Friday night, the end of another strenuous work week. Every night, it’s the same: be there at 10, get off at 3. I liked my hours at the shipping factory. It was late, not a lot a noise and I worked by myself. I wasn’t a hateful person, I just preferred working alone. I certainly wasn’t one to turn heads, either, being of average height and a slight weight of 135. I had long since overcome most of my adolescent insecurities and focused my attention on school and work.

For a young man of 23, I was to busy with my studies and my job to have a social life anyway. My fellow workers were merely people that came and went with a passing nod, and I’d silently acknowledge them with a wave or polite smile. The weekend passed quickly and I made my way back to work Monday night after class. I punched in and went to my loading dock. When I got there, I was surprised to find Beth, my supervisor, and this Black guy standing with her talking.

“Paul,” she began, “this is Terence. You’ll be his training instructor for the next two weeks. Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, but last month we got more applicants than we expected.” I was taken aback; not by this last-minute announcement, but by Terence’s magnetic physical beauty. He stood about 6”1 and had a firm, athletic build. He had on a black T-shirt that showed full definition of his biceps, and neatly pressed khaki pants. He wore black military boots that accented his rugged masculinity. I had had fantasies about being with a Black man before, but being the introvert that I was, I never mustered the nerve to act upon any of my carnal desires.

“Oh, it’s alright,” I replied, feeling a heavy uneasiness all over me. “Damn,” I thought to myself as my cock began to slowly harden, “why couldn’t I get a fat, sweaty middle-aged beer guzzler instead of this ebony adonis?”

“I’ll see you guys later then. Terence, remember to report back to me at 2:45,” Beth said as she turned to go back to her office.

“I gotcha,” he replied coolly, a nonchalant indifference in his smooth, low voice.