Scott was so excited, he had just gotten his first apartment. He didn’t really have any special plans or anything, so he called his best friend Matt to come over. Matt brought some smoke, and a 12 pack of beer. They had been best friends for many many years, and they were very comfortable and relaxed around each other.

They were both very buzzed quickly, and as they sat watching TV, and talking Scott suggested they watch a new porno tape he had just purchased. Matt giggled, and agreed that it would be fun so they put the movie in the VCR, and sat quietly drinking while the movie started.

It was basically a 2 and 1/2 hour collection of blow jobs and cum shots, so the action began right away. As Scott watched the first suck scene, it began to turn him on. His cock began to grow, and it bulged out very noticeably against his tight gym shorts. He felt very nervous and uncomfortable about it, but as his eyes wandered, he noticed that Matt also had a raging hardon which looked as if it were ripping the seams out of his shorts. Matt’s eyes met Scott’s, and he quickly looked down at Scott’s crotch. “Looks like we have a problem,” he said laughing loudly. Scott wanted to jack him self off so badly, but didn’t know how Matt would react. Matt broke the ice finally, by stroking himself through his shorts. His hand moved up and down his stiff cock as it pressed tightly against his shorts.

Scott felt braver now, and decided to go a step further than Matt. Scott stood from the couch, and lowered and removed his shorts. His 7 and 1/2 inch cock sprang forth slapping loudly against his belly. Matt looked at Scott’s stiff cock and stared at it intently. Scott began to stroke himself, moving his fist up and down his cock. His cock throbbed and pulsated wildly as his hand moved up and down the thick shaft. Matt quickly stripped, and his cock was larger than Scott’s. Scott’s eyes opened widely as he caught his first sight of his friends massive erection. It was a bit over 9 inches long and very thick.

There wasn’t much hair around his cock, and his large balls looked hairless. Scott had never thought about his friend in a sexual manner before, but he suddenly felt a desire to suck his friend’s impressive boner. Matt sat down next to Scott on the couch, and began to stroke himself. The 2 men sat next to one another frantically masturbating themselves. Their eyes remained glued on each other’s stiff cocks. Scott pressed his thigh against Matt’s and softly slid his leg back and forth. The skin contact really turned both of them on. Matt’s large cock began oozing precum, and he quickly wiped it away with his fingers.

Scott’s hand softly rested on Matt’s thigh. Matt made no movement, and remained silent. Scott froze, not knowing exactly how far he should go. He didn’t want to ruin a friendship, but he really wanted to explore his best friend’s monstrous cock. Matt maneuvered himself where his cockhead brushed against Scott’s hand. This was all the encouragement that Scott needed. He immediately took Matt’s enormous cock into his hand and began to stroke him. He had never felt another man’s cock before, and it felt quite hot and smooth. His own cock pulsated wildly as he began to stroke Matt’s cock. He cupped the large head in his hand and began to squeeze it. His other hand moved towards the thick base of Matt’s cock.

With both hands he began to stroke and squeeze Matt’s wonderfully huge cock. Matt softly moaned as Scott’s hand expertly massaged his pulsating cock. Matt’s hand quickly gripped Scott’s cock, and they sat side by side playing with each other. Scott was excitedly pumping his friend’s cock with both hands, admiring the enormous swollen cockhead. Matt’s precum oozed in a great amount, and Scott felt it on his finger. He quickly brought his finger towards his mouth, and licked the clear fluid. “Mmmmm, he moaned, tasting the sweet fluid. He knew he had to suck Matt’s cock, so he moved to the floor, and knelt between Matt’s widely spread legs.

He thrust his tongue out, and licked at the enormous cockhead. Matt softly moaned, and thrust against Scott’s mouth. Scott felt the hot throbbing erection slide into his wet mouth. Each time it throbbed, it felt so incredible in his mouth. He moved his mouth up and down the thick shaft trying to swallow as much of his friend’s massive member as possible. He began to really suck and lick at the pulsating head. Matt began to shake, and he thrust even harder into Scott’s mouth. “Oh God, yes” Matt moaned. His cock throbbed wildly, and Scott felt the first blast of hot cum as it shot into his mouth.

The taste was quite pleasant, and sweet. Scott quickly swallowed the sticky cream, and began to move his mouth up and down even faster and harder, while his hand slid up and down his friends thick shaft. The sweet sticky cum continued to squirt wildly from Matt’s magnificent cock. Scott was savoring each precious drop as it splashed against the roof of his mouth. “Oh God, that was so good” Matt moaned. Scott didn’t want to stop sucking his friend. He realized that from this moment on, he would definitely need a big thick cock on a regular basis. He still liked girls, sure, but this was something that he definitely desired.

Matt’s cock began to slowly soften in his mouth, so Scott allowed it to fall from between his lips. Matt just moaned, and rubbed Scott’s hair. Scott’s cock was dripping with cum, he had semi climaxed as he sucked Matt, and his cock needed desperate relief. Scott was furiously stroking himself, and Matt quietly slid between his legs. Matt devoured Scott’s cock ,and quickly took him all the way into his throat. Scott grunted, and his cum erupted wildly. He came harder than he had ever cum before.

His cum squirted into Matt’s throat, and Matt eagerly swallowed his juices. Matt looked up at his friend’s face watching him as he climaxed. He sucked Scott until he drained the remaining cum from his pretty cock. He than spit the cock from his mouth. They drank a few more beers, and lit up another joint. As their buzzes peaked, their cocks woke up again. Matt led Scott towards the bedroom, and they laid side by side, facing each other’s stiff cocks. They 69’d passionately, hungrily devouring each other’s raging hard ons. They climaxed at the same time, each swallowing all of the other’s hot cum. Matt spent the night, and they sucked each other 3 more times before daylight.

After breakfast, Scott got into the shower. Matt quickly joined him. Matt soaped up his hand and began to stroke Scott’s cock to a full erection. As Scott’s hand slid between Matt’s legs, he felt Matt’s fully erect member. They masturbated one another to a hot climax, cumming all over each other. They rubbed each other’s cum on one another’s cocks. They then rinsed, and both dressed. Matt had to leave, and Scott felt so sad. He really wanted to spend the day doing some more sucking. Matt promised he would come back soon. Scott watched his friend drive away. His cock was so hard, and he craved some hot cum. He decided he could go out and look for someone to suck.