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Frat Boy Suck Off

It was another one of those nights. I was out at one of the local bookstores, trying to cure my hunger for cock, and there seemed to be no good candidates. Let me tell you a little about myself. In all accounts, I’m straight. I love the way that a woman looks, sounds, feels, etc, but, as I am sure there is with many guys my age, I have this constant, seemingly undying desire to give head to men. Sounds stupid right? Well, as I found out from many chat rooms, I am not alone. Anyways, back to the sex…

Just as I was about to give up and drop a few bucks for a quick jerk off session, in he walked. He was about 6’2, sandy blonde hair, very athletic build, kind of like a la Crosse player. I had never seen him here before. He walked in and looked at a few of the “now showing” boxes on the wall and then began to wander the halls. I followed him and stood in the doorway to one of the rooms, signally my desire for some company. Seeing that I had already perused the hallways, unless he was looking for old or fat, I was in like Flynn. I myself am 23, about 5’10”, decent shape with no fat, etc. He walked back towards the room I was in and kind of hesitated at first and then walked in. THANK YOU GOD!!!

As we walked in, I locked the door and then put some money in the machine. I looked at him, and told him to watch what he wanted because I was here to suck some cock. I got on my knees in front of him and just as I was going for his fly he backed away from me and stopped me. I looked up at him and gave him a confused look. That’s when he told me his story.

It seems him and one of his buddies were at there apartment with these two girls and they had been smoking and drinking and the conversation had turned to sex. The guys had wanted to see the girls have sex with each other and the girls had agreed, on one condition. The guys had to give each other blow jobs. They guys, saying that they were straight, said no way, but came up with an idea that satisfied the girls… get another guy to suck them both off. They didn’t mind getting blown by a guy because they could watch the girls, but he said there was no way that they were taking a dick into their mouths. And that brings us to where we are now.

This was an absolute fantasy of mine. Watching two (hopefully) hot college girls make out and go down on each other and getting to suck two hot guys off. What a turn around to my evening. And I thought I was going to have to jerk off alone tonight.

I agreed, but I told him that I would have to check out his cock to see if it was going to be worth the trip. He pulled down his pants, and his cock was like that of his body…perfect. He had lifted his shirt so that it was out of my view and I noticed that on his legs, his cock, his stomach, and his chest….he had no hair. CAN MY NIGHT GET ANY BETTER? Oh yeah, there’s going to be another cock and two hotties, so I guess it will. Anyways, back to his cock. Due to his nervousness, his cock wasn’t hard, but it was easy to imagine what it would be like when it was. He was about 5″ hanging flaccid. No wonder these girls wanted to see this. Yummy. I leaned in to take his cock in my mouth and he stopped me and told me to wait till we get back to his place. TEASE.

Gerrys Bedroom

I was 19 when I broke off from my girl friend. I think she was glad in away. She always had her suspicions about my sexuality. She’s right of course. After my first man fuck 6 months earlier with Gordon our sex between us was not the same. She would quiz me about it. She says that something happened shortly after my trip to the garage with her dad. I denied anything happened. But as we all know that was the time I was screwed big time.

So now I’m unattached and freer to go and do what I want with out having to justify myself.

I had found out where Gerry had moved to. He was in the maintenance department, but had moved to the Rail shop. One summer Friday afternoon I walked through the Rail shop hoping to see him. I walked slowly along the shops centre path looking out for him. I would look right and then left being careful not to look odd.

Suddenly there was a shout ‘Joe’ what’s new. It was Brian, a mate I knew from awhile ago. He came up to me. We talked about things in general. I always found him a bit of a bore, but OK. He asked if I’m going out with any one. I told him no. He had noticed over time that my girl friends don’t last, and he wondered why. If only he knew the half of it I thought. I was getter worried about the lateness of the afternoon. I need to find Gerry. So I wished Brian well and continued my walk, hoping I was not too late and Gerry had gone.

I came to the end of the shop path and was about to leave with sadness in my heart. When I suddenly I saw him, sitting in the office talking to another man. Was he arranging a fucking session with him I wondered. I tried to catch his eye but to no avail. I walked out of the shop into the open and called into the urinals near there.

I was just finishing my wee when Gerry came in. He commented that he had seen me trying to catch his eye, but did not wish to show it. We talked for awhile about sex and sex. He reminded me of the toilet incident. I laughed.

“I can still taste your spunk, you know” He said.

“Would you like to taste it again” I said.

It took no time to arrange for me to meet at his house that night at about 8 pm. He hadn’t been at this house long and was doing it up. So It will have to be the spare bedroom, but it had a double bed, added Gerry.

As I was eating my dinner with my parents, I kept thinking will it be as good as with Gordon. I was still a little frighten, you never know, he might be mad, or worse. I finished my dinner and was in the bathroom. I lay in the bath having a hot soak with loads of bubbles, thinking what Gerry might do to me in 2 hours time. I was looking forward to the time we’ll have in bed together. It will be longer than the 17 minutes I had with Gordon the other month.

I had a ‘hard on’. Shall I release myself or save it for Gerry. I held my dick so it stuck out of the water. I stared at it thinking what will it be doing and going into tonight?. I could not help thinking about Gerry at the last encounter. His finger sliding under my knob then taking the last drop of spunk off my dick and putting it in his mouth. The way he held his finger over my anus as I came. I did resist the wank I was gagging for. I dried myself, put on some blue jeans and a brown tank top. Saying bye to my parents and started my journey to Gerry’s house.

I knocked on the door. Gerry opened it and beckoned me in. It was a nice house that he had bought recently. Two bed roomed, kitchen, dinning room and bathroom.. Gerry was in his overalls and in a dirty state. He had been re-plastering the dinning room.

He showed me to the back bed room.

“Get yourself ready, I’ll be 10 minutes more. I need to float the plaster before it goes off” he said.

The bed room was not big, but comfortable. The room had two widows which allowed plenty of light in. The bed was a king size double with head and tail board. The sun was shining in. I thought it’s a good job there is net curtains over the windows. I noticed at the end of the room was a sink and toilet. Not in an ‘eu suite’, but in the open part of the room. Unusual to say the least.

I got undressed laid my clothes on a chair and got into bed on the right hand side. I slid under a light top sheet with my arms behind my head. Gerry came into the room, work finished now.

Hotel Surprise

Home for the holidays, I was lying up in my motel bed on Christmas Eve; sound asleep, when I thought I heard a knock on the door. I stirred slightly, but didn’t respond. I was sure I was dreaming.

I guess, while I slept, I’d kicked the covers partially off and my naked ass was pointed up in the air, my cock semi-erect and pressed against the bed, pointing down toward my feet. As I woke up, I slowly realized I wasn’t alone in my room.

I rolled over on to my back, wiping the sleep from my eyes with one hand. The act of turning over pulled the covers further off my body, leaving me exposed from the waist down, my cock flopping out in full view. As I realized what was happening, I saw for the first time a youngish man. He was standing at the foot of my bed, eyes partially closed; stroking what appeared to be a very prominent bulge in his trousers.

It was the cleaning guy. The sight of him standing there, unaware I was awake now; stroking his hard cock really got me going. My cock shot to full erection in no time. I took matters to hand, so to speak, and decided it was time to see how far this could go.

“Well, good morning to you, too,” I said.

His eyes shot open, his hands stopped moving over his cock and he looked for all the world like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Oh, shit,” he said. “I’m sorr…”

It seems he notice my hand on my rock hard cock for the first time. I watched as his eyes flitted between my crotch and my face and his hand twitched on the hard cock still trapped in his pants.

“This is the first time I’ve done anything like this,” he stammered. “Your ass just looked so sexy and you looked so hot there, sleeping, with it up in the air like that.”


It was a beautiful spring afternoon and Jay didn’t have a care in the world as he walked home from school! The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky and his thoughts were on maybe going for a swim in the old quarry pit on the other side of town when out of the corner of his eye he saw a middle aged woman falling down on the steps in front of her house!!! He raced to her aid and while helping her to her feet asked, “Are you all right, ma’am, that was a nasty spill!?!” “I-I think so,” she replied obviously a bit shaken, “that was stupid of me, I’ve never done that before, but thank you for helping me up!!!” “No problem,” Jay replied as he turned to leave, “I was happy to do it!!!” He was halfway down the front walk when she called out, “Say, would you like to step inside and have a glass of lemonade, I just made a pitcher full out of fresh lemons!?!” He was a little dry, and after giving it a moment’s though nodded his head and answered, “Sure, that would be nice!!!”
“Wow,” he said as they walked through the living room on the way to the kitchen, “this place is really fancy!!!” Why thank you, uh I never did get your name,” she replied, “I’m Linda and you’re……….” “Jay,” he shot back quickly, “I’m a senior at Central High, I’ll be graduating in another month!!!” “Well,” she said while pouring their drinks, “here’s to the future graduate!!!” “Thanks,” Jay replied as he took a long drink of the ice cold liquid, “mmmmm, this sure tastes good!!!” They drank for a minute or so in silence when all at once Jay began to feel a little light headed, he steadied himself on the counter, and after staring at his drink, he slowly slipped to the floor and passed out cold!!!

The next thing he remembered was waking up with a spitting headache and the sensation of having his arms and legs being stretched hard in spread eagle fashion!!! He shook his head from side to side trying to shake the cob webs from his brain, and when he finally was able to focus he was stunned to find that he was in a dark basement and locked in a device that kept him immobile and completely vulnerable!!!

“What the hell’s going on here,” he thought to himself while trying to see if he was alone, “that woman, she did this to me!!!” He strained to free his arms from their restraint, but it was hopeless, he was captured and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it!!! He was just about to yell for help when into the room came a naked man crawling on all fours with a collar around his neck being led with a leash by the woman who called herself Linda!!! “W-what are you going to do to me,” he asked fearfully while keeping his eyes on the poor guy sitting naked on the floor, “you can’t keep me here, I’ll call the police!?!” “Oh, no,” she replied mock fear, “I’m so scared, tell me Stevie, should I be afraid of this big tough guy!?!” “No, ma’am,” he replied with his head down!!! “Well, Jay,” she retorted, “Stevie here doesn’t seem to think I’m in much trouble, so now that I have you, what shall I do with you!?!” Jay nervously eyed the older woman, and it was then that he noticed that she was wearing a black leather bra, leather panties, stockings and garter belt, and of course black high healed shoes!!! Jay was contemplating her plans for him when she stunned him back to reality when she ordered Stevie, “Okay, maggot, off with his clothes and be quick about it!!!”

And Still Champion

Duke Walker stood under the burning needles of the shower in his bathroom while letting the hot water waft over his well muscled body! Oh man was he ever tired, ten long hours on that hot roof laying shingles was enough to sap the strength of anyone, and he was a twenty five year old in great physical condition!!! The only good part of the job was the view!!! High on a hill overlooking San Francisco Bay, it was exactly what you’d expect to find on a picture postcard and luckily for him he pretty much got to see it every single day of the year!!! As he water continued to caress his sun tanned form, his mind began to wander as he thought about the events of this coming evening, and the big uncut bone hanging between his legs began to stiffen ever so slightly as he pictured his big cock being sucked by any number of other hung studs at the Gay Gallery Bar on Castro Street!!! A gentle sigh escaped his lips as he began slowly squeezing and jerking his huge pecker, and after only several minutes of fisting, his hand had become a blur as it rifled up and down the thick shaft until it convulsed hard several times before erupting all over the shower stall wall!!!

After flopping down on the bed for a one hour nap, Duke carefully selected his wardrobe for the evening, and while it really didn’t matter what he wore, he made sure that the tight bikini underwear showed of his nine and a half inch hammer to its best view!!! The bright red material of the silk shorts stood out starkly against his sun tanned skin, and what was even more impressive was how after he rolled up his nut bag and pecker into a tight ball it looked for all the world like someone had stuck a softball into his undies!!! More than one stud had merely gotten a glimpse of Duke’s bikini cover groin and nearly fainted dead away at the awesome sight that it presented!!! In the San Francisco gay community having a big cock was more than just a status symbol, because if you were blessed with a large penis, you pretty much had your pick of all the young teen and early twenties bitches you could get your hands on!!! Not only did these young men have the best bodies, but they also were still pliable enough to do just about anything you told them to, and being damn grateful to boot!!! Duke gave one last look into the full length mirror, and after being satisfied that everything was just right, he left his apartment and headed downtown!!!

Like every Saturday night Castro Street was gay-lesbian street USA, and every conceivable combination of sexual life style was represented in one way or the other!!! There were bull dykes with their little fems trailing behind them on leashes as well as butch bikers dressed in leather from head to toe, flaunting their genitals in leather jock straps that did little to hide the erect prizes that were barely hidden inside!!! Duke didn’t begrudge any of them their lifestyle, but for him it was a thing to be done behind closed doors, or at least out of the view of the general public!!! As he made his way through the bustling crowd, a young man of about twenty two called to him as he passed the front of and alley and whispered hoarsely, “Hey, buddy, watch me jerk myself off, you don’t have to touch it or anything, just watch me cum, okay!?!” Duke shrugged his shoulders, and after giving it a moments thought nodded his head and replied, “Sure, fella, go ahead, show me what you’ve got!!!” The young man, totally thankful that someone had finally stopped, opened up his long trench coat revealing a very hard if not to large erection that was literally begging to shoot its load!!! “H-how does it look,” he stammered while Duke watched with slight bemusement at the young man’s chutzpah!!! “Uh, really nice,” Duke replied gently, “thata boy, show me what good jerk off you can be!!!” That did it, the young man’s legs quivered back and forth, and after taking a moment to steady himself, a hot load of young gay spunk rocketed out of this hard dick splashing a shower of cum on the pavement in front of him!!! The young man leaned heavily against the wall next to him and as his coat flopped closed covering his now deflating pecker, he nodded his head and thanked Duke for his time!!!


Blake stepped into the empty elevator, pushed the button for the seventeenth floor, and waited for the car to begin its ascent. Just as the doors were beginning to close a hand shot between the doors and a thirty something man slipped on board, pressed the button for her floor and turned to face Blake, giving the twenty three year old a quick once over. The man was dressed in a dark blue business suit and would have been considered handsome, except for the fact that he had a large scar on his face! After several seconds of silence the man, while looking directly into Blake’s eyes asked, “You’re a fag aren’t you, I can smell you a mile away!?!” Blake turned a bright shade of red, and while averting his eyes replied softly, “Yes, yes I am!” The man made a snorting sound and shot back, “You little bitches are all alike, just waiting to be picked up and fucked!” Hearing the crude talk from this total stranger caused an immediate reaction in Blake as his pecker turned into a piece of hot blue steel. The elevator came to a stop, and as the doors slid open smoothly and the stranger announced, “This is my floor, come with me,” as he took Blake by the arm and led him down the corridor to the men’s rest room.

Once inside, he pushed Blake into a vacant stall, closed the door, and said, “Okay you little slut, suck on this,” after pulling out one of the biggest cocks he had ever seen in his life. Sitting on the toilet put the big dick right at face level so it didn’t take much effort at all to open wide and let the big hammer slip into his now very hungry mouth. “You suck good for a bitch,” the stranger spat while Blake slurped and licked the beautiful erection for all he was worth. As long as he could remember Blake knew that he liked boys better than girls, and while he had fantasized about having a truly huge erection to play with, he was stunned at how quickly the events of the past few moments had given him the opportunity to fulfill his dream. The big stud leaned against the stall to maintain his balance and just as he was getting into it, Blake could feel the big prick tense up slightly, warning him that a cum explosion was about to occur.

Uncles Friend

“Hello, I’m Cole Denton, and you must be Mr. Taylor,” the young man said while extending his hand, “I’m happy to meet you.” “P-please come in, Mr. Denton, would you care for something to drink,” the older man asked nervously!?! “No thanks, I’m okay, but would you like something,” Cole asked gently, “you look a little nervous?!?” “Does it show that much,” he asked with a little laugh, “I thought I was hiding it pretty well!?!” “I take it that you’ve never done anything like this before,” he went on easily, “well let me put your mind at ease, we won’t do anything you don’t want to do, it’s as simple as that, you’re the boss.” A sigh of relief seemed to waft through him as he responded softly, “I really appreciate that, Mr. Denton, I was close to calling it off, but now I’m glad that I didn’t.” “Good,” he replied enthusiastically, “now for starters, I think that we should do away with all this Mr. and Mr. stuff and use Cole and Mike!?!”

After making small talk for a few minutes, Cole finally turned the conversation and asked softly, “So, Mike, what is it that you’d like to do, I’m at your service!?!” He fidgeted nervously in his seat and said haltingly, “I-I don’t know, what do you think we should do first!?!” “Well,” Cole replied smoothly, “how about if I strip for you, most of the men like seeing me take of my clothes, how does that sound to you!?!” “Oh, yes,” he replied almost breathlessly, “that sounds very nice, I’d love to see you take off your things.” “Do you like big cocks,” Cole asked while taking off his shirt and exposing his smoothly muscled tanned chest!?! “Y- yes,” he moaned quietly, “I love big cocks, is yours big!?!” “I don’t know,” he replied while sliding off his tight pants, “how big is big, what’s big to you might be small to someone else?!?” “My lover was seven inches long and that seemed pretty big to me,” he moaned as Cole’s bikini underwear came into view.

The Principals Office

Joshua Crandle slowly made his way through the wide deserted halls of Central High School while nervously fingering the note he had received from Mr. Jackson while he was minding his own business in study hall! Why did he wanna see him anyway, he hadn’t done anything wrong as far as he could figure, but this 18 year old senior was still starting to sweat profusely as he neared his office. Mr. Jackson’s secretary, Gwen Silver, looked up from her typing and asked efficiently, “And how may I help you young man!?!” “Uh, well ya see, it’s like this,” he mumbled while handing her the personally written note from Mr. Jackson, “I guess he wants to see me or something.” After taking several seconds to read the note, Miss Silver pressed the intercom button on her desk while informing her boss that Mr. Crandle was in the out offices waiting for his appointment. A quick verbal exchange between them ensued, and with a nod of her head, the secretary motioned him to go inside.

Of all the places on the face of the earth this was one of the last ones he wanted to be at, so nervously he stood in front of the huge oak desk and waited while Mr. Jackson completed writing something in a notebook before even acknowledging his presence. “And you must be Joshua Crandle,” the fifty year old man said softly, “I’ve heard so many nice things about you, and I must say, from what I can see from here those reports were more than accurate. Nervously shifting his weight from one leg to the other, Josh still hadn’t a clue what this meeting was all about, but like a lightning strike in a rain storm, Mr. Jackson stunned him when she offered, “Mr. Laurens has told me everything, and if you want this to remain out little secret you just do as you’re told, understand!?!” With his head now spinning out of control and the feeling of lightheadedness overtaking him, all he could do was make a big gulp and reply softly, “Yes, sir, I understand.”


Lorne Ascott pulled his coat tight around his body before stepping from the lobby of his downtown Chicago office building into the cold December winds that whipped unmercifully off of Lake Michigan! As usual the limo was idling silently at the curb, and when Charles, his chauffeur of fifteen years spied him coming through the revolving door, he quickly hopped out of his driver’s seat and opened the rear door to allow his boss easy entrance into the luxurious car while he said evenly, “Thank you, Charles, let’s head out to the farm, I’m taking tomorrow off.” “Very good, sir,” he replied while firmly closing the door and hurrying around to retake the controls and pull smoothly into the late rush hour traffic! Lorne was dead tired from the long day of running his own import/export firm, so what he needed now was a drink to calm his nerves, and with a slight smile crossing his face, he was secretly delighted when Tim, his eighteen year old male attendant offered, “Would you like something to drink, sir, I’d be happy to get it for you!?!” He was just about to reply in the affirmative when Jimmy, his twin brother piped up, “That’s not fair, Tim, it’s my turn to pour the drink, you did it last night.” The two youngsters now turned on each other in typical sibling fashion, and with a sigh Lorne had to step in and stop the nasty little spat.

“Now you two stop it this instant,” he said in a cross but gentle voice, “now let’s let Jimmy get the drink, and you my little blond bug,” she whispered to Tim, “how about giving you papa a little love, okay!?!” Tim’s disposition immediately brightened and he whispered back excitedly, “Where do you want it first!?!” “Mmmmm, how about my pecker, dear,” Lorn replied softly while unzipping his pants, “you have such a pretty mouth, and you know how much papa likes having you suck his hard dick.” “I get to suck his cock,” Tim crowed triumphantly to his brother who by now was handing Lorne his drink, “and all you get to do is watch.” “Lorne thanked Jimmy for his drink, and after taking a sip, admonished them again, ” Now listen to me you two, I don’t want to hear anymore yapping about who gets to do what, do I make myself clear!?!” Both Tim and Jimmy bowed their heads in unison, and in small quiet voices promised to be good, but Jimmy was still a little hurt when he watched his brother slip down between his master’s thighs and begin tonguing his now super erect penis. Seeing the forlorn look on his face, Lorne reached out to his little boy, and after opening his shirt, offered him a nipple that was absolutely perfect for sucking.

His Wife

“Thank you for such a wonderful evening,” Kimberly Knight said to her hostess and friend Ruth Pedersen, “let’s do it again real soon, all right.” Ben Knight stood quietly behind his wife while she gave the proper thank yous, but once they were in the car and on their way home, her cheery outward appearance immediately turned nasty. “Can’t you do anything right,” she snapped, “it’s like I’m raising a five year old boy.” “I-I’m sorry, dear,” he mumbled while not at all sure what he had done wrong. “You’re such a sniveling simp,” she snapped, “the light’s green, you can go now.” “Jesus, she can be such a bitch,” he thought to himself while pulling through the intersection, “only god in heaven knows what I’ve done, and he’d better stay out of her way or he’d be in trouble too.

The car was barely stopped when Kimberly stomped into the house and slammed the door behind her, leaving Ben alone trying to figure out what had set her off, but when he couldn’t even come up with a hint of and idea, he sighed deeply and headed into the kitchen. He was just about to open the refrigerator door to get a snack when a voice that could cut glass rang out ordering him to come up stairs this instant. He hesitated for a moment, thinking that he’d get his eats first, but that didn’t seem like the prudent thing to do, so he reluctantly trudged up the steps to their bedroom on the second floor. “What too you so long,” she snapped, “I’ve been waiting up here for hours, now get your ass over here and unzip my dress.” Quickly he traversed the twenty feet over to her dressing table, and as she stared at him coldly in the mirror, he gently tugged the zipper down her back until it came to a stop just above her ass. “How was that,” he asked brightly!?! “Oh that’s just wonderful, Ben,” she remarked snidely, “you’re so fucking talented, you can actually unzip a dress without someone having to help you, what a prize you’ve turned out to be.” He started to protest, but the look on her face told him that just shutting his mouth and letting her finish her rant was the best course of action to take.

Kimberly stood up and slipped out of her pure while camisole, and after staring at her image in the mirror, she reached around behind her back, and with a deftness only a woman could have, unhooked her the four clasps holding her 36D cup bra and let it slip down over her arms onto her dressing table. “How do you like my tits, Benny,” she asked softly while cupping them in her hands, “they’re perfect aren’t they!?!” Sensing that she was calming down a bit, Ben nodded in affirmation, and as she turned to face him, she thrust out her panty clad crotch and ordered him to slip them off. With his hands shaking he dropped to his knees, and after licking his dry lips, he gently pulled the satiny undies over her slim hips. His head began to spin with desire as he gazed with glassy eyes at her genitals, but knowing better than to make a move before he was given permission, he sat there in agony as he waited for her signal. When she was satisfied that she had waited long enough, she grabbed him by the ears, and in a very firm and forceful voice demanded, “Okay, my little man, suck mama’s big hard dick.”