boxers and grabbed hold of his pulsing rock hard cock, squeezing it and rubbing it. He briefly entertained the idea of grabbing the hand lotion out of the bathroom and making it a real event, but there wasn’t time, he had a bus to catch.

It had been a cold night and his skin was dry, so he was able to rub his hand up the entire length smoothly, even without lube. He rubbed his thumb in small circles around the head, coaxing a shiny drop of precum out of the tip. He squeezed his fist around the shaft and slowly stroked from the base to the tip, forcing more precum out until it started to slowly run down the head. The more he stroked, the more precum oozed from the tip, finally he had enough to coat his thumb and forefinger and lube up the head. Sometimes it seemed as though his cock was connected to an undrainable resevoir of precum. On more than one occasion merely fantasizing had produced enough of it that he had to change his pants.

Sean’s mind formed the dirtiest images he could conjure as stroked the entire five and half inch length of his pulsing shaft. He imagined Trisha Mcintyre, the blond chick that sat next to him in his senior english class in high school. He had never spoken to her in reality, but they had been fuck buddies in his mind since freshman year. “Oh Sean, I need your big hard cock” he imagined her saying, as she rubbed her big beautiful breasts through her uniform blouse. He could see her huge nipples straining against the thin fabric of her now see through top. She was such a slut in his head. She sprang from her desk and ripped open her blouse before falling to her knees in front of him. He just leaned back and let her pull open his pants, releasing his hardening cock. She stuffed his prick into her beautiful thick lipped mouth, twirling her tongue around the head, using her hands to stroke the shaft and massage his aching balls. He could only imagine poking into her puckered pink ass, using only her spit and his precum as lube. He squeezed his hand tight, then slowly pushed his oozing cock into it to simulate what he thought it would feel like to fuck Trisha’s perfect teenage ass. It was already the spring semester of his first year at community college and he was still fantasizing about Trisha from high school. But then, she did have the tightest ass in his mental world of fuck buddies.

Seans hips bucked, pumping his cock into his hand and he was getting close to cumming. He felt that pleasant urgent ache forming deep inside his groin, at the base of his cock and in his balls. He moved his free hand down to his clenched sack and started to gently massage the two fleshy orbs. Without missing a stroke he playfully rubbed each ball against the other in the sack, at the same time pulling them away from his slender body to prolong the moment. “Come on baby, fuck me harder!” Trisha silently yelled in near desperation, “I want your cum baby, cum in my mouth!” Trisha was such a dirty whore, she even went ass to mouth.

Sean was just getting into his steady “let’s see if I can hit the ceiling” rhythm, when the bedroom door started to open. In a blur of frantic movement, he dropped his oozing, almost cumming cock and pulled the sheet back over his naked lower half. When his mother poked her head into his room, he acted as though he was just turning over, and hoped he had been quick enough.

“Don’t you have to get up?” she asked, putting an earring on and casting her disapproving gaze over the perpetual mess that was his room.

“I’m getting up, how come you’re still here?” he asked through a forced yawn trying to sound groggy as his heart pounded in his chest. He fought to control his breathing, trying to conceal all the telltale signs of the explosion that had been contained. He didn’t let the slightest hint of his true irritation leak into the question. Both of his parents were usually gone well before he got up. He was glad he hadn’t gone roaming through the house in just his t-shirt as he normally did.

“I have to pick up specs at plant 28, so I’m taking my time, they won’t know any different” she said still fidgeting with the earring as she turned and walked away, “I want that room cleaned Sean, it’s disgusting,” she added, as usual.

Sean had no idea where plant 28 was, or why it made it okay for his mother to be late. The only thing he knew was that his dick had shriveled to a cocktail weiner and had left a sizeable deposit of precum on his thigh and sheet. He squirmed back into his boxers and headed to the bathroom just as his alarm went off, Trisha would have to wait until later to get that creamy dessert she had begged for. The dirty slut.

Sean hadn’t realized how cold he was until he got into the shower and let the hot water warm him up. He quickly soaped up his skinny body. If hair was an inch and a half thick, then he was just a hair under six feet tall. He weighed all of 140 pounds, soaking wet. He ate voraciously, like a shark someone had pointed out at some point, but still didn’t gain more than a pound only to find that he had lost it the next time he weighed himself. His eyes, despite stories that they were blue when he was born, were dark brown, just like his hair, which really stood out on his almost pale white skin. Still, he was quite proud of the thin streak of hair that had developed in the center of his chest over the last few months. There still wasn’t much to shave off his face, he could maybe grow a fumanchu type thing, maybe even a small goatee. His hopes for a bigger cock were quickly fading, it hadn’t budged even an eighth of an inch since he was 14. Five and half inches exactly, he blamed his parents decision to circumsize him for that. It probably removed all the extra skin he needed to grow. All he asked for in life was to have a few beautiful women to service him sexually at the same time, to be over six feet tall, and to have a ten inch dick.

As he soaped up his crotch he naturally tried to pick up where he had been forced to leave off earlier. His cock had sprung back to life the moment he touched it and he started pumping at it using the soap as lube. It always took him forever to cum in the shower and he had given up on any elaborate fantasy of Trisha and her fantastic ass or mouth. Now he was just focusing on the end result, cum. He rubbed, twisted, jerked and pounded on his dick, trying to squeeze out that nut that seemed lodged somewhere in his crotch. After a while, he finally gave up, he had been in the shower a lot longer than he had time for, and afterall, he had a bus to catch.

He did a quick pat down with the towel and combed his still damp hair with his hands. “Shit” he muttered, it was already 7:05 and his mother was gone, no chance for a ride to the bus stop. If he left right now and ran the entire way, he might be 5 minutes late. From one of the piles of clothes on the floor he picked up his black t-shirt with the big Klingon symbol, his well worn blue jeans and gave them both a sniff before deciding they were perfectly clean. There wasn’t time to go hunting for undewear or socks, he threw on his vans and headed out, slinging his practically empty bookbag over his shoulder. At least going to college had let him travel light.

As he made his way up his street and down the few blocks towards the bus stop, as the cold morning air made it’s way into his bones and he really regretted not grabbing a jacket. It was freezing out. As he half walked half ran, he could see his breath puffing from his mouth. By the time he reached the halfway point he started to jog more to keep warm than to make the bus. Usually, the other guy that rode the bus with him would join him about now, but he was nowhere to be seen. For some reason it would have made him feel better if that guy had been running late too. Misery loves company he thought to himself. Sean once noticed him reading a Star Trek book while waiting for the bus. He had been tempted to strike up a conversation with him a few times after that but hadn’t. The cold was making Sean’s feet cramp up, and he just resigned himself to being late and walked the last two blocks. When he got to the bus stop he saw his travelling companion still sitting on the bench. All that exertion for nothing, the bus was late.

Normally Sean would just lean up against the brick retaining wall behind the bench but it was cold, and he was freezing, and without underwear, there was very little to keep his ass from getting frozen. So he plopped down on the opposite side of the concrete bench. He thought maybe the other guys body heat might have warmed it slightly compared to the retaining wall. No such luck, his ass was almost instantly frozen numb.

Sean could feel the other guy staring at him, and his peripheral vision confirmed it. “What the hell?,” he thought, the guy wasn’t just glancing or giving him a quick up down, it was a serious, way too long, uncomfortable stare, meant to get his attention. Finally, he turned towards him and actually looked at the guy up close for the first time. He looked like his mother dressed him. He was wearing a thick green jacket, a white button down collared shirt, dark blue dress pants and dress shoes. Maybe he went straight to work after his classes, who cared, all Sean knew was that he was freezing. Where the hell was that bus anyway, and what the hell was this guy staring at?

“Hi, I’m Eric” the said. He was a little shorter than Sean, with short dirty blond hair and hazel eyes but about the same build. He had a nerdy look to him, probably because of the thick framed glasses he wore and the outcropping of pimples on his forehead.

“Sean, what’s up?” he said by way of a response, not the temperature that was for sure. It was a second before he noticed Eric had extended his hand. Sean took hold of Erics hand gave it a quick shake and let go sooner than he would have liked. That hand was warm!

“I guess everyone is running late this morning,” Eric said with a slight chuckle and a nod to the empty space that should have been occupied by a bus.

“No shit huh,” Sean replied, and shivered. He wanted to keep the conversation going but couldn’t think of anything to say. It was too damn cold, although talking seemed to make him feel slightly less frozen.

“So, are you a fan?” Eric asked with a nod towards Sean’s klingon t-shirt.

“Yeah, well, of the original series, next generation doesn’t really do it for me,” Sean replied as another shiver ran through his body. Star Trek was normally a favorite topic of his, he knew more about that made-up universe than he did about anything in the real world. Unfortunately his ass becoming numb was sucking all the enjoyment out of the conversation. Who makes a concrete bench anyway, seriously? It was like sitting on ice.

“I know what you mean, all they seem to do is talk and make friends, it’s so boring,” Eric said with obvious enthusiasm. As another shiver ran through Sean’s nearly frozen body, Eric took notice. “Aren’t you cold?” he asked.

“I’m fucking freezing dude,” Sean replied, allowing a little irritation to creep into his voice. If this guy was going to ask dumb questions he would have to bring the conversation to a quick close. Sean watched as Eric removed his jacket, and placed it over himself like a blanket, holding one side up and offering it to him. Now, normally he would have considered this an extreme breach of practically stranger etiquette, and refused the offer. But it was freezing out, if his painfully frozen ass was any indication, this was clearly a matter of survival. He slid over and sat, thigh touching thigh, with Eric. What his body gained in warmth from Eric’s jacket, his ass lost as it took up a new position on the icy concrete bench.

“Thanks dude,” Sean said, and he truly was grateful.

“Don’t you have a jacket?” Eric asked sounding concerned, the way old people sound when they ask a small child where their parents are.

“Yeah, I just spent too much time jerking off in the shower,” Sean replied honestly, and immediately regreted it. Oh well, he thought, it was already out there, besides he didn’t want this guy to think he was a refugee or anything.

“Well, at least you did it for a good cause” Eric said with a little chuckle.

“It would have been for a good cause, if I had finished,” Sean said as another tremor ran through him. Once again, he felt he had volunteered too much information, but this guy seemed okay with it.

“Oh I see,” Eric said gravely, “I’m so sorry, I’ll understand if you have to step away and take care of that,” he said, as though they were discussing a very serious medical condition.

“Thanks, I figured I’d wait until I was on the bus,” Sean said.

“That’s probably best, less witnesses and all…” Eric said, still keeping with the serious theme.

Just then the bus rounded the corner and stopped about two car lengths away from the bench. That usually meant the driver needed to go take a piss at the gas station across the street and didn’t want anyone getting on. Normally, Sean waited for the driver to come back before trying to board, but it was too damn cold to wait outside any longer. Eric followed close by as Sean walked fast enough to be sure he would be at the door when the driver tried to exit. They reached the door just as the driver was limping his fat frame down the steps to get out.

“I’ll be right back” the driver said brusquely with a nod of the head, apparently indicating they should step off, but the two young men were not moving out of the way.

“We’ll be here,” Eric said matter of factly as he deftly slid around the drivers bulk and deposited his eighty cents in the machine. Sean followed suite and both headed towards the back of the heated bus. The driver was clearly annoyed but left them inside as he waddled across the street. Sean took a seat in the next to last row just before the giant bench that extended across the back of the bus. Eric stood waiting in the aisle and it took Sean a moment to register that he was going to sit next to him.

“If you’re going to jerk off, you’ll need someone to cover you from the aisle,” Eric said sounding completely serious.

“Thanks man, I’ll try not to hit you with anything,” Sean said with a snort and a chuckle. All this talk of jerking off was starting to get to him and he felt himself thicken up a little. Not a full blown hard on, but a far cry from acorn he had become in the cold. He propped one leg up on the back of seat in front of him to cover up his growing member.

“Alright man, coast’s clear, go to it…” Erik said, apparently he was one of those guy’s that would ride a joke horse right into the ground.

“Okay dude, keep me covered,” Sean said and reached his hands towards his zipper as though he were actually going to whip it out.

“Go for it, on three…” Eric said with a wide mischievous grin, looking around as though he were actually keeping watch.

“Okay, here goes, one…” Sean said dramatically, he was trying to think up something funny to do when he got to three. “Twooo…” he continued slowly, drawing out the moment, still racking his brain for something to do on three.

“Three…” Eric finished for him, and very casually reached his right hand over and began to rub Sean’s crotch.

Sean’s head began to spin a little, and he could hear the blood rushing in his ringing ears, he could feel heat coming off his entire body. He was frozen in disbelief. He had met this guy no more than ten minutes ago and now his hand was where no man (or woman for that matter) had gone before. He opened his eyes slowly and saw and felt Eric still massaging his crotch. He was terrified and thrilled at the same time. In all his eighteen years no one had touched him there, other than himself. He was surprised that he wasn’t jumping out of his seat, punching Eric in the head or doing anything to protest what was happening. He couldn’t deny that it felt good, and he was rock hard. Eric had found his shaft and was rubbing and kneading at through the fabric of his jeans.

Sean finally looked over towards his new friend, and they were definitely friends he decided. Eric gave him a grin and then looked out towards the gas station where the bus driver had gone. The bus rocked a little as the bulbous driver got back on and started to drive away from the curb. Sean had stiffened when the driver got back on but he didn’t try to stop what was being done to him.

“He can’t see us, do you want me to stop?” Eric asked as he kept up his massaging and rubbing.

“N-no…” Sean stuttered, enthralled by the attention being paid to his dick. His cock was now as hard as steel and he felt it’s every throb through his entire body. His heartbeat pounded in his ears and his cock twitched with each beat. Erics hand moved over his entire length, kneading and adjusting all the time, making as much contact with Sean’s cock as possible.

“Can you pull it out? I want to feel it…” Eric said, not so much a request as it was a direction. Without hesitating, Sean reached down and unzipped his fly, lifting himself slightly off the seat so he could straighten up and pry his dick out from his pant leg. Eric reached over and took hold of the shaft as Sean kept a watchful eye on the bus driver. Sean looked down and watched Eric begin to slowly jerk him off. He already felt the tingling beginning as his balls started to rise and he got closer and closer to cumming. Eric had gotten into a nice steady rythym, not too fast, just right, and Sean knew he wouldn’t last long.

“Tell me when you’re gonna cum” Eric said quietly, never taking his eyes off the work at hand. Sean gave him a worried look but Eric just shot him a small smile and kept steadily pumping his cock. “Don’t worry, he can’t see anything other than our heads.” Eric assured Sean and gave his cock an added squeeze. “Just tell me when you’re going to cum.” Sean nodded, closed his eyes and leaned his head back, enjoying every one of Eric’s firm strokes. It wouldn’t be long before he came, it was all so new and that made it that much more intense. Eric could probably sense that and was beating him off even faster now. A moist snapping sound was emanating from Eric’s quickly pumping fist from all the precum pouring out of Sean’s cock. His balls were already drawn up tight to his body from the cold, but he felt them tighten even more as his orgasm approached.

“I’m gonna shoot dude…” Sean said as quietly and steadily as he could.

“Yeah?, now?” Eric said still keeping up the fast steady stroking he knew would make Sean cum.

“Yeah, right now” Sean said a little more urgently.

“Cool,” Eric said and without missing a beat, removed his glasses with his free hand, leaned over and engulfed the head of Sean’s cock in his mouth. His hand was still stroking as though he was now trying to milk the cum out of Sean. A grunt was the final warning before the cum started squirting into his mouth. It coated his darting tongue and he swallowed repeatedly as spurt after spurt of Sean’s hot cum erupted into his waiting and willing mouth. He counted at least seven strong squirts and then, a final eighth squirt. Eric never lost a drop, swallowing the entire load and still working over the head with his tongue.

Sean hadn’t seen it of course, but he was sure he had never cum so much in his entire life. “I’m done dude,” he said trying to keep his voice steady. He had finished cumming but Eric still didn’t pull away. He had stopped stroking and now pushed the entire length into his hot cum coated mouth. Eric’s tongue massaged the shaft and he swallowed the head into his throat. Sean’s whole body jerked as the swallowing action kneaded the head of his sensitive cock. He was speechless, it felt so good but now that he had cum, he was terrified that they would be caught, or that someone driving by had seen. What if it was someone that knew him, someone that would tell other people, his parents. He wanted it to be over with already, wanted to get up and be along to think about what had happened. But that mouth felt so good still working over his now semi-hard cock. Finally, mercifully, Eric pulled off and gently stroked Sean’s cock in hand.

“Like it?” Eric asked.

“Yeah…” was all Sean could muster by way of response. That had been by far better than any orgasm he had ever inflicted on himself. To say that he liked it was tantamount to saying the Dalai Lama thought the Buddha was an “okay guy”. But that was nothing compared to what awaited him on the ride back.