Blake stepped into the empty elevator, pushed the button for the seventeenth floor, and waited for the car to begin its ascent. Just as the doors were beginning to close a hand shot between the doors and a thirty something man slipped on board, pressed the button for her floor and turned to face Blake, giving the twenty three year old a quick once over. The man was dressed in a dark blue business suit and would have been considered handsome, except for the fact that he had a large scar on his face! After several seconds of silence the man, while looking directly into Blake’s eyes asked, “You’re a fag aren’t you, I can smell you a mile away!?!” Blake turned a bright shade of red, and while averting his eyes replied softly, “Yes, yes I am!” The man made a snorting sound and shot back, “You little bitches are all alike, just waiting to be picked up and fucked!” Hearing the crude talk from this total stranger caused an immediate reaction in Blake as his pecker turned into a piece of hot blue steel. The elevator came to a stop, and as the doors slid open smoothly and the stranger announced, “This is my floor, come with me,” as he took Blake by the arm and led him down the corridor to the men’s rest room.

Once inside, he pushed Blake into a vacant stall, closed the door, and said, “Okay you little slut, suck on this,” after pulling out one of the biggest cocks he had ever seen in his life. Sitting on the toilet put the big dick right at face level so it didn’t take much effort at all to open wide and let the big hammer slip into his now very hungry mouth. “You suck good for a bitch,” the stranger spat while Blake slurped and licked the beautiful erection for all he was worth. As long as he could remember Blake knew that he liked boys better than girls, and while he had fantasized about having a truly huge erection to play with, he was stunned at how quickly the events of the past few moments had given him the opportunity to fulfill his dream. The big stud leaned against the stall to maintain his balance and just as he was getting into it, Blake could feel the big prick tense up slightly, warning him that a cum explosion was about to occur.

While jerking the shaft wildly, Blake sucked and nursed at the velvety head until it convulsed hard in his mouth, erupting in a truly brutal orgasm. “Y-you’re a cocksucking whore,” he gasped softly while allowing Blake to clean up his cock with his tongue, “that’s a good little slut, clean up that pecker and get ready to get fucked in your tight little ass.” Blake actually shivered at the prospect of being taken by such a huge erection, but he offered no resistance when the powerfully built man pulled him to his feet and kissed him full on the lips before whispering, “Okay, pussy, drop your pants and spread’em, Dan’s gonna fuck your hot little bitch ass. “Mmmm,” he thought, “his name is Dan, I like that,” while he stepped out of his pants and shorts, exposing his genitals to Dan’s critical eye. “Good fucking god in heaven,” he spat, “just look at that pitiful excuse for a dick, I’ve been fucked by fingers bigger than that, you’re so useless the only thing you’re good for is getting fucked in the ass.”

Blake put both hands up against the back wall of the stall, and with his legs spread wide apart allowed the big cocked stud to have his way with him. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh that hurts so good,” Blake moaned as the freight train like pecker impaled his ass, “y-you’re fucking tearing me apart.” “D-do you want me to stop,” Dan panted while pounding his cock in and out of the younger man’s smooth butt, “you don’t act like you want me to stop!?!” “N-no, please don’t stop, ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy,” he moaned loudly, “I’m almost ready to shoot it.” By this time Blake had dropped one of his hands to his pecker and was masturbating it furiously while Dan use his asshole like his personal fuck toy. It was almost like they’d been fucking for years, because at the very same moment their peckers stiffened, and just like clockwork expelled huge spurts of shooting cum out of the end of their hot peckers.

Dan quickly zipped up his pants, and after giving Blake a couple of hard swats on the ass, commented, “You be here tomorrow at the same time, you got it, you need a lot more fucking to get your mind right!?!” Blake could only smile weakly and nod in the affirmative, he couldn’t wait.