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First Job at the Gym

I was working. I’d had a part time job, sure, but nothing full time. Until now. I’d finished A-Levels (it’s a British thing) and without any idea of what to do next I’d opted for a year out. With no money (at least yet) to actually visit other parts of the world I’d found a job in the same village where I lived – the gym.

The village itself was small, but the local area was affluent and there were plenty of people who looked after themselves. It was predominately men who came there, usually in good shape. I can’t say I complained about this at all – it just made the job better. It wasn’t as if I hadn’t ever been with another guy, but they were my age. They were boys, these are men.

I was a hard worker and it didn’t take long for me to be trusted enough to close the place up at night on my own. This allowed me to sleep in late, and start work mid afternoon.

Evening was a time for regulars, the same friendly faces, not so many of the awkward people, though there were always a few. I kept them happy, kept the place clean and tidy. They were a chatty bunch and we all called each other by our first names.

The place closed at 11pm, and at 10:30pm I’d put the closed sign up and set the door so you could only exit before making my rounds. There were never many people left at this time of night, but people hardly ever turned up that late.

It was a Tuesday, I was about to lock the front door when I saw the lights of a car turn into the forecourt. I hesitated, but decided it was probably a bit rude to lock it right that moment. I saw the guy get out the car. I was unable to make him out clearly in the darkness but the streetlights showed his silhouette. This guy was large. I don’t just mean tall, I mean he was quite well built. I shifted quickly back to the front desk as the door opened and he stepped in.

As he stepped in I took a breath. I clearly wasn’t wrong with my initial glance. The guy was tall, six feet and a couple of inches at a guess and quite muscled. Not obscenely muscled, but certainly more than the average person here. What I hadn’t expected was that he was black. Now, I’m not inexperienced and untraveled, but around where I came from everyone was whiter than white. His skin was dark. His hair was black, short, and ever so slightly receding at the sides. He had a days worth of stubble on his face. I can’t say I’m great at ages, but I figured he must have been in his thirties, probably late thirties. Most noticeably he wore a grey suit in which it looked good. Suits were not the usual attire that people arrived in.

He smiled as he approached the reception desk and I could feel my cock throbbing as it got hard. Fuck, I thought to myself, he was really quite sexy. I was thankful to be behind the desk and pushed up closer against it until my shaft pressed up against a shelf under the desk.

“Hello sir,” I said. ‘Sir’? did I just say that aloud?

“Hi,” he said, flashing a friendly grin. He lifted up a hand, showing me his gym ID badge. “I’m sort of new here.”

“Oh, well welcome sir,” I’d said it again! Where was my brain. “Do you need a hand to know where to go?”

“Oh no, I should be good,” he said, shaking his head before he turned off in the direction of the changing rooms. My eyes followed him down the corridor – or more accurately his arse. With all the blood from my brain in my cock I wasn’t sure I could think straight.

When my brain did come back (cock still quite hard though) I dashed to the front door to lock it as I had originally intended to do. I dashed back as one of the regulars passed, not wanting him to see my tented shorts. He headed out, leaving with a wave to me.

I stood there for a few minutes, willing my cock to go down which it did eventually. Finally realising the time I resumed my task of tidying up the place before it closed. Regulars drifted out wishing me good night as they went.

After finishing at the front desk I made my way around the place, clearing the place, picking up discarded towels and similar. It was shortly before 11pm when to the main gym area. I realised my erotic visitor from earlier was the only one left and was on the far side lifting an amount of weights on a bench press which were making him grunt loudly.

Although as I got closer my eyes were easily distracted by his quite tight shorts and what they were hiding. Or in his case not hiding. As I approached him he looked my way.

“Hey,” he said as he spotted me, “Want a go?”

Party Favor

The party was totally out of control. For some reason it was one of those times when everyone was just cutting loose. My friend Rick and I were in charge of making the margaritas. The entire kitchen was already a major mess. We had already burned out the motor of one blender and number two was being pushed to its limits.

The party was a gathering of a long-standing group of friends. There were no couples in the gang Ð male or female. Most of the guys were gay; most of the women straight. We usually ran into each other at one of the neighborhood bars. This week one of the guys had suggested getting together for drinks and dinner at someone’s house. The idea had been given immediate approval and Simon had volunteered to have the gathering at his house. Everyone brought a Mexican dish for the dinner and the makings for drinks.

Rick and I had been selected as the bartenders for the evening, partly because the two of use seemed to provide live entertainment whenever we were together. Both of use began doing our Julia Child impersonations as we mixed the beverages that were way heavy on the alcohol.

Steve, a guy I casually knew from the gym, seemed to resent all the attention we were getting as bartenders and tried to butt in on most of the activity. He was getting more annoying by the minute. I’d never paid much attention to him before. Just from outside appearances he wasn’t my type at all. He was much too hairy, a little swarthy and always cocky. Maybe it was just the alcohol taking affect, but I seemed to b noticing that he had a great chest under the T-shirt that seemed a size or two small. As he came around the kitchen island I couldn’t help but notice the nice package forced into the front of his well-worn Levi’s. Then he turned to talk to someone in the dining room and I almost moaned as I took in the sight of his tight bubble-butt. About that time Rick noticed whom I was checking out and hit me hard in the shoulder.

“What the hell are you doing,” asked Rick.

I kind of stammered, “Oh, nothing,” as a response.

“For God’s sake, put your tongue back in your mouth. He’s just not your type. The last thing you need is to be bedding down with someone who sleeps around as much as he does,” Rick lectured.

Surprise At The Gym

It’s Nick again. I recently found out I’m Bisexual. I discovered it by having two guys, Butch and Steve, catching me watch them have sex in the gym shower after hours one night. Since then I’ve been their little fuck toy every Wednesday night after our work out.

I’m 5’11”, tan, and in good shape. Steve is 6’6″, blonde, slender and athletic and Butch is also 6’6″ with red hair and the body of a professional body-builder (which he was).

One night after our Wednesday work out, we all headed to the showers to clean up and get to business fucking me.

Butch said to me with a kid’s grin, “Are you ready for a surprise, Nick?”

“What kind of surprise?,” I replied, somewhat puzzled.

“I won’t say until you’re sure you want it”, Butch said, his boyish grin getting bigger.

“I’m curious now”, I said, “I want to see this surprise.”

Steve led me over to one of the shower stations. They were the kind of showers the stood on metal columns in the shower room, each had four heads. He wrapped my hands around the column and Butch slapped handcuffs on my wrists so quickly that I didn’t even see it coming. I ended up on my hands and knees just to stay comfortable.

“What the fuck is this?!” I demanded to know.

Pool Party Poke Off

The moment Farris walked into the yard you could sense the change. All the guys attending Jack’s pool party stopped their chatter, and stopped sipping on their cocktails, and turned to look at the dark haired, swarthy complexioned bear of a man whose basket was so large that the waistband of his swimming costume was slung so low you could see the thick jungle of black pubic hair and the base of his fat Greek cock.

Dark hair swirled all over his massive chest and down his washboard stomach. More of the stuff furred up his thick thighs. His brown nipples were large and jutted out like mini rockets ready to launch. His chunky ass swayed lazily about in his too small swimming costume as he strode across the lawn, aware of all the pretty boys going ape for his body but pretending that they didn’t exist.

Farris greeted his host, Jack, with a quick hug and then plunged into the pool. He swam a quick and efficient two laps of the pool and all eyes were on him as he hauled himself out of the water. His dark, wet fur looked even more rude than before and the wet fabric of his swimming costume clung to his fat nuts and huge cock. Farris closed his eyes and let all the tanned and toned men devour him with their eyes. He’d taken them all in at a glance; rich, materialistic, urbane, sophisticated, precious and bored was how he summed them up. And he knew that he was the complete opposite when it came to looks and that he was generating a huge amount of interest. He was determined to get between some of those tight little bubble butts he’d seen wrapped up in ridiculously expensive faddish swim wear. 

But to get rude he had to get naked. He shook the water out of his hair and opened his eyes. And then he stepped out of his swimwear. He heard a gasp as his fat eight inch uncut dick swung free. It was big and brown and hungry. Within seconds there was a guy kneeling at his feet and Farris let him have his way with his cock. The blonde twink kneeling at Farris feet peeled back the heavy hood of his foreskin to reveal a thick waxy layer of cock cheese. The stench assailed his nostrils and he seemed uncertain about what to do next. He didn’t even know what this freakin stuff was and the smell of it was just so unexpected. A few seconds ago he was gazing at one of the most beautiful cocks he had ever seen jutting out of the hairy middle of one of the hottest men he could ever hope to meet, but what the hell was this stinky, waxy stuff!

First Big Cock in College

This story has no connection to any real person so don’t sue me. Now that I’ve said that, it’s all true. If you’re looking for a romantic story, look elsewhere. This story is meant to be hot and tell you what really happened. I’m still fucking him as often as I can.

I met Bobby in college, when he was a sophomore and I was a senior. At 19, he was a skinny athletic boy whose sharp features and handsome face made him very popular with women. His skater hair and incredible eyes could have put him in an Abercrombie catalog. He could have just about anyone of them he wanted. Even now, at 26 and married, he’s still chiseled and athletic. 

When I met him, he was an RA in the dorm next to mine. After meeting him we became friends and did rounds together. Women had long been my, “weapon of choice” but I had done some messing around in my past. I had dated and fucked a lot of women in between, but I hadn’t messed around with another man in a few years.

But Bobby was different. I was drawn to him. He had that kind of friendly energy that always drew people in. During rounds, and hanging out in our dorm, I would direct the conversation to women he was dating, sex, anything to get more info out of him without risking his suspicion. It wasn’t hard; he loved to kiss and tell. He was a self- proclaimed “lip-slut”. He’d make out with any co-ed who showed interest. And at college parties, sorority bashes, and after-game keggers, he always found some cute blond to make out with, fingerfuck, or get a blowjob from. And he enjoyed telling me about it too. We traded all the dirty details of our sex life two college guys could tell.

Hotel Encounter

I was in an online chat room one morning when I met a man named Thomas. He told me he was at a hotel nearby and he was looking for oral sex. I asked Thomas if he would like some company and he said to come over to his room. The hotel in question is only five minutes drive from my home. I drove over and found Thomas’s room number.

I knocked and was greeted by a surprise. Thomas opened the door, he had just stepped out of the shower. Thomas was a short, black man who was totally naked. I looked down to see an enormous black cock dangling between Thomas’s legs. It was close to ten inches long and as thick as my wrist. The first thing that went through my head was how I would ever suck that big of a cock.

Thomas invited me in and told me to get comfortable by taking off my clothes. I was a bit embarrassed when I slipped out of my duds. My seven inch cock looked so tiny when I compared it to Thomas’s dick. Thomas went over to the bed and motioned me to follow. I crawled in between Thomas’s thighs. I took his massive pecker into my hand and brought it up to my lips.

Thomas took his one hand and started to push my head down onto his shaft. I could barely fit his cockhead between my lips. I was almost choking on his rod. I tried to swallow as much as I could. Thomas was beginning to get harder from the action of my mouth. In reality I could maybe get four or five inches down my throat. His cock was just too big.

Bus Buddy

Sean rubbed his sleepy blurry eyes and tried to focus on the alarm clock on the nightstand. 6:25 AM, five minutes until the alarm went off. He usually hated waking up before the alarm, but this morning he had a raging hard on that demanded his immediate attention. At 18 years old, his cock demanded attention just about all the time, but sometimes were more urgent than others. He had to piss like a race horse, and that was only making him harder. He threw back the sheet and blanket, shed his boxers and grabbed hold of his pulsing rock hard cock, squeezing it and rubbing it. He briefly entertained the idea of grabbing the hand lotion out of the bathroom and making it a real event, but there wasn’t time, he had a bus to catch.

It had been a cold night and his skin was dry, so he was able to rub his hand up the entire length smoothly, even without lube. He rubbed his thumb in small circles around the head, coaxing a shiny drop of precum out of the tip. He squeezed his fist around the shaft and slowly stroked from the base to the tip, forcing more precum out until it started to slowly run down the head. The more he stroked, the more precum oozed from the tip, finally he had enough to coat his thumb and forefinger and lube up the head. Sometimes it seemed as though his cock was connected to an undrainable resevoir of precum. On more than one occasion merely fantasizing had produced enough of it that he had to change his pants.

Sean’s mind formed the dirtiest images he could conjure as stroked the entire five and half inch length of his pulsing shaft. He imagined Trisha Mcintyre, the blond chick that sat next to him in his senior english class in high school. He had never spoken to her in reality, but they had been fuck buddies in his mind since freshman year. “Oh Sean, I need your big hard cock” he imagined her saying, as she rubbed her big beautiful breasts through her uniform blouse. He could see her huge nipples straining against the thin fabric of her now see through top. She was such a slut in his head. She sprang from her desk and ripped open her blouse before falling to her knees in front of him. He just leaned back and let her pull open his pants, releasing his hardening cock. She stuffed his prick into her beautiful thick lipped mouth, twirling her tongue around the head, using her hands to stroke the shaft and massage his aching balls. He could only imagine poking into her puckered pink ass, using only her spit and his precum as lube. He squeezed his hand tight, then slowly pushed his oozing cock into it to simulate what he thought it would feel like to fuck Trisha’s perfect teenage ass. It was already the spring semester of his first year at community college and he was still fantasizing about Trisha from high school. But then, she did have the tightest ass in his mental world of fuck buddies.

Seans hips bucked, pumping his cock into his hand and he was getting close to cumming. He felt that pleasant urgent ache forming deep inside his groin, at the base of his cock and in his balls. He moved his free hand down to his clenched sack and started to gently massage the two fleshy orbs. Without missing a stroke he playfully rubbed each ball against the other in the sack, at the same time pulling them away from his slender body to prolong the moment. “Come on baby, fuck me harder!” Trisha silently yelled in near desperation, “I want your cum baby, cum in my mouth!” Trisha was such a dirty whore, she even went ass to mouth.

I Need His Ass Now

I came home from work tired, stressed, & horny. My brother’s friend, Dabnis, was drunk sleep on the couch. Dab had been staying with me as a favor to my brother, who was stationed in Iraq . As I walked past the couch, I couldn’t help but notice that Dab was lying on his stomach. That fat ass of his was sitting on his back. Looking like two basketballs dipped in white chocolate. His boxers were hanging loosely off his ass, making my mouth water.

Ever since Dab had come to stay with me, I have been feigning for that booty. And tonight, I was going to get some. After getting out of my clothes, I headed back to the couch. I knew that Dab was pissy drunk because he snored whenever he was in a drunk sleep. I walked up to the couch and slowly slid my hand into the back of his boxers. Dab’s tight hole twitched when my finger made contact with it. This was risky, but I didn’t give no fuck. I had to have that ass.

If I didn’t know any better, I could have sworn that I heard a moan come from Dab as I probed that ass. Soon, his ass began to get wet from me playing with it. Was this nigga enjoying getting fingered? I had always suspected that he got down, but this was proof of it. My thick, long 9 inches was bricking up. I slid Dab’s boxers down lower than they already were.

Taxi Ride

It was still dark outside when the cab arrived to take me to the airport. The driver pulled up, climbed out of the car and went to unlock the trunk so I could put my suitcase and computer back in. He was tall, maybe six foot two or six foot three with large muscular arms and legs which were intriguing to watch as he easily picked up my heavy bag. As he turned to climb back into the driver’s side of the cab I noticed his tight ass.

I climbed in back and confirmed I wanted to go to Terminal C at the airport for a ten a.m. flight. It was about a forty five minute drive to the airport and considering my early start I knew I would get there several hours early, but I thought I might try to catch an earlier flight, but if not I could get a bite to eat at a restaurant in the terminal.

As the car pulled onto the road I looked at the driver in the mirror. He was fair skinned but spoke with a bit of an accent, so I guessed he was from somewhere in Europe, or somewhere. Wherever it was a heck of a lot different than the East Texan twang I run into a lot since I moved here. Not that the East Texan twang was a bad thing, but I always was worried I’d say something wrong and some red-neck would be ready to string me up for being a radical.

Still looking at the driver he wasn’t what I’d call good looking, but I am sure some women might admire his rugged features. I’m not real good at conversation so besides a few remarks about where I was going and the weather, the ride was proceeding in silence. Diverting my attention from the driver’s face, I noticed they had a number of postings on the car windows with the fares.

The main fare I saw was the one eleventh of a mile for seventeen cents and I had to ponder that amount, I mean why not one tenth of a mile for twenty cents, it certainly would be easier to calculate. Then I noticed they charged twenty dollars an hour for waiting. I could stop and spend an hour eating and then simply pay the driver twenty dollars.

As we continued toward the airport I began to wonder about the waiting time, did the driver just sit and read or something while waiting? What if the wait was only thirty minutes, did they charge ten dollars or did you pay something more? Remembering his powerful looking legs and arms I pondered another good possibility for the waiting period. What if… nah, he would never, or would he.

Leaning forward in the seat, I said, “You know I have plenty of time before need to be at the airport.”

“I wondered about that, I mean you had me pick you up so early for a ten o’clock flight. I figured you might be trying to catch an earlier flight.”

“I had thought of that, but the weather here is so nice I wonder, say if we stopped for maybe thirty minutes. The fare here says you charge twenty dollars for an hour, what do you charge for half and hour?”

“Well, we really don’t have a rate outlined for that, but if you want to stop and have me wait I’d only charge you twelve dollars.”

“Twelve isn’t bad,” I said. “Do you know of a quiet place to stop?”

Willing First Time Submission

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it gives you an anonymous freedom to explore. Lets face it, more people are looking at porn than ever before, because it is accessible form home. I am no different. At 30 year of age I am an average looking guy with a girlfriend who is pretty hot, but very old fashioned. So old fashioned that she does not want to have sex until she is married. So after 3 months of dating my frustration was getting the better of me and having just dropped her at home after a night out, I decided to explore a bit of porn on internet.

After a while of enjoying a few sites I stumbled into a chat room site with various rooms. There was the usual mix of lesbian, teen, amateur type rooms. The one that caught the eye was the one which invited you to find a Master / Mistress. It was perfect I thought to myself. I have been waiting for my girlfriend but she will not let me do anything, here I could go into a room and pretend with someone who was the opposite and just wanted to use me for sex.

The room invited you to leave your inhibitions at the door, so to speak. So what the hell I thought, and in I went! I did not give away much in profile, just stating I was from Sydney and that I was 30 year old and willing to submit. Within moments I had a private message from someone asking if I was prepared to submit, calling me boi. At this point I had no idea if I was talking to a male or female, all I knew was that they were from the US — the mystery was a turn on. So I simply said ‘yes’.

I was asked if I had a webcam? Again the answer was yes. I was ordered to turn it on. I had only ever used my webcam to correspond with last girlfriend who had lived interstate part of the time we were going out. I switched the webcam on. It was strangely arousing to be watched by someone, not knowing anything about them. I liked the lack of control.

For the next few minutes I followed simple instructions to get the position of the camera correct as well as the lights. I was eventually told to strip. What the hell, its not like it was anyone who could recognise me, so I complied. I was getting hard…

After submitting to an inspection of my naked body, I was told that I needed to shave my balls now. I had always been curious about doing that and given that it was summer and getting quite warm, it was the perfect time to shed some fur. I returned from the bathroom with a razor and followed directions to remove all the hair from my balls, but just to trim the hairs above my cock.

When I was finished I was told I was a good boi and that I would be rewarded. But first I was asked some personal questions about what I was looking for and if I was enjoying being a sub. I gave the details I mentioned earlier about my lack of sex life and that yes I was being turned on (though I thought that might have been obvious by increasingly hard cock) and was willing to be owned. I was also asked…

“Do you live alone boi?”

“Yes Sir, I replied.”

“Good boi.”

“Before you get your reward boi, you need to prove your loyalty and give me your address. It is a sign of trust as you know I am not in your country. I do not want to know your real name.” Lots of things went through my head, but my delayed response was clearly annoying the person watching me because I was immediately buzzed. I decided not to think about it and go for the ride, after all they were in a different country and they could not save the webcam broadcast , so there was no way of identifying me. I gave my address. “Now boi, you will get a pair of women’s underwear on and then you will be able to ask me one question as your reward.” I’d never worn it before, but my mindset had became one of compliance now, so I went to my bedroom to retrieve a pair of ex’s panties that she had left behind once.

When I returned to my chair, I was again told I was a good boi and sit there for a few minutes to think about my question — but not to touch myself, which was becoming increasingly harder as I was very horny by now.

After about 10 minutes I was finally given the ok to ask a question.

I asked if the person at the other end would tell me anything about themselves. The reply was swift. “A sub does not need to know anything about their Master other than the fact that I am man in his 40s. You wasted your question boi.”