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First Time Gay Oral Slut

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading these hot stories for some time so I figured I should post one myself. This story is true and still turns me on today. I hope it reads well I never wrote a story before.

When I was 20, I was in my third year at college in the City of Boston. One day I decided to check out this piano store near my school. I was talking to an older man who worked there and I could tell was gay. I started to flirt with him and found myself extremely turned on by the thought of acting like such a slut. I have always had an urge to suck some cock but to this point I have only jerked off 2 other men in my whole life.

I asked him if they offered any lessons? He gave me the usually answerer, but I didn’t want to really learn so I asked him if “he offered any private lesson” with a devious smile on my face. He got excited and offered me his email and said to write; and with that he left. I was unsure if he got the hint but I know my cock sure did.

After a few emails with not much going on I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer. So the next email I told him “I would love to CUM over and have to teach me something new.” Again I couldn’t believe how much of a slut I was becoming and moreover, how much I loved it.

To make a long story shorter about a week later I found myself knocking on this strange man’s door waiting for my life to change. He opened the door with a big smile and welcomed me inside. By this point I should tell you this man was about 50 years old. He had a cool townhouse condo in the middle of the city and led me downstairs. We began to talk about this and that and I was really really nervous because he was only the third man I was going to tell my dirty little secretes; that I liked men and more to the point that I liked to please men.

He finally asked me why I was there and I answered “you know why.”

He said “no I don’t tell me.”

So I said “I want to try stuff with men.”

Australian Lifeguard Lover

I was lying on a beach in Australia, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly a lifeguard rushed past me. Even in those brief few seconds that he was in view I couldn’t help but notice that he was incredibly hot.

I turned around to see what had got him in such a hurry and saw him ticking off someone that had trespassed where they should not have. What I saw was an incredibly shapely, full masculine ass underneath that sexy red swimsuit that he wore. Fortunately his swimsuit was not too tight so the material followed the natural curves of his man melons instead of cutting across them. He had a pair of mighty fine legs that were covered in long, silky blondish brown hair.

Having delivered his lecture he turned around and started making his way back to his post. I stole a quick glance and noticed a deliciously full package nestled between his thighs. A trail of dark brown hair led out of his swimsuit and disappeared under the cropped vest that he wore. He had powerful shoulders and a well developed chest and washboard flat stomach. He was just one of the hottest men I had ever seen.

So imagine my surprise when he stopped near me.

‘Sorry about that. I hope I didn’t kick sand in your face as I went by.’ he said.

I was dumb struck and couldn’t think of anything to say so I just smiled at him.

‘It’s a beautiful day for it, isn’t it?’ he said.

A beautiful day for what I wondered. I knew what I would like it to a beautiful day for – covering his sexy body in hungry kisses. But I figured there was no chance of that.

‘It’s a pity you have to work.’ I said.

‘I’ve just finished my shift.’ he replied as he sat down on my towel uninvited, not that I minded.

He was quite easy to talk to but I was extremely self conscious of being naked while he was clothed. Each time he flashed me that brilliant white toothed smile of his I felt my lust rise higher. My heart seemed to be beating faster than normal and I felt my throat and tongue go dry. It had been a long time since I felt so turned on. And then when he slipped a hand up his vest and idly brushed it against his left nipple my cock rose of his own accord.

My First Time

was going to grad school in NYC. I was 27 and had never been with another man or really even considered it. Well actually, there was a time when I came onto a really close friend at home. We were sleeping in the basement of my parent’s house, when he awoke to me kissing him, he freaked and ran out the door! Not a good experience. I had started thinking about it again the last year or so, especially when my long distance girlfriend started cheating on me. She lived in a ski town, where I spent nearly 4 years being a ski bum. We broke up in a messy scenario when I visited the town for the entire winter break between semesters that year only to learn she was seeing someone else a few days prior to my arrival. Man, did that suck! She was by far the best sexual partner I had ever had to that date and we had great sex while I was there anyway, but our relationship was never the same and we were no longer mutually exclusive when I returned to NYC.

The very night I returned to NYC I met a 32 yr old gal, whom I had admired from afar, through a mutual friend, who was also a student. We instantly hit it off and I asked her out. At first she said no because she was too busy to consider a boyfriend. Then one night when I knocked on her door just to say hi, she invited me to dinner and I I won her over. After tons of sake, we had amazing sex that night and she even let me fuck her in the ass. It was a steamy sexual start to a great no strings relationship that lasted several months.

We started dating, albeit it was never to be serious and she always reinforced that it was only sexual. During our lovemaking we would fantasize together about different things. She confided to me that she had bi-curious yearnings and I guardedly shared with her I also had bi-curious feelings. She was the first person I ever told and this was a crucial step in my recognizing that fact and I believe she helped me move toward validating those feelings.

All of a sudden, men started to become attractive to me. In the past, I always thought male bodies were gross, but now I was looking at men and thinking they were cute! And I would actually check out their ass or their package in their jeans! This was huge and so were some of them! It was very exciting, too.

Then it happened. I was partying out with friends that weren’t associated with school and thus I was coming home alone on the subway about 1 am. I was walking up the stairs exiting the subway and ahead of me was a cute, tall guy in a pair of jeans. I immediately like his ass and when I said something to him, something unimportant like, “Hey – how’s it going?”

"Fine," he replied in a flamboyant effeminate sort of way.

I was pretty hammered, so I just said, "Are you bi?"

He was floored, but responded, "Maybe," as he looked me up and down. Then I really noticed he was very cute with blonde hair and a slim build. I walked very close to him doing my best, in an amateur, haphazard kind of way, to give off signals.

When you live in NYC you get hit on all the time by other guys in very subtle ways. A glance at your cock, a seductive smile. It happens quite often, especially in the Village near the more popular Gay Bars. Most hetero guys never even notice simply because they're not looking for it. When you look for it, you find it, and that night we found each other.

We talked a bit of small talk as we walked and it turned out he was an a student at another school that leased space in my same building. We were neighbors. This freaked me out a bit, because I wanted an experience well removed from my hub of life for secrecy issues. But hell be damned, I invited him up to my room to smoke some pot and he said sure. The art school packed 2 and 3 kids into the same rooms that my school used as singles, and believe me they were very small to begin with. So he was psyched I had my own room.

We went into my room and sat on my small couch. I loaded my bong and we both smoked a hit. As he let his hit out I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants. He responded positively and grabbed for mine. I looked deep into his eyes and kissed him. We french kissed and massaged each others groin. He slid off the couch and got between my knees. He undid my belt, slid it out and unzipped my Levis. I was getting so hard. He took off my shoes and slid my pants off. Then my under wear. I had the hardest cock of my life. He complimented me and said I had a beautiful cock. Before I knew it, I was getting a hand job from another guy. A cute guy!

I stood up and brought him over to my bed. I undressed him and almost gasped at the size of his cock. It was huge!! I mean, I couldn't believe how big it was.

I asked him if he liked it in the ass and he said "Sometimes." I told him I was a virgin and that he would have to go easy on me. He was quite a bit younger than me but obviously much more experienced and at ease with his sexuality.

That night was unreal for me. We made out, gave each other blow jobs and had safe anal sex. I was able to fuck him, with a condom, quite vigorously while he was barely able to do me, as it hurt pretty badly due to his unusually large size. When we woke the next morning, side by side, naked, in the bed, I did an immediate guilt check. I felt funny, but my uneasy feelings were more about anyone finding out and implications associated with the possibility of me truly being gay rather than feeling guilty for the experimentation itself. I even felt fine enough to have the urge to reach over and start playing with his glorious cock as I woke him up with kisses on his body. I got him hard and tried to do him one more time in the ass. But he couldn't take it.

He said, "Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not, just like with you last night!"

With that we kissed and I begged him again not to tell anyone. He told me not to worry and that our secret was safe.

Over the next few months I ran into him on several occasions. We would both be with friends and we would exchange greetings, nothing fancy. We never ran into each other again after a certain point and I was afraid to go to his room because he had roommates and they would likely know he was gay. I didn't dare risk it. As far as I know, he kept his promise and never told a soul! That was very sweet of him. He took my virginity and he kept my secret. Now, of course, I wish we would have played more!

My First Glory Hole

Growing up in a small town in the northern Midwest, I had not experienced a lot of gay sexual action. I was actually not gay, but had always been curious about what it would be like to be with another man and suck his cock.

When I was 18 in high school I had an oral sex session with one of my friends from the drama club (I know what you’re thinking…but, I am actually a Jock Type, an injury forced me to miss a season from fall sports, and to get out of the house and meet chicks, I joined the drama club for one year).

Anyway, my friend from drama and I had thrown a Xmas party and after all the girls left we got to talking about sex and he told me he was gay. One thing led to another and before I knew we had each other’s cock in our mouths, in a 69 in the middle of his living room. He finished me off, but I panicked and left before he finished. That was my only gay experience until I left home and went to college the following fall, though I had begun to fantasize more and more about sucking cock.

When I got to college, things were going pretty well. I had made a bunch of new friends and we hung out and partied a lot. One day we were flipping through some porno mags in the dorms, talking about how hot the girls were, when one of the guys mentioned that there was an adult bookstore in town and we should run over there and get some new porn. In the car on the way there, we all admitted that we had never been to a store like that (most of us were just barely 18 years old), and we did not know what to expect.

When we arrived, man, what a dive! We walked in and the place was just filthy inside and out. The walls were yellow with cigarette smoke; the floors were old worn out institutional-type tile that was grey from the years of traffic on it. Inside the store were racks and racks and racks of dildoes, rubber pussies, various odds and ends sex toys, and the freakiest skin mags you could ever want to see.

What a shocker for a small town kid like me! I loved it! The magazines were divided into areas of the store based on their content, you know soft core here, hard core there, gay in the corner, bondage up front, etc. We all walked around the store perusing the magazines, carefully avoiding the gay ones! I learned a lot about my buddies (the perverts), based on what section they spent the longest time in. Finally, the group decided it was time to get going (having bought nothing) when one of the guys pointed down a hallway and asked if anyone knew what was back that way.

None of us had been down the hall, so as a herd, we all went back. What we found was a series of narrow doors, all right next to one another on both sides of the hall.

One of the guys opened a door and said “Hey, there’s a TV in here!”

Frat Boy Suck Off

It was another one of those nights. I was out at one of the local bookstores, trying to cure my hunger for cock, and there seemed to be no good candidates. Let me tell you a little about myself. In all accounts, I’m straight. I love the way that a woman looks, sounds, feels, etc, but, as I am sure there is with many guys my age, I have this constant, seemingly undying desire to give head to men. Sounds stupid right? Well, as I found out from many chat rooms, I am not alone. Anyways, back to the sex…

Just as I was about to give up and drop a few bucks for a quick jerk off session, in he walked. He was about 6’2, sandy blonde hair, very athletic build, kind of like a la Crosse player. I had never seen him here before. He walked in and looked at a few of the “now showing” boxes on the wall and then began to wander the halls. I followed him and stood in the doorway to one of the rooms, signally my desire for some company. Seeing that I had already perused the hallways, unless he was looking for old or fat, I was in like Flynn. I myself am 23, about 5’10”, decent shape with no fat, etc. He walked back towards the room I was in and kind of hesitated at first and then walked in. THANK YOU GOD!!!

As we walked in, I locked the door and then put some money in the machine. I looked at him, and told him to watch what he wanted because I was here to suck some cock. I got on my knees in front of him and just as I was going for his fly he backed away from me and stopped me. I looked up at him and gave him a confused look. That’s when he told me his story.

It seems him and one of his buddies were at there apartment with these two girls and they had been smoking and drinking and the conversation had turned to sex. The guys had wanted to see the girls have sex with each other and the girls had agreed, on one condition. The guys had to give each other blow jobs. They guys, saying that they were straight, said no way, but came up with an idea that satisfied the girls… get another guy to suck them both off. They didn’t mind getting blown by a guy because they could watch the girls, but he said there was no way that they were taking a dick into their mouths. And that brings us to where we are now.

This was an absolute fantasy of mine. Watching two (hopefully) hot college girls make out and go down on each other and getting to suck two hot guys off. What a turn around to my evening. And I thought I was going to have to jerk off alone tonight.

I agreed, but I told him that I would have to check out his cock to see if it was going to be worth the trip. He pulled down his pants, and his cock was like that of his body…perfect. He had lifted his shirt so that it was out of my view and I noticed that on his legs, his cock, his stomach, and his chest….he had no hair. CAN MY NIGHT GET ANY BETTER? Oh yeah, there’s going to be another cock and two hotties, so I guess it will. Anyways, back to his cock. Due to his nervousness, his cock wasn’t hard, but it was easy to imagine what it would be like when it was. He was about 5″ hanging flaccid. No wonder these girls wanted to see this. Yummy. I leaned in to take his cock in my mouth and he stopped me and told me to wait till we get back to his place. TEASE.

Face Shot

Gary and I really haven’t known each other all that long. Actually we met only recently. He had sent me a short note letting me know of his appreciation for my erotic writings. After a few correspondences, we figured we could actually be real life friends. Could there be more?

Gary was kind of tied down to his business. So it was up to me to come up with a way for us to get together. After some back and forth emails, trying this date or that, I finally found an open space in my schedule – and a cheap flight to the airport nearest Gary’s hometown. It was a date, I’d fly out and he would pick me up and plan an evening. Since we had not agreed to sex, this was just going to be a friends night out.

On the appointed day, I made all the phone calls I needed to, scheduled my men for the following work day and left work an hour and a half early to catch my flight. Only a two hour flight, I had a couple of cocktails on the way and entertained myself with my iPod to make the time pass. I could feel myself relaxing more and more as my flight progressed.

My flight arrived on time. I left the plane and headed to the gate. There was Gary holding a sign that just said “Birch”. It almost made me laugh, what had started as a nickname in college had become my erotica “nom de plume” on the internet. I silently wondered if anyone else had caught on.

After a hearty handshake and a couple of backslaps, we were heading to Gary’s car ion the airport’s out lot. Ordinarily, I’d be nervous about a meeting like this. Between the emails we’d had and the in-flight cocktails, I had the feeling this was a new friend who just felt like a friend I’d known forever.

Gary suggested we go to a dinner theater place he was well acquainted with. We could enjoy a good meal, some conversation and a live play as a topper. It sounded like a great evening. We stowed my travel pack and ever present camera bag into his car and off we went.

Once we got to the appointed place, I quickly realized that Gary knew everyone there – and everyone knew and loved Gary. We were both treated like visiting royalty – a gesture I surely appreciated.

We split a bottle of a wine that he had suggested while I dined on a delicate Filet of Sole creation. Gary enjoyed a Shrimp Vera Cruz dinner that looked scrumptious.

Dinner over, we both had coffees while preparations for staging the play were readied. The theater lights flicked on and off announcing the pending start of the evening’s performance.

Already relaxed, Gary said “You didn’t mention what hotel you’d booked. If you’d like, you can spend the night at my place.”

“I was hoping you’d ask.” I replied.

At the same time, my heart pounded a bit for the first time that day. My cock also stirred in my slacks.

We enjoyed the show immensely. We both got up to use the gent’s room at the intermission. When we returned to our seats, I looked around to make sure no one else could hear me.

“I’m thinking of some ways to pay you back later for your hospitality.” I said.

“And I can’t wait to thank you for coming out here.” he replied.

Rest Area

It was about 10 pm and I had been driving for about 3 hours on my way home to DC. The drive down 70 East is curvy, but I have been making the trip quite often lately so even the mountains and hills weren’t enough to keep me awake anymore.

I decided I had better pull off at the next rest area to grab some coffee and use the bathroom to get me through the second half of my drive home. As I got out of my car and began walking, I suddenly realized how badly I needed to piss and I made a beeline for the bathroom.

Being fairly late at night, the bathroom was completely empty and I had my choice of urinals. I walked up to one, unzipped my pants, pulled my cock out, and began to let loose. The piss felt so good that I just closed my eyes and leaned my head back.

As my stream finally began to die down, I opened my eyes and noticed another guy standing right next to me. The whole bathroom was open, why did he have to come right next to me? As I looked out of the corner of my eye, I found my answer. The guy was blatantly staring at my dick.

“Um, can I help you?” I asked.

“Actually, I was going to ask you the same thing,” he replied.

“What do you mean? Why do I need help?”

“Do you want help with your cock? I would love to suck your dick for you,” he said matter-of-factly.

I had never really thought about being with a guy before. My mouth just hung open in disbelief while I tried to recover from the shock of being propositioned by a guy. I looked at the guy and he wasn’t bad looking. Seemed mid-30s to my 28, 6’1” to my 6’3”, slim waist with a nice build. He obviously worked out quite often. And he obviously wanted to snap me out of my deer-in-the-headlights daze as he reached over and began stroking my cock.

“I promise it will feel good,” he told me.

Summer Lovers

Looking back to the summer I was eighteen I realize I was immature in many ways. For one thing, most kids my age had graduated from high school, but I still had a year to go. I missed most of fifth grade recovering from an auto accident and had to repeat it. It set me back socially as well. I was shy and still felt like an awkward adolescent. As far as sex goes, I would say that at that point I was omnisexual. Everything in the whole damn world turned me on! Girls with cute figures, guys with cute figures – a dog with a nice ass might make me hot. You get the picture. Now, what was I doing about any of this? Only what every lonely teenage boy does to release the pressure and keep the sheets dry. That is, until what I thought was a terrible idea turned out to be the sexiest thing that ever happened to me. “Mom! You can’t be serious,” I wailed. “You want me to spend the summer with my grandparents. What’s the matter? Couldn’t you find a jail that would take me?”

“Zack, don’t be so dramatic. You know your grandparents adore you and spoil you rotten. And they live on the beach in Southern California, for heaven’s sake! Most kids would die for a chance like that.”

In my heart I knew Mom had a point, but I bitched for awhile anyway. The truth was that ever since my Dad died in that car wreck when I was ten, I hated to be away from Mom and my two older sisters. I never quite got over thinking I could find myself alone in the world at any minute. But Mom and my sisters were working all summer and I’d be on my own most of the time. So I finally quit complaining and got used to the idea of spending the summer getting a tan and eating my Grandma’s wonderful cooking.

When I got to SoCal I discovered that Grandpa had arranged for me to have a job helping out at the lifeguard station near their home. Grandpa was a great believer in hard work and he found it easy to get me hired when he proudly showed off the pictures of all my swim team ribbons. So after a couple days of stuffing myself in Grandma’s kitchen and lusting after everything that moved on the streets of the small beach town, I went to work.

Grandpa had told me to report to a “nice young man named Quinn.” When I asked for him one of the guys shouted his name and around the corner came the hunkiest guy I had ever seen in my life. Talk about your tanned California gods! He was over six feet tall with the firm body of somebody who exercises daily, but isn’t so bulked that he looks like The Hulk. He was blond, of course, with those streaks the sun brings out, but instead of the expected blue eyes, his were bright green. When he saw me, he flashed a smile that made me feel really funny inside. Funny like when I looked at the pictures in a porn magazine. “You must be Zack,” he said, putting out his hand for me to shake. His hand was big and warm in mine. “Your Granddad described you very well.”

“Uh, what did he tell you?” I managed to ask. For some reason my throat was tight and my voice almost wouldn’t come out.

“He said you were the handsomest young man on the planet, not to mention the smartest and the hardest working – and, of course, the best swimmer.” One of the guys who was standing around said, “And you recognized him from that?”

Quinn laughed. It was a deep, warm laugh that kind of made me melt inside. “Well, it helped that he showed me a picture of him.” He grinned at me again. I probably would have stood there all day, as long as I could look at Quinn, but he immediately started giving me information about my duties. There was plenty to do and I was relieved to get to it. Before I started, though, Quinn said, “We usually have a bonfire on the beach at night, just for the crew to get better acquainted. I hope you’ll join us.”

I tried to tell myself that I eagerly agreed because I was anxious to make new friends, but, to tell the truth, if Quinn had asked me to join him in cleaning a septic tank I would have been just as eager.

I worked hard all day, but it was really fun. I wore a tank top that had the lifeguard service logo on it, so lots of people smiled at me and talked to me. I’d always felt a little invisible at home, but here I was treated like a somebody. I did my best to concentrate on my assignments, but the thought that I was going to hang out with Quinn that night was always on my mind.

Teens First Time

Everybody has read a story about a first time and they all seem too unbelievable, but mine really happened this way.

I was 19 years old and at the age when my dick was hard all of the time. I had never done anything with a guy at that point in my life and really never thought about it. I was working at a Convenient Store downtown and had to pass downtown to get back home after closing at midnight. The newspaper had recently run a few stories about a section of town behind the only gay bar in town and how there was a road that ran behind the bar where guys would pick other guys up.

The story ran because young guys (under 1 were turning tricks there and a successful lawyer in town had just been arrested for having sex with one. I used to always drive past that part of town and noticed cars driving slowly back there, but never really paid attention to it. However, there was one time where I was driving home late and pulled up beside a car with a sexy, drunk black lady in it and had gone home with her and had a wonderful night of hot sex. Needless to say, I always kept my eye out when I passed through town.

What I learned after several times was that guys would circle the block and look for other guys either coming out of the club, or also circling the block. I started doing this also but was always too nervous to even look at the car that pulled up next to me. On this one particular night, I had a few beers in the store after closing so my courage was up and my inhibitions were down. I circled the block a few times and looked to my left at one of the lights and there was an older gentleman, about 45, that pulled up next to me and was waving at me. I didn’t know what to do, so I just pulled away and circled the blocks a few more times.

I was bravely drinking beers in the car so I was becoming more and more brave so that when the same car and the same guy pulled up next to me one more time, I waved back. He waved for me to follow him so I did.

We pulled into one of the many deserted parking lots downtown and rolled down our windows to talk. It was your normal bull shit chit chat, but at least I was not so nervous that I drove away like I had in the past. He seemed like a nice guy and that made things easier for me. He asked if I wanted to follow him, so I said sure.

Overtime Lovers

I had grown tired of the project. I sat at work; outside it was dark already.

“See you tomorrow Gary.” Said Jim, as he opened and closed my office door.

“See you Jim.” I shouted after him.

My eyes were stinging from the computer screen, and I rubbed my eyes. My girlfriend was at home waiting for me, but I’d already told her I’d be late home. The office door opened.

“Still here huh?” Said Martin, as he sat on the edge of my desk. Martin was my colleague from the next office.

I leaned back in my chair. “Unfortunately. You going home?”

He shook his head. “No, still got things to do. Just taking a break.”

“I think I might go get a coffee.”

Martin walked behind me and started massaging my shoulders.

“Martin, what are you doing?”

“Oh, you need to relax, you’re all tense.”

“Erm, Martin, I think I’ll get my girlfriend to sort that out, thanks.”

Then Martin slid his hands down my chest. “Don’t be so silly Gary.” He said, as he started nibbling on my neck. He slid his hand down to my crotch and started massaging it.

“AH! Seriously Martin, I’m not like that. Stop.” I complained.