Getting a Workout

My girlfriend gave me a membership to a gym for my birthday. I didn’t really need to lose weight, just tone my body back up again and get some good muscle definition.

I went to the gym and used some of the equipment that I was familiar with and was working up a sweat getting back into a routine. I noticed some new equipment and went to the front desk to ask if I could get some instruction. The girl at the desk told me that my new membership included instruction from a personal trainer at no charge for the first thirty days. We discussed the details and I signed up to start with a trainer the following week.

I made my appointment for late in the evening so I could come in after work. I met Antonio, my trainer, the first night. He was a very fit guy that most women would drool over. He was in his early 30s, average height and Latin.

Antonio showed me the equipment that I was not familiar with and explained how to use it. We discussed which areas of my body I wanted to target. I told him I felt I needed to work on my legs, butt and abs. He looked me over and I felt self conscious under his gaze, but at the same time his eyes ignited me like a fire. He told me that to record my progress we were going to take starting measurements and then do weekly updates. He pulled out a tape measure and proceeded to measure different parts of my body. His hands grazed me from time to time and I was working to keep my breath steady. As he parted my legs and wrapped the tape measure around each of my thighs to get the measurements I hoped he couldn’t tell that I was getting hard when he touched me. I didn’t know why. I had never been into guys, but it happened that night. He put the tape measure away and I was relieved that the torture of him touching me was over while at the same time I wanted him to keep touching me.

In the following weeks I worked hard and was seeing progress in the shape of my body. I was starting to feel more comfortable with how I looked and was starting to buy new clothes

One night Antonio and I were going through our normal routine. I was sitting on a weight machine and doing some rows when Antonio sat down behind me and placed his arms over mine. He told me that I needed to adjust my form to get better results. He pulled along with my pulls and his arms remained on mine as we let the weights gently slide back. After a few repetitions he placed one hand on my rib cage and told me that I needed to breathe through each repetition. I could barely breathe with his hands on me. The sensation was unfamiliar. His hand was just inches above my cock and I wanted him to reach down and touch me.

Office Indiscretion

This was meant to be a landmark day for me as it is the start of my exit strategy after 12 months of working away from home to bring the department up to standard. The company had an outsourcing contract with a large government department for the IT functions which meant our staff worked onsite under fairly strict security rules. Five interviews today for the two positions as supervisors in the IT Department luckily I was only present to help out Amanda a HR consultant and James who would be taking over my role as department head as soon as his security clearance comes through.

James was about thirty-five average height and build but kept fit going to the gym and playing squash. Amanda was in her early forties and a mother of two, but had a nice curvy figure and a pretty face with striking red hair.

The interviewees were all current employees and I had got to know them quite well over the last year two of them, Emma and Joanne, more intimately in the past week. I had already made my recommendations for the roles but to ensure fair play Amanda and James had not been allowed to see them until all the interviews have been completed and their assessment made.

Emma, Joanne and I had enjoyed each other the previous Friday after a few drinks and light hearted trial interviews. This was a well kept secret as both of the girls were my choices for the roles and Emma had already been accused by another candidate of using her obvious charms to her advantage.

The interviews were to be held in a conference room in the hotel I stay in during the working week as the security rules at the site prevented casual visitors. James was already in the room as he lived locally but we were waiting for Amanda to arrive from London. We had discussed the interviews briefly and he had decided to lead the proceedings and surprisingly wanted to change the running order to allow one particular candidate Rashid to be interviewed first. Although this was not normal all the other candidates were unconcerned. James then asked if we could interview Rashid before Amanda arrived this seemed strange and I said would appear like us preferring Rashid above the others. Before this could turn into a heated discussion Amanda arrived dragging a large suitcase behind her. “That’s a lot of luggage for one night” I said, Amanda replied that the company were negotiating a merger with a smaller company close by and she would be spending the rest of the week in the hotel.

Amanda frowned at the change of running order as she had already prepared her paperwork on the train up from London however she said she would be ready to start after a quick coffee. Rashid’s interview started poorly as he seemed surprised by Amanda’s presence and became nervous when she asked questions about his experience and previous qualifications. However he seemed to relax when questioned by James and his answers were confident almost as though they were rehearsed. As the interview came to an end I received a call on my mobile from the security branch at the office. They needed me to attend site immediately as they had a possible breach of security involving a member of my staff.

First Time Sucking a Big Black Cock

To my great surprise I am obsessed with sucking cocks, especially big black cocks. Well, sucking one particular big black cock.

I am ‘straight’, dating and fucking only women for most of my life. I was good at that, finding willing female partners an easy thing. I had experimented with men, but it was mostly just mutual jack-off sessions.

I work for a very large accounting firm in a semi-supervisory position. I was the guy that ‘checked on the checkers’. I would travel from audit site to audit site, reviewing the work of others. It was on one trip to Portland, Oregon that I became aware of my obsession.

I had flown in the prior evening, First Class of course. The audit was in progress and I was to meet the audit team that morning. I showered, closely shaved, lightly applied a very expensive men’s cologne and dressed in my best ‘power suit’. I always wanted to make a strong first impression on these things.

I am fairly tall, around 6’3″. I keep in shape spending at least three days a week at any gym I can find. I have dark hair and eyes, my skin olive. I have to shave often, sometimes twice a day. Surprisingly I do not have an excessive amount of body hair. I’m considered to be ‘classically handsome’. My name is Kurt.

I met with the team. I knew by our company standards that all of them would be bright, hard-working individuals. One person stood out among the others; a very handsome, very athletic looking black man. His name was Marcus.

I spent the day speaking to each individual auditor; reviewing their respective work. The ‘interviews’ were done one-on-one. It was Marcus’ turn. I greeted him, shaking his firm large warm hand. We spoke of audit items. His work was perfect and I told him so. As he was my last auditor, and the day was ending, we began to speak of more personal things.

I asked him about the nightlife in Portland. He said, “It can be fun, but it’s really up to the individual.”

“Would you consider showing me around?” I asked.

He thought for a moment then answered, “Yes, but I wouldn’t want anyone else to know, that might cause some problems in the office.”

“I agree.”

“I can pick you up this evening, are you at the usual hotel?” he said.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Would you like dinner, or something a little more fun?” he asked.

“A ‘little more fun’ please.”

“Good, I’ll pick you up at ten, in the lobby, dress casual.”

I returned to my hotel and awaited the ‘appointment’. It seemed far away. I showered and shaved … again. I dressed in clean expensive casual clothing. I reviewed myself in the mirror; ‘not bad I thought’. Sometimes I can be a little vain.

I went to the lobby. Marcus was already waiting. We greeted, both of us smiling. It was obvious the pressure of the review was no longer present. He directed me to his car, a very nice black Mercedes.

In the car he said, “This might end up being a fun night. I do have to tell you that I’m gay; are you OK with that?”

Boys Will Be Boys

Scott was so excited, he had just gotten his first apartment. He didn’t really have any special plans or anything, so he called his best friend Matt to come over. Matt brought some smoke, and a 12 pack of beer. They had been best friends for many many years, and they were very comfortable and relaxed around each other.

They were both very buzzed quickly, and as they sat watching TV, and talking Scott suggested they watch a new porno tape he had just purchased. Matt giggled, and agreed that it would be fun so they put the movie in the VCR, and sat quietly drinking while the movie started.

It was basically a 2 and 1/2 hour collection of blow jobs and cum shots, so the action began right away. As Scott watched the first suck scene, it began to turn him on. His cock began to grow, and it bulged out very noticeably against his tight gym shorts. He felt very nervous and uncomfortable about it, but as his eyes wandered, he noticed that Matt also had a raging hardon which looked as if it were ripping the seams out of his shorts. Matt’s eyes met Scott’s, and he quickly looked down at Scott’s crotch. “Looks like we have a problem,” he said laughing loudly. Scott wanted to jack him self off so badly, but didn’t know how Matt would react. Matt broke the ice finally, by stroking himself through his shorts. His hand moved up and down his stiff cock as it pressed tightly against his shorts.

Scott felt braver now, and decided to go a step further than Matt. Scott stood from the couch, and lowered and removed his shorts. His 7 and 1/2 inch cock sprang forth slapping loudly against his belly. Matt looked at Scott’s stiff cock and stared at it intently. Scott began to stroke himself, moving his fist up and down his cock. His cock throbbed and pulsated wildly as his hand moved up and down the thick shaft. Matt quickly stripped, and his cock was larger than Scott’s. Scott’s eyes opened widely as he caught his first sight of his friends massive erection. It was a bit over 9 inches long and very thick.

There wasn’t much hair around his cock, and his large balls looked hairless. Scott had never thought about his friend in a sexual manner before, but he suddenly felt a desire to suck his friend’s impressive boner. Matt sat down next to Scott on the couch, and began to stroke himself. The 2 men sat next to one another frantically masturbating themselves. Their eyes remained glued on each other’s stiff cocks. Scott pressed his thigh against Matt’s and softly slid his leg back and forth. The skin contact really turned both of them on. Matt’s large cock began oozing precum, and he quickly wiped it away with his fingers.

Oral in the Theater

My day off and I have woken up horny as hell with a raging hard on, there is noting unusual about that I love to have morning sex or if I wake alone then a morning masturbation session. I started to stroke my cock , I like a soft grip and slow stroking motion love to feel the smooth warm skin of my cock while I move my hand up and down the shaft.

I started to drift into fantasy mode where I was imagining this girl I know was sucking my cock this was getting me extremely hard, my heart rate quickened while I tried to maintain a nice even slow pump of my hand up and down the full length of my now fully erect cock which is rock hard at 7 and ½ inches.

After about 15min Pre cum started to ooze out and I stopped pumping and grabbed firmly at the base of my cock and squeezed hard milking from bottom to top to get all the pre cum hmmm how I love pre cum I then catch the whole blob of pre cum on my index finger and place on my tongue hmm Fuck that is nice and then resume back to the slow full stroke with a light grip on my cock again.

After repeating this process for another 15 min I was ready to cum but I like to prolong as long as I can because I love the feeling and don’t want it to end so I stop and get out of bed still naked and go and get some breakfast (living alone means I am naked most of the time when at home) while getting something to eat and making a coffee pre cum is still dripping out and I continue to not let it be wasted so I ensure I get it and rub on my lips.

I grabbed one of my many porn DVD’s and put one on getting ready to finish what I started when I woke today, I was extra horny and starting thinking about going into the CBD to where I know are a few adult shops that have cinemas in them and watch some porn on the big screen, I had the day off work so I thought fuck it I am going to go and masturbate in the adult theater which I have done before even though there was only a few guys in there I positioned myself in a dark corner and I know they couldn’t see me but it still turned me on knowing that someone else knew I was masturbating in the same room. So I got dressed and jumped on a train and headed for my day of self gratification.

When I got there my heart rate was already higher due to the anticipation of what was about to happen I paid my $10 and the attendant buzzed the door and I entered the theatre stood just inside the entrance and waiting for my eyes to adjust while I watched a close up on the screen if a lovely shaved cunt being penetrated by two cocks, once I could see better I looked around so a seat and was surprised to see around 4 others already in the theater. 2 of which were openly stroking their cocks.

I found a seat second row from the back left hand side of the theater and sat third seat in from the isle this meant it was light enough to be seen but far enough away to not feel like a pervert. I was watching the porn and had a ragging hard on but was a little embarrassed to pull my cock out but I was getting to the point where I had to feel it as I was to horny so I tried to quietly undo my zipper on my jeans and and let my cock spring free, I still remember the feeling of it feeling the cooler air from the air-conditioning and that first touch of my hand it felt great, I looked around and tried to see if anyone was looking and then I started my light slow pumping from base to tip of my cock and was thinking how great this felt being in the same room as others stroking my cock knowing that they knew I was stroking it.

Tag Team In The Theater

I was at the adult theater looking to continue my cock sucking adventures. Since I’m very picky about whom I suck off, I hadn’t seen anyone I wanted to blow yet. I was sitting on the second couch from the back of the theater, kind of sideways with my back towards the wall.

As I sat there with my dick in my hand, a twink of a kid not more than 20 years old came up behind the couch, reached down and took over stroking my cock. A minute later he bent over the back of the couch and started sucking my cock. Who was I to complain, even though I wanted to suck some cock I still couldn’t turn down a good blowjob.

I guess it looked like a pretty good invitation because a bear of a guy sitting in the back row got up and stepped up behind the kid. He started rubbing the kid’s ass and I felt a moan escape from the kid’s mouth around my cock. He tried to pull off me to look back to see who was there but I pulled his head back down and buried my cock in his mouth before he got a chance to look.

The next thing I know Mr. Bear is sliding the kid’s gym shorts to the ground and then kicking his feet apart so he’s spread eagle. Then he spits in his hand, strokes his cock a little and starts trying to force it into the kid’s ass. I was thinking HOLY SHIT I don’t think he even put a condom on, but maybe I just didn’t see him.

Fat Cock

It’s a hot day – typical summer day for San Francisco… Took the day off – I couldn’t stand walking around the city on such weather… So I’m all alone at home, all naked, laying on the sofa in the living and watching some music TV channel. Occasionally, as some of the videos turn hot, I rub my cock slowly enjoying the sensation…I like waiting for it to be a bit soft and then stroke it really fast and feel it grow big and hard in my hand – then I stop suddenly mmmmmm. After a whole day of wanking my cock like this, my balls are full of sperm and when I cum, I normally spray gallons of cum… If I lay on my back as I cum it normally spurts right on my face and I can then taste my delicious sperm mmmmmm The sperm of my cock which gives me sooo much pleasure mmmmmm

As I lay there with my cock in my hand, eyes slightly open, enjoying to the max the nice feeling of my cock getting hard in my hand, the phone rings… Fuck! It’s one of the things I hate when I’m having a loooong masturbation session… What the hell, it interrupted me anyway, so I’d better answer I guess:


-Hi, this is Mark from 3rd floor.

(Right, this is my neighbour who lives just above me – he’s a nice guy really, married, 40-something, we help each other from time to time with house chores and stuff. What the hell does he want though?)

-Have I woken you up?

-No, jeez, it’s 1 pm you know J I pretend to be joking. I was just reading some techie stuff…(yeah right!) What’s up?

-Well, my PC has gone AWOL and I know you are good at this sort of things so I was wondering whether you have a few minutes to come and have a look at it? I thought I heard you downstairs, wasn’t sure whether you’re in or not, so I thought I’d ring… It’s not urgent, whenever you have some time if you could drop by, I’d really appreciate it.

Well, I thought, sooner or later I’d have to go and sort his PC, so I guess since I’ve just stopped from my long nice masturbation, I might just as well go now…

-OK, I said, I’ll be right there…

I’ve quickly thrown on a pair of shorts, I figured it’s hot anyway, so it’s probably hot at his place, and since it’s midday, chances are his wife isn’t at home so it wouldn’t be a problem id my cock slips its head out occasionally, after all, we’re both men and adults, no reason to get embarrassed. And I couldn’t be bothered to dress “properly” for the sake of a 2-minute visit… It probably needs just a reset…So I go upstairs in my shorts, and knock on the door.

He opens the door, just like myself, nearly naked, just a big towel wrapped around him:

-Sorry, he says, slightly embarrassed, I only just got out of the shower, it’s soo fucking hot! And before I could go and get dressed you came up.

-No worries, Mark, I do the same at home, it’s summer, after all… I reply, smiling.

-It is hot, isn’t it?


-OK, while I get dressed up, have a look at this fucking thing, he says, pointing at the study room. He walks in front of me towards the door, and while he does this, he takes his towel off and starts drying himself on the way to the door. I guess, well, after all, what would be the point in trying to hide his nakedness, he wouldn’t have something that I don’t… 🙂

He opens the door still drying himself and points to the corner with the PC:

First Time Gay Oral Slut

Hi everyone. I’ve been reading these hot stories for some time so I figured I should post one myself. This story is true and still turns me on today. I hope it reads well I never wrote a story before.

When I was 20, I was in my third year at college in the City of Boston. One day I decided to check out this piano store near my school. I was talking to an older man who worked there and I could tell was gay. I started to flirt with him and found myself extremely turned on by the thought of acting like such a slut. I have always had an urge to suck some cock but to this point I have only jerked off 2 other men in my whole life.

I asked him if they offered any lessons? He gave me the usually answerer, but I didn’t want to really learn so I asked him if “he offered any private lesson” with a devious smile on my face. He got excited and offered me his email and said to write; and with that he left. I was unsure if he got the hint but I know my cock sure did.

After a few emails with not much going on I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer. So the next email I told him “I would love to CUM over and have to teach me something new.” Again I couldn’t believe how much of a slut I was becoming and moreover, how much I loved it.

To make a long story shorter about a week later I found myself knocking on this strange man’s door waiting for my life to change. He opened the door with a big smile and welcomed me inside. By this point I should tell you this man was about 50 years old. He had a cool townhouse condo in the middle of the city and led me downstairs. We began to talk about this and that and I was really really nervous because he was only the third man I was going to tell my dirty little secretes; that I liked men and more to the point that I liked to please men.

He finally asked me why I was there and I answered “you know why.”

He said “no I don’t tell me.”

So I said “I want to try stuff with men.”

Australian Lifeguard Lover

I was lying on a beach in Australia, enjoying the sunshine, when suddenly a lifeguard rushed past me. Even in those brief few seconds that he was in view I couldn’t help but notice that he was incredibly hot.

I turned around to see what had got him in such a hurry and saw him ticking off someone that had trespassed where they should not have. What I saw was an incredibly shapely, full masculine ass underneath that sexy red swimsuit that he wore. Fortunately his swimsuit was not too tight so the material followed the natural curves of his man melons instead of cutting across them. He had a pair of mighty fine legs that were covered in long, silky blondish brown hair.

Having delivered his lecture he turned around and started making his way back to his post. I stole a quick glance and noticed a deliciously full package nestled between his thighs. A trail of dark brown hair led out of his swimsuit and disappeared under the cropped vest that he wore. He had powerful shoulders and a well developed chest and washboard flat stomach. He was just one of the hottest men I had ever seen.

So imagine my surprise when he stopped near me.

‘Sorry about that. I hope I didn’t kick sand in your face as I went by.’ he said.

I was dumb struck and couldn’t think of anything to say so I just smiled at him.

‘It’s a beautiful day for it, isn’t it?’ he said.

A beautiful day for what I wondered. I knew what I would like it to a beautiful day for – covering his sexy body in hungry kisses. But I figured there was no chance of that.

‘It’s a pity you have to work.’ I said.

‘I’ve just finished my shift.’ he replied as he sat down on my towel uninvited, not that I minded.

He was quite easy to talk to but I was extremely self conscious of being naked while he was clothed. Each time he flashed me that brilliant white toothed smile of his I felt my lust rise higher. My heart seemed to be beating faster than normal and I felt my throat and tongue go dry. It had been a long time since I felt so turned on. And then when he slipped a hand up his vest and idly brushed it against his left nipple my cock rose of his own accord.

My First Time

was going to grad school in NYC. I was 27 and had never been with another man or really even considered it. Well actually, there was a time when I came onto a really close friend at home. We were sleeping in the basement of my parent’s house, when he awoke to me kissing him, he freaked and ran out the door! Not a good experience. I had started thinking about it again the last year or so, especially when my long distance girlfriend started cheating on me. She lived in a ski town, where I spent nearly 4 years being a ski bum. We broke up in a messy scenario when I visited the town for the entire winter break between semesters that year only to learn she was seeing someone else a few days prior to my arrival. Man, did that suck! She was by far the best sexual partner I had ever had to that date and we had great sex while I was there anyway, but our relationship was never the same and we were no longer mutually exclusive when I returned to NYC.

The very night I returned to NYC I met a 32 yr old gal, whom I had admired from afar, through a mutual friend, who was also a student. We instantly hit it off and I asked her out. At first she said no because she was too busy to consider a boyfriend. Then one night when I knocked on her door just to say hi, she invited me to dinner and I I won her over. After tons of sake, we had amazing sex that night and she even let me fuck her in the ass. It was a steamy sexual start to a great no strings relationship that lasted several months.

We started dating, albeit it was never to be serious and she always reinforced that it was only sexual. During our lovemaking we would fantasize together about different things. She confided to me that she had bi-curious yearnings and I guardedly shared with her I also had bi-curious feelings. She was the first person I ever told and this was a crucial step in my recognizing that fact and I believe she helped me move toward validating those feelings.

All of a sudden, men started to become attractive to me. In the past, I always thought male bodies were gross, but now I was looking at men and thinking they were cute! And I would actually check out their ass or their package in their jeans! This was huge and so were some of them! It was very exciting, too.

Then it happened. I was partying out with friends that weren’t associated with school and thus I was coming home alone on the subway about 1 am. I was walking up the stairs exiting the subway and ahead of me was a cute, tall guy in a pair of jeans. I immediately like his ass and when I said something to him, something unimportant like, “Hey – how’s it going?”

"Fine," he replied in a flamboyant effeminate sort of way.

I was pretty hammered, so I just said, "Are you bi?"

He was floored, but responded, "Maybe," as he looked me up and down. Then I really noticed he was very cute with blonde hair and a slim build. I walked very close to him doing my best, in an amateur, haphazard kind of way, to give off signals.

When you live in NYC you get hit on all the time by other guys in very subtle ways. A glance at your cock, a seductive smile. It happens quite often, especially in the Village near the more popular Gay Bars. Most hetero guys never even notice simply because they're not looking for it. When you look for it, you find it, and that night we found each other.

We talked a bit of small talk as we walked and it turned out he was an a student at another school that leased space in my same building. We were neighbors. This freaked me out a bit, because I wanted an experience well removed from my hub of life for secrecy issues. But hell be damned, I invited him up to my room to smoke some pot and he said sure. The art school packed 2 and 3 kids into the same rooms that my school used as singles, and believe me they were very small to begin with. So he was psyched I had my own room.

We went into my room and sat on my small couch. I loaded my bong and we both smoked a hit. As he let his hit out I reached over and rubbed his cock through his pants. He responded positively and grabbed for mine. I looked deep into his eyes and kissed him. We french kissed and massaged each others groin. He slid off the couch and got between my knees. He undid my belt, slid it out and unzipped my Levis. I was getting so hard. He took off my shoes and slid my pants off. Then my under wear. I had the hardest cock of my life. He complimented me and said I had a beautiful cock. Before I knew it, I was getting a hand job from another guy. A cute guy!

I stood up and brought him over to my bed. I undressed him and almost gasped at the size of his cock. It was huge!! I mean, I couldn't believe how big it was.

I asked him if he liked it in the ass and he said "Sometimes." I told him I was a virgin and that he would have to go easy on me. He was quite a bit younger than me but obviously much more experienced and at ease with his sexuality.

That night was unreal for me. We made out, gave each other blow jobs and had safe anal sex. I was able to fuck him, with a condom, quite vigorously while he was barely able to do me, as it hurt pretty badly due to his unusually large size. When we woke the next morning, side by side, naked, in the bed, I did an immediate guilt check. I felt funny, but my uneasy feelings were more about anyone finding out and implications associated with the possibility of me truly being gay rather than feeling guilty for the experimentation itself. I even felt fine enough to have the urge to reach over and start playing with his glorious cock as I woke him up with kisses on his body. I got him hard and tried to do him one more time in the ass. But he couldn't take it.

He said, "Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it's not, just like with you last night!"

With that we kissed and I begged him again not to tell anyone. He told me not to worry and that our secret was safe.

Over the next few months I ran into him on several occasions. We would both be with friends and we would exchange greetings, nothing fancy. We never ran into each other again after a certain point and I was afraid to go to his room because he had roommates and they would likely know he was gay. I didn't dare risk it. As far as I know, he kept his promise and never told a soul! That was very sweet of him. He took my virginity and he kept my secret. Now, of course, I wish we would have played more!